WWE Smackdown Result And Report For 17 November 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

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In an electrifying start to WWE SmackDown, the arena buzzed with anticipation as Damage CTRL confidently made their way down to the ring. Bayley, the group’s charismatic leader, seized the moment to address the audience. She boldly proclaimed that recruiting Asuka into Damage CTRL marked a historic moment in WWE’s legacy. Her conviction was clear: the newly reinforced Damage CTRL stood as the most formidable faction in WWE.

The atmosphere intensified as Asuka, IYO, and Kairi Sane conversed in Japanese, their words echoing in the arena, while Bayley’s laughter resonated with confidence. However, Dakota, another member of Damage CTRL, interjected with a startling revelation. She pointed out that Asuka’s integration into their faction wasn’t official yet, as Bayley hadn’t formally welcomed her. This moment led to Bayley, with a sense of ceremony, offering a t-shirt to Asuka, inviting her to join Damage CTRL.

The plot thickened when Dakota issued a bold challenge to Charlotte Flair: to assemble a team and face them in the War Games. This dramatic call to action was suddenly interrupted by Shotzi’s entrance music. The audience’s attention was drawn to Shotzi’s unmanned tank at the entrance, only to be surprised by her aerial attack from the top rope. This ambush sparked a chaotic brawl in the ring, involving Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair, which ended with Damage CTRL retreating outside the ring.

Backstage, the focus shifted to Shotzi, Bianca, and Flair, who were seen strategizing. Bianca hinted at the need for a fourth team member, suggesting that Flair might have someone in mind for this crucial role. This conversation was unexpectedly joined by Nick Aldis, who emphasized the urgency of revealing their fourth team member by the night’s end.

The WWE SmackDown arena erupted with excitement as the Number One Contender’s match commenced, featuring Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince and Kit Wilson), The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford), and The Brawling Brutes (Ridge Holland and Butch). The bell rang, and the energy in the arena intensified. Butch, Dawkins, and Prince kicked off the match. Butch unleashed chops to Prince’s chest, but Dawkins quickly countered with a powerful shoulder tackle onto Butch. The match’s tempo increased when Ford got tagged in, joining Dawkins in a dynamic double team against Butch and Prince.

The action didn’t let up. Dawkins re-entered the ring, maintaining the momentum with relentless stomps on Butch and a series of right hands on Prince. Ford was tagged back, landing a strong clothesline on Butch. Wilson entered the fray, and he and Prince briefly gained the upper hand, double-teaming Ford and Butch. However, Holland was quickly tagged in, shifting the dynamics with a shoulder tackle and a DDT on Wilson, followed by a forceful clothesline sending Wilson to the ring apron.

The match’s intensity escalated as Butch and Holland teamed up for the 10 Beats of the Bodhran, but The Street Profits intervened. Unfazed, The Brawling Brutes redirected their attack, successfully landing the 10 Beats on The Street Profits. However, Pretty Deadly cunningly threw The Brawling Brutes outside, with Holland crashing into the ring steps.

Inside the ring, Ford and Prince attempted to suplex Ridge, but Ridge turned the tables with a formidable double suplex. The match saw continuous action as Dawkins and Butch were tagged in. Butch displayed agility and strength with kicks to Dawkins and Prince, followed by a jumping DDT on Prince outside the ring. Butch’s athleticism shone through as he executed a moonsault onto his opponents outside the ring, then threw Dawkins back in for more action.

Despite Dawkins’ resilience, Butch maintained control with a reverse DDT, but Dawkins narrowly escaped the pin. The match saw a whirlwind of tags and exchanges, with Holland, Ford, and Wilson entering the fray. Holland’s power was evident as he knocked down Ford, but Wilson quickly countered, knocking Holland down. The action reached a fever pitch as Holland and Wilson battled on the ropes, with Prince sneakily tagging himself in. The climax of the match saw a flurry of moves: Holland’s suplex on Wilson, Ford’s spectacular frog splash on Holland, and Prince’s near pin, which Butch valiantly broke up. The match’s tension was palpable as it reached its final moments.

