WWE Smackdown Result And Report For 24 November 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

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Tonight’s WWE SmackDown is electrifying the arena with a buzz of excitement. The show begins with a recap of last week’s highlights, showcasing the intense skirmishes between Damage CTRL and the formidable quartet of Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, and Shotzi.

As we dive into the live action, the atmosphere is charged when Becky Lynch’s theme song blares through the speakers. The crowd erupts in cheers as Lynch, accompanied by Shotzi, Charlotte Flair, and Bianca Belair, makes a grand entrance. The arena resonates with chants of “Becky,” signifying the fans’ admiration for her. Lynch addresses the crowd, expressing her eagerness to be back in the ring and her readiness to face Damage CTRL at War Games.

Amidst the roaring crowd, Bianca Belair steps forward, acknowledging their strength as a team and the fans’ support with chants of “EST.” She emphasizes their determination to outmatch Damage CTRL at War Games, intensifying the anticipation. The energy escalates as Charlotte Flair joins in, resonating with the crowd’s “Wooo” chants, signaling a united front against their rivals.

Shotzi’s fiery spirit adds to the ambiance as she vividly describes her eagerness for retaliation against Damage CTRL, who once humiliated her. Her words paint a picture of her transformed resilience and readiness for the upcoming chaos. Flair nods in agreement, emphasizing the significance of War Games as a turning point for their alliance and an end for Damage CTRL.

As the intensity peaks, Bayley’s entrance shifts the mood. The fans’ boos contrast with her mocking tone as she addresses the crowd and the quartet in the ring. She throws sharp barbs at Becky and Charlotte, questioning their newfound alliance and casting doubts on their team’s cohesiveness. Bayley’s provocation reaches a crescendo as she labels Becky as softened by motherhood and challenges the unity of their team.

In a dramatic twist, Becky Lynch counters Bayley’s taunts with a bold challenge for a fight in the main event, setting the stage for an explosive showdown. Bayley, unfazed, accepts the challenge, hinting at internal strife within Becky’s team, before exiting to her theme music.

Amidst this escalating tension, the show cuts to clips from Raw’s main event, where Cody Rhodes announces Randy Orton as a new member for their War Games team, adding another layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga.

As tonight’s WWE SmackDown continues, each moment is filled with anticipation and drama, promising more electrifying developments in this high-stakes journey to War Games.

In a thrilling WWE Tag Team Championship match, The Judgment Day defend their title against the energetic Street Profits. The match kicks off with high intensity as Montez Ford and Damian Priest face off. Priest delivers a fierce kick to Ford’s head, but Ford agilely dodges a corner splash from Priest. The momentum shifts when Finn Balor tags in, attempting a backdrop on Ford, who lands on his feet, allowing Angelo Dawkins to tag in.

Dawkins enters the ring with vigor, hitting Balor with a back elbow and swiftly knocking Priest off the apron. He continues his onslaught with a spinning back elbow and a corner splash. Dawkins then surprises Priest with a double underhook neck breaker. The Street Profits gain further control as Ford tags back in, executing a blockbuster on Balor. Despite a cover attempt, Balor resiliently kicks out.

The match intensifies as Ford ascends the top rope. He leaps, but Balor dodges, leaving Ford to land on his feet, only to be hit by Balor’s slingblade. Priest tags in, joining Balor to double-team Ford. However, Dawkins manages to break up Priest’s pin attempt. The Street Profits then combine their efforts to overpower Priest, but their cover is interrupted by Balor.

In a rapid sequence, Dawkins charges at Balor, who evades, causing Dawkins to crash into the ring post. Ford retaliates with superkicks to both Balor and Priest. Climbing the top rope again, Ford’s attempt is thwarted by Rhea’s distraction of the referee, allowing Balor to trip Ford. This leads to a devastating combo from The Judgment Day: Priest’s slam and Balor’s Coup de Grace, culminating in a successful pin by Balor.

The Judgment Day emerges victorious, retaining their WWE Tag Team Championship. Their triumph is witnessed by Bobby Lashley and B-Fab backstage, with Lashley visibly displeased by the outcome. He exits, leaving the scene as The Judgment Day celebrates their hard-fought victory in the ring.

In the WWE universe, tensions run high as Charlotte Flair informs her War Games teammates about a match scheduled for tonight, which she arranged with Nick Aldis and Adam Pearce. Becky Lynch, feeling undermined, contends that organizing the match should have been her responsibility. This disagreement escalates into an argument, with Bianca Belair attempting to defuse the situation. However, Becky, fueled by her desire to fight, storms off, leaving the team in disarray.

