WWE Smackdown Results & Report: Winners, Losers And Analysis – 11 August 2023

10 months ago By Jhon Woug

A lot had been said and written about this week’s edition of Smackdown long before it was even televised. Post-SummerSlam temperatures may have gone down, but rivalries have been re-ignited. Austin Theory was supposed to defend his United States Championship against Santos Escobar, and Charlotte went one-on-one with Asuka. Escobar had been waiting for his opportunity, and little to his knowledge, destiny had other plans for him.

Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka

Starting off the show were Charlotte and Asuka. What promised to be a very promising match between two globally recognised competitors in their prime was Hijacked by the Rio of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and WWE Women’s Champion Ivo Sky. The trio did not show any respect to the two Superstars and pushed their way into the spotlight, which actually wasn’t meant for them.

Result: No Contest

AJ Styles (with Michin) vs. Karrion Kross (with Scarlet)

One feud that may have gone on longer than it should is this one. Both men deserve better and, of late, have not been part of any meaningful push. The match had its spots, and the end came when AJ Styles delivered the style clash to Karian Cross and put an end to the never-ending feud.

Result: AJ Styles and Michin pick up the victory.

Austin Theory vs. Rey Mysterio

You read it right. Santos Escobar was walking to the ring, only to be ambushed by Austin Theory. Mr. McMahon’s selection thought that he would get away without defending the gold, and immediately, to his astonishment, Rey Mysterio was unveiled as the challenger. Mysterio knows Theory is no match for his experience and finishes off Theory with his patented 619 and Springboard Splash combination. This Marks the end of Austin Theory’s US Title Run. I had written Yesterday that HHH was going to put the young chiselled Superstar in his place and why Theory was not on Gunther’s Level yet to hold onto the title for that long. We guess Triple H reads our pitches too.

Result: Rey Mysterio is the new US Champion.


LA Knight’s winning streak continued further as he took out Top Dolla. WWE has an equity stake in LA Knight that they just can’t stop milking. The 40-year-old showed the connection that he has with the WWE Universe and why it may be impossible to ignore him from the Title picture for long.

Result: LA Knight Continues with his winning streak.

Also on the Show :

  1. Edge returns to challenge Sheamus.

It was being speculated that Edge may come out this past week to make a huge announcement, and that is exactly what happened when he called out his old friend and fellow part-time Wrestler, Sheamus. Edge wants to go out on a high and wants to make the former WWE champion his final victim.

  1. Jey Uso let everyone know that his life is not a toy, and not even his cousins or twins have the right to play with it. The fans expected an explanation for what happened at SummerSlam, and Jey Uso took out the entire Bloodline all by himself. This goes on to show that if emotions are high, a man can turn into a beast. It will be interesting to see how this is carried forward in the upcoming episodes of Smackdown, building up to Payback.
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