WWE Smackdown Result And Report For 29 September 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers.

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SmackDown started with Jimmy Uso, Paul Heyman, and Solo Sikoa entering the ring. Heyman said everyone acknowledges their leader, Roman Reigns. He talked about John Cena getting a tough time from The Bloodline last week. A video showed AJ Styles being hurt backstage and Cena being attacked by Jimmy and Sikoa.

Heyman said John Cena and AJ Styles couldn’t come to SmackDown tonight. Cena had travel problems and Styles was in the hospital. Jimmy Uso took the microphone and said Cena was just scared of him. Suddenly, Karl Anderson surprised everyone by attacking Jimmy from behind! He also pushed Sikoa away. Anderson was very angry at the Bloodline and wanted to fight right away. Sikoa told Jimmy to get ready for the challenge.

The match started with Karl Anderson quickly attacking Jimmy Uso. Anderson hit Jimmy with strong punches and a kick to his face. Anderson then used a powerful move called a spinebuster on Jimmy. He tried to win by pinning Jimmy, but Jimmy was able to escape just in time.

Anderson kept up his attacks and even put Jimmy on the top of the rope. But Solo Sikoa, standing outside, distracted the referee and Anderson for a moment. This gave Jimmy a chance to cheat. He hurt Anderson’s eyes when no one was watching.

After this, Jimmy took control. He hit Anderson with his right hand and a super kick. Climbing up to the top rope, Jimmy did his famous move, the Uso Splash, on Anderson. He pinned Anderson to the ground and won the match.

Even after the match ended, the drama didn’t stop. As soon as the bell rang, Anderson, still full of energy, charged at Jimmy Uso. Seeing this, Sikoa rushed into the ring to protect Jimmy and pushed Anderson away. The duo of Jimmy and Sikoa then confidently walked towards the exit. But just then, Michin made an appearance! As they crossed paths, Jimmy couldn’t help but taunt him. Michin responded with a swift slap to Jimmy’s face, leaving him stunned. With Jimmy taken aback, Michin hurried to the ring to make sure Anderson was okay after the intense fight.

The SmackDown show continued with Grayson Waller hosting his segment called “The Grayson Waller Effect.” The ring was set up like a talk show, complete with plants, a table, and chairs. Grayson made a cheeky comment about John Cena’s punctuality, implying that Cena was late. But Grayson assured everyone he was there to keep the show going. He teased the audience with hints about his special guest, mentioning that while the guest had achieved much as a WWE performer, he needed help as a talent scout. Then, he introduced Bobby Lashley.

Bobby Lashley walked towards the ring, looking happy. Meanwhile, Grayson did some push-ups, showing off a bit. On the big screen, a video clip played showing the Street Profits’ recent loss against Rey and Santos Escobar. Lashley entered the ring, and the two men greeted each other with a handshake before sitting down.

Grayson started the chat by mentioning the Street Profits’ tough defeat on SmackDown. Lashley admitted his mistake, expressing disappointment in the Street Profits. He believed they would show more dedication and willpower. Grayson then made a proposal, suggesting that Lashley might want to consider a tag team partnership with him and Austin Theory, who were undefeated.

Lashley thought for a moment and then declined the offer. As Grayson tried to convince Lashley about Austin Theory’s potential, the Street Profits suddenly appeared. The atmosphere grew tense. Lashley and the Street Profits stood close, face-to-face. Lashley challenged the Street Profits to prove themselves rather than offering excuses. Without waiting for a response, Lashley exited the ring. As he walked away, he urged the Street Profits once more to prove their worth, with them trailing behind.

Grayson, trying to lift the mood after the intense confrontation, remarked on the awkwardness of the situation. To bring back some excitement, Austin Theory’s music started playing, and he made his entrance to the ring, ready for the next segment of the show.

Cameron Grimes and Austin Theory, with his friend Grayson Waller at ringside, prepared to face each other in the next match. An interesting twist was that Dragon Lee, another wrestler, was watching the match closely from the audience.

The match began with Cameron Grimes showing his strength by landing a solid kick and chop on Austin Theory. Grimes then used the atomic drop and kicked Theory multiple times. He tried to pin Theory for the win, but Theory managed to escape. Grimes didn’t give up. He grabbed Theory’s leg, but Theory fought back with a series of punches.