The scene shifts to “The Grayson Waller Effect,” hosted by Grayson Waller. Waller, addressing the audience, hints at a possible reconciliation with his guest, Kevin Owens, whom he has been at odds with. To everyone’s surprise, Austin Theory, donning a Kevin Owens shirt, joins Waller in the ring, receiving a chorus of boos from the fans. The real Kevin Owens makes his entrance, questioning the duo’s antics. Owens clarifies that his suspension ended today, debunking Waller’s claim of his suspension.

Waller reveals his initial plan was to mock Owens with Theory’s help. Owens, unfazed, humorously critiques Theory’s attire and contemplates confronting them both physically. The conversation takes a turn when Owens mentions Waller’s recent match loss caused by him, leading to Theory and Waller’s confusion.

The atmosphere intensifies with the unexpected arrival of LA Knight, greeted enthusiastically by the crowd. Knight addresses the audience and points out that despite Owens’ absence, Waller and Theory have repeatedly mentioned him, which Knight interprets as a sign of vulnerability. He confidently asserts his dominance over Waller, regardless of Owens’ presence or the involvement of Theory, whom he dismissively calls “A-Town clown.”

The verbal altercation escalates as Waller proposes that he and Theory attack Knight and Owens. Owens, seizing the moment, asks Knight if he’d like to strike first. Knight agrees, and together, they successfully land punches on both Waller and Theory, sending them tumbling out of the ring. This dramatic showdown leaves the audience electrified, as Owens and Knight stand tall in the ring.

In a high-octane match on WWE, Kevin Owens and LA Knight face off against Grayson Waller and Austin Theory. As the action resumes post-commercial, Owens and Waller are in the ring, with Owens unleashing chops to Waller’s chest and a powerful right hand. LA Knight tags in, continuing the assault with more right hands, a clothesline, and a suplex. Despite LA Knight’s cover, Waller manages to kick out.

The battle spills outside the ring when Austin Theory interferes, lowering the top rope and sending LA Knight tumbling out. However, Knight quickly regains control, slamming both Theory and Waller into the announce table before tossing Waller back into the ring. In the midst of the chaos, LA Knight fends off an attack from Theory with a solid right hand, but Waller counters with a right hand of his own on the outside.

Owens takes charge, raining down right hands on Waller and following it up with a clothesline outside the ring. He then delivers a superkick to Theory and a devastating cannonball from the ring apron. Climbing to the top rope, Owens executes a swanton bomb on Waller. Despite the powerful move, Waller kicks out of the subsequent cover. Owens attempts a Stunner, but Waller pushes him away and tags in Theory.

Theory enters the ring with momentum, landing a dropkick on Owens. Waller and Theory then collaborate for a backbreaker and elbow drop combination, but Owens resiliently kicks out of Waller’s pin attempt. Waller applies a rear chin lock, but Owens fights back to his feet, leading to Theory tagging back in. Waller cleverly knocks LA Knight off the apron, and Theory capitalizes with a rolling blockbuster on Owens. Owens narrowly kicks out of Theory’s pin attempt amidst the crowd’s jeers.

Waller tags back in, continuing the assault on Owens. However, Owens dodges an elbow drop from Waller, creating an opportunity for LA Knight to tag in. Knight immediately unleashes a flurry of punches and a clothesline on Theory, followed by an atomic drop and another clothesline. He also delivers a DDT to Waller and a running knee to both opponents in the corner.

LA Knight then executes a powerslam and an elbow drop on Theory. Waller tries to intervene, but Owens counters, pulling Knight down. Owens then stuns Waller with a Stunner, and LA Knight hits Theory with the BFT. LA Knight covers Theory and secures the victory.

Winners: Kevin Owens and LA Knight, showcasing their teamwork and resilience in a thrilling and action-packed match.

In an exciting match on WWE, Pretty Deadly faces off against The Brawling Brutes. As the bell rings, Ridge Holland quickly gains the upper hand with a clothesline on Wilson and a strong right hand to Prince. However, the tables turn when Prince smartly tags himself in, just as Butch does the same. The Brawling Brutes attempt their signature 10 Beats of the Bodhran, but Prince counters with a right hand, escaping the move. In a surprising turn, Holland, after a brief confrontation with Butch, leaves the ring area and heads to the back.