Backstage, the camera caught a glimpse of Bobby Lashley intently watching the match, joined by B-Fab, who inquired about his interest. Lashley’s focus remained unbroken, hinting at his vested interest in the outcome. In the ring, the chaos continued. Butch’s attempted Brogue Kick on Prince misfired, accidentally hitting Holland instead. Seizing the moment, The Street Profits threw Pretty Deadly out of the ring and delivered The Revelation on Holland, securing a hard-fought victory with a decisive pin.

The arena burst into cheers as The Street Profits celebrated their well-deserved win. In a surprising turn, Bobby Lashley emerged, joining the victors in their jubilation, adding a layer of intrigue to the already electric atmosphere of WWE SmackDown.

The WWE SmackDown another segment opened with Bianca Belair engaging in a serious conversation with Michin. Their interaction, marked by a firm handshake, hinted at a significant alliance or agreement.

However, the atmosphere quickly shifted as the show returned from a commercial break. The scene erupted into chaos as Damage CTRL was caught in the act of viciously attacking Michin. WWE officials rushed in, working hard to break up the brawl and restore order. This intense moment underscored the ongoing tensions and rivalries within the WWE.

The broadcast then turned its focus to a recap of last week’s show, highlighting a pivotal moment where Santos Escobar launched an attack on Rey Mysterio. This flashback set the stage for the next development: Dragon Lee was shown conversing with Nick Aldis. In their dialogue, Dragon Lee proposed a match to honor the legacy of Rey Mysterio. Aldis accepted the challenge, agreeing to take on Axium from NXT, thus setting up an exciting new match-up.

The match between Dragon Lee and Axium began with high energy. As soon as the bell rang, Dragon Lee quickly asserted his dominance with a headlock, but Axium responded by sending him to the ropes. Dragon Lee countered with a swift dropkick, sending Axium tumbling outside the ring. Not missing a beat, Dragon Lee executed a sensational senton over the top rope, maintaining the momentum. Back in the ring, Dragon Lee’s aggressive offense continued with a kick to the face and a series of right hands in the corner, culminating in a dropkick. He attempted a cover, but Axium resiliently kicked out.

Following another commercial break, the action resumed with Axium regaining some ground. He delivered a dropkick to Dragon Lee, sending him outside the ring, and then performed a breathtaking moonsault from the top rope. The match continued to be a display of skill and athleticism, with both competitors exchanging powerful moves and near-fall situations. Axium’s impressive arsenal included a snap German suplex and a kick to the face, but Dragon Lee responded with a brainbuster and a running knee, showcasing his own strength and technique.

The climax of the match saw a flurry of high-impact moves. Dragon Lee executed Operation Dragon, finally securing the victory with a pin. Despite the intense battle, sportsmanship prevailed as Axium, recovering outside the ring, exchanged a mutual sign of respect with Dragon Lee – both men giving a thumbs up. This gesture highlighted the honor and respect that underpins the competitive spirit of WWE.

The WWE SmackDown arena filled with loud boos as Santos Escobar confidently made his way to the ring. He began his address by reflecting on the importance of heroes, particularly in the world of lucha libre. Escobar shared that his ultimate hero was Rey Mysterio, a figure who had greatly influenced him and many others in the wrestling community.

Escobar spoke candidly about his admiration for Rey, describing him as a father figure who made him feel welcomed and respected in the industry. However, the tone shifted as Escobar expressed his disillusionment. He felt betrayed by Rey, particularly after last week’s events, which led him to realize that everything said about Rey, including remarks by Dominik, was true. He voiced his frustration over Rey becoming the United States Champion, a title he felt he deserved.

The tension escalated as Escobar criticized Rey for his decisions, especially for incorporating new members like Carlito into the LWO (Latino World Order), instead of aligning with him. Escobar declared Carlito as his worst enemy and ominously warned that Carlito would face the same fate as Rey. He expressed his resentment towards Rey for siding with an ‘outsider’ like Carlito over him.

In a shocking moment, Escobar wished ill on Rey, hoping his surgery would fail and lead to severe consequences. His words were met with a mixture of shock and disdain from the audience.

The camera then cut backstage, showing the LWO members watching the segment. Zelina Vega, visibly upset by Escobar’s words, confronted him in the ring. Their argument heated up, culminating in Zelina slapping Escