Zelina Vega Says, “I wish him The best” If CM Punk Returns To WWE

10 months ago By Sports Desk

The wrestling community is always abuzz with speculations and rumors. The recent exit of CM Punk from AEW has been a focal point of many discussions in the wrestling world. While there is no concrete evidence of Punk making a return to WWE, his past, and the possibility of him rejoining the league has everyone on their toes. A recent post by WWE’s very own Zelina Vega has further fueled these discussions.

Zelina Vega’s recent tweet, which showcased a red ‘X’, was instantly put under the scanner by the fans. Given that it came hours after CM Punk’s departure from AEW, many connected the dots and believed it hinted at Punk’s possible return. However, it was during the Payback Premium Live Event, and as it turns out, the symbol had a different story to tell.

Vega clarified in a subsequent interview that the tweet was in reference to an incident involving Rey Mysterio and the LWO. She shared, “Rey had this jacket on, which had a prominent red ‘X’ marking Dominik’s face. It became a central theme of that event.” Thus, quashing all the speculative connections to Punk.

Despite the misunderstanding, Zelina didn’t shy away from expressing her fondness for CM Punk. The two have shared an admirable rapport over the years. Vega acknowledged that their mutual respect and admiration have been consistent. In her words, she has always been in the corner cheering for Punk, and he has reciprocated the support.

While Zelina candidly admitted she wasn’t well-versed with Punk’s situation in AEW, she stressed the importance of personal experiences over hearsay. According to Vega, the wrestling community often gets caught up in external perceptions. She believes in understanding the core of a person rather than just skimming the surface. For Vega, her interactions with Punk have always been rewarding and grounded.

Zelina Vega’s enthusiasm for the possibility of CM Punk’s return to WWE is palpable. Not just for her personal rapport with him, but she sees the larger picture – the fans. Vega feels that Punk’s return could be monumental for WWE enthusiasts, offering them another chance to witness the magic he brings to the ring. The buzz, the energy, and the sheer anticipation are things Vega feels would be beneficial for the WWE universe.

However, she also emphasizes the importance of respecting Punk’s choices and wishes him the best in whatever path he chooses.

While the recent speculations might have been based on misconstrued signals, the larger sentiment remains unchanged. The WWE universe, including stars like Zelina Vega, hold CM Punk in high regard. Whether or not the roads lead Punk back to WWE is a story only time will tell. For now, the wrestling community remains hopeful, curious, and excited for what the future holds.

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