WWE Smackdown Result And Report For 22 September 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

9 months ago By Sports Desk

The WWE universe, in an anticipated episode of Friday Night SmackDown on 22nd September, will again see the comeback of none other than the iconic John Cena, setting the stage for a thrilling night. Fans who have been glued to their screens for SmackDown updates would not have been disappointed by the events of the night. Especially when Iyo Sky will defend her WWE Women’s title against the formidable Asuka.

Opening with the “WWE Then. Now. Forever. Together.” signature, the iconic voice of John Cena set the tone for an electrifying evening. As the camera spanned the buzzing arena, Kevin Patrick’s enthusiasm was palpable, welcoming ardent wrestling followers worldwide.

Before one could soak in the atmosphere, the airwaves were dominated by John Cena’s signature tune. To the roaring applause, the WWE legend made his entrance. Flashbacks from his stint on “The Grayson Waller Effect” kept the audience hooked. The admiration for Cena was evident as an overwhelming “Cena! Cena!” chant echoed. Acknowledging the love, he acquainted the audience with his roles since his return, teasing the possibility of not just being a host or referee. But then, the real surprise was unboxed: Cena expressed his desire for a match that night. Eliciting an uproarious approval, he hinted at partnering with someone “Phenomenal.”

The arena’s excitement reached a crescendo as AJ Styles’ music reverberated. The pair’s prospect of teaming up was met with an exhilarating cheer from the fans. This excitement was momentarily interrupted by Jimmy Uso’s theme, as he emerged with Solo Sikoa, only to retreat teasingly, hinting at a showdown later in the evening.

Changing tracks, Rey Mysterio’s theme signaled another high-octane encounter. The WWE United States Champion and the leader of the LWO, Rey was accompanied by Santos Escobar, prepping to face The Street Profits. In the ring, Zelina Vega joined Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio, only to be countered by the entry of The Street Profits. With the revamped Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins flanked by “The All Mighty” Bobby Lashley, the anticipation was soaring.

The match commenced with Dawkins and Escobar trading moves, the momentum gradually shifting in LWO’s favor. A missed high-flying move by Mysterio outside the ring provided The Street Profits an opportunity to assert their dominance. And as viewers were teased with glimpses of a likely LWO loss, especially with Lashley’s covert chokeslam to Mysterio. Lashley’s anticipated interference did not deter the LWO duo. In an unexpected twist, Mysterio managed to counter Dawkins’ powerbomb, ensuring a surprise victory for the LWO.

In a match that fans have been eagerly waiting for, “The Genius of the Sky” IYO SKY clashed with “The Empress of Tomorrow” Asuka in a first-of-its-kind battle for the WWE Women’s Championship. The tension was palpable when Asuka’s theme song heralded her entrance, promising a dynamic face-off. But, soon after, the atmosphere intensified with the champion, IYO SKY, flanked by Damage CTRL allies Bayley and Dakota Kai, making her grand entrance amid resounding boos.

As the bell rang, it became clear this wasn’t just any match. The initial minutes saw both titans measuring each other, exchanging blows and gauging their respective strengths. However, IYO SKY soon took the lead, orchestrating a risky high spot. But Asuka, showcasing her trademark agility, sidestepped, causing SKY to misfire.

The rollercoaster didn’t stop there. Asuka’s powerful kick almost had SKY on the ropes, but external interference from Bayley and Dakota swung the momentum back in SKY’s favor. But, when Charlotte Flair intervened, neutralizing the meddling allies, the odds seemed to be evening out. Sadly, for Asuka, the distraction proved costly. A swift capitalization from IYO SKY followed by her majestic moonsault finisher sealed the deal, ensuring she retains her coveted WWE Women’s Championship.

In the final match of the night, the Brawling Brutes took on the dynamic duo of Austin Theory & Grayson Waller. The energy was palpable as Butch, lauded for managing dual roles in SmackDown and NXT, leapt into action, wasting no time in challenging his adversaries. Ridge Holland, another member of the Brawling Brutes, displayed an astounding show of force against Waller. The audience was left in awe when the Brutes seamlessly executed a double version of the 10 Beats, paying tribute to Sheamus.

Undergoing Butch’s signature joint manipulation and the relentless offense from Holland, he barely managed to escape a pin. The tides shifted when a synchronized chop block gave the antagonists a breather. With Butch racing to rescue his teammate from a near pin and Holland showcasing his might with a rugby tackle followed by a close-call Jackhammer, the outcome remained uncertain.

However, in a whirlwind of events, Holland’s Boston Crab on Theory and Butch’s attempt to subdue Waller outside the ring didn’t culminate as anticipated. Waller’s quick reflexes and a rolling stunner gave Theory the setup needed to land the A-Town Down, clinching a thrilling victory for the duo.

The anticipation following the evening’s exhilarating match lineup was palpable as WWE prepared for the climax of the night: The WWE Fastlane 2023 Main Event Contract Signing.

Inside the arena, the setting bore a solemn aura with the contract signing paraphernalia perfectly in place. The audience’s roars grew deafening as Adam Pearce introduced the one and only John Cena, whose mere presence always guarantees a memorable segment. In a testament to his professionalism, Cena, without uttering a single word, penned his commitment, turning the tables on the night’s proceedings.

However, as AJ Styles was awaited, the scene took a dramatic turn. The live feed exposed a ruthless attack on Styles by Jimmy Uso backstage. The sheer audacity was punctuated by Solo Sikoa’s jaw-dropping leap, leaving Styles in a devastating state. Cena, despite his best efforts, couldn’t prevent the ambush and reached only to find Styles incapacitated.

The audience’s tension mounted post-commercial as visuals of AJ Styles being stretchered out relayed the gravity of the ambush. The audacious assault was further dissected by Kevin Patrick and Michael Cole, but before the crowd could digest this shocking turn, the culprits – Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso, and their advocate Paul Heyman – swaggered into the arena. Jimmy Uso’s chilling threats against Cena heightened the atmosphere. And as Cena, ever the braveheart, confronted them, he was ambushed by The Bloodline.

The final images of the duo signing the WWE Fastlane 2023 contract over a fallen Cena made for a haunting close, leaving fans on the edge, eagerly awaiting the next showdown.

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