With Holland gone, Pretty Deadly capitalizes on the situation. Prince, now in the ring, delivers a back elbow to Butch. Wilson tags in, and the duo double-teams Butch. Despite their efforts, Butch resiliently kicks out of Wilson’s pin attempt. Prince tags back in, but Butch fights back with a right hand and a big boot to Prince’s face. However, his pin attempt is also unsuccessful.

The match intensifies as Butch twists Prince’s fingers, but Wilson quickly tags himself in. In a swift move, Butch hits Prince with the Bitter End, but Wilson seizes the moment to roll Butch up for a surprising pin and victory.

Winners: Pretty Deadly

Backstage, Charlotte Flair encounters Shotzi in the locker room. Shotzi opens up about her past struggles with Damage CTRL and how their bullying changed her. She recalls Flair’s comforting words that helped her through tough times. Shotzi suggests that Flair could offer similar support to Becky Lynch, who might still be affected by past issues.

In another segment, Kayla interviews Nick Aldis backstage, who provides an update on Carlito’s condition. He reveals that Carlito is badly hurt and unable to compete at Survivor Series. Dragon Lee then approaches Aldis, requesting to replace Carlito in the match against Santos Escobar. Aldis agrees, setting up a new matchup for Survivor Series.

The Judgment Day is seen backstage, cutting a promo about their upcoming War Games match at Survivor Series. Priest sends a direct warning to Randy Orton, asserting that if Orton’s partner doesn’t attack him, the Judgment Day will ensure he doesn’t make a comeback.

The camera then cuts to Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch backstage. Flair checks on Becky’s state of mind, to which Becky responds positively. Becky reciprocates the concern, and Flair assures her she’s also doing well, highlighting a moment of mutual respect and understanding between the two wrestlers.

In a highly anticipated match on WWE, Bayley and Asuka from Damage CTRL face off against Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, with Bianca Belair and Shotzi at ringside. The commentators note the tension as Becky Lynch refuses to enter to Charlotte Flair’s music, opting for her own theme instead. The two make their way to the ring, signaling the start of the match.

The bell rings, and Becky and Bayley begin the action. Becky quickly gains the upper hand with a suplex, sending Bayley rolling to the outside. Flair tags in, joining forces with Becky to execute a baseball slide and a right hand on Bayley and Asuka, respectively. Flair then showcases her athleticism with a stunning moonsault from the top rope onto both opponents outside the ring.

Back in the ring, Bayley and Becky continue their struggle. Bayley manages to push Becky into the corner, allowing Asuka to tag in. Asuka unleashes a series of stomps on Becky, followed by an arm bar and a slam onto the mat. Becky fights back with a jawbreaker and a kick to Asuka’s head, leading to a tag to Flair.

Flair, now in the ring, dominates with a crossbody from the top rope onto both Bayley and Asuka. She follows up with a series of chops and a fall away slam on Bayley. Despite her attempts to pin Bayley, the resilient opponent kicks out each time. Flair continues her offensive with a big boot to Asuka, knocking her off the apron, and another attempt to roll up Bayley, but Bayley again kicks out.

The match’s intensity escalates as Asuka tags in and delivers a codebreaker to Flair. Flair narrowly escapes defeat with a kick out. Bayley re-enters the fray, double-teaming Flair with Asuka, but Becky intervenes to break up the pin. The chaos continues as Bayley and Asuka throw Becky out of the ring and focus on Flair, with Bayley executing a chop block.

Flair fights back, allowing Becky to tag in. Becky quickly takes control with a clothesline to Bayley and a dropkick to Asuka. She then executes a double DDT on both opponents, but Bayley kicks out of the pin attempt. Becky’s momentum continues with a top-rope dropkick to Bayley, but once again, Bayley survives the pin attempt.

In a high-stakes moment, Becky locks in the Disarm-her, but Asuka intervenes, breaking the hold. Becky throws Asuka outside and attempts the Roseplan, but Bayley counters with a belly-to-back suplex. Becky responds with the Manhandle slam and goes for the pin, but Flair’s spear on Asuka inadvertently disrupts the pin, leading to a confrontation between Becky and Flair.

Bayley seizes the opportunity, pushing Becky into Flair, causing Flair to fall out of the ring. Bayley then quickly rolls up Becky for a surprise pin and victory.

Winners: Bayley and Asuka

Post-match, the ring is filled with tension as Flair and Becky face off, visibly upset. Bianca and Shotzi intervene, separating the two as Becky angrily exits the ring, leaving the outcome of their partnership uncertain.

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