Suddenly, Theory charged at Grimes. Grimes was quick to respond with a kick that sent Theory back. Not wasting any time, Grimes climbed the top rope and jumped on Theory using a move called the cross body. He tried to win again by pinning Theory, but Theory kicked out just in time. Grimes then successfully used a German suplex move on Theory but still couldn’t secure the win.

The match continued with Grimes pushing Theory out of the ring. As they fought outside, Grimes delivered a strong kick to Theory’s face from the ring’s edge. Grayson Waller saw an opportunity to help his friend. He distracted Grimes, allowing Theory to gain the upper hand. Taking advantage of this, Theory forcefully pushed Grimes against a metal ring post and then back into the ring.

With momentum on his side, Theory used a rolling drop kick and followed it with his signature move, the A-Town Down. He pinned Grimes and won the match.

After the match, Austin Theory, filled with confidence, walked up to Dragon Lee in the audience and pushed him. WWE officials quickly intervened to prevent a bigger confrontation. As Theory and Waller left the scene, Waller reminded Theory to focus on their victory and celebrate their success.

We have the next match between Charlotte Flair and Bayley. The drama started even before the bell rang, with Charlotte picking up a microphone.

Charlotte asked Bayley about her change in attitude. She pointed out that Bayley used to be one of the top four female wrestlers, the ‘Four Horsewomen’. Now, she seemed to be content just supporting IYO and holding onto her championship. Charlotte boldly stated that after defeating Bayley, she’d challenge IYO at Fastlane for the WWE Women’s Championship.

As soon as the match began, Bayley came out with energy, hitting Charlotte with several strong punches. She then pushed Charlotte into a corner and continued her assault. But Charlotte is known for her resilience. She turned the tables by grabbing Bayley and giving her a taste of her own medicine. Things got more heated when IYO tried to interfere. With the referee distracted, IYO grabbed Charlotte’s foot, giving Bayley the perfect chance to push her outside the ring and follow up with a daring elbow drop.

Charlotte showed her prowess with a crossbody move on Bayley. She followed this with a powerful clothesline, trying to pin Bayley down. But Bayley was not giving up easily. She avoided getting pinned multiple times, even after a big boot from Charlotte.

Bayley then showcased her skills. She trapped Charlotte on the ropes and hit her with double knees. Trying for a win, Bayley went for the cover, but Charlotte escaped. As Bayley ran towards her, Charlotte showed why she’s a top wrestler. She delivered a sharp spear, pinning Bayley for the win.

This match proves that in WWE, anything can happen. Charlotte emerged victorious, setting the stage for an exciting potential face-off with IYO at Fastlane.

John Cena gave fans a real treat on SmackDown. As soon as his music started playing, the whole arena was filled with cheers. He’s loved by many, and the crowd made it clear by shouting his name, “Cena!”

Cena had an important message to share. He reminded everyone that last week he had said he was back to wrestle, not just talk. But the Bloodline, a strong team in WWE, didn’t seem happy with his announcement. They had attacked him but left behind a contract. It was a challenge for a match at Fastlane.

There was one big issue. The contract showed it was a two-against-one match, with the Bloodline having two members and Cena alone. Cena had to decide: would he rip up the contract and walk away, or would he fight? Cena said even if he didn’t find a teammate, he’d face the Bloodline alone.

Jimmy’s music played, and he appeared with Solo and their manager, Paul Heyman. They didn’t seem too happy to see Cena. Jimmy teased Cena, reminding him of how they attacked him backstage. As they stood close to the ring, ready to fight, Cena showed his quick reflexes. He punched Jimmy, and then challenged Solo to come in and face him. Just as it looked like Cena had the upper hand, Jimmy turned things around with a powerful superkick.

The action moved quickly. Jimmy was ready to hurt Cena even more. He planned to push him through the announcer’s table. But just as things looked really bad for Cena, another surprise hit. LA Knight’s music played loudly, and he rushed to help.

LA Knight entered the ring like a storm. He tackled both Jimmy and Solo, defending Cena. He used powerful moves like clotheslines, stomps, and a neckbreaker. Cena joined the action too, and together, they pushed both Jimmy and Solo out of the ring.

With the immediate threat gone, Cena and LA Knight had a moment. They stood face to face. Then, in a twist no one saw coming, LA Knight grabbed the contract Cena had earlier and signed it. This meant he was agreeing to be Cena’s partner against the Bloodline at Fastlane!

As Cena held up the signed contract, the show ended, leaving fans excited about what’s going to happen next at Fastlane. With Cena and LA Knight teaming up, it promises to be a match no one will want to miss!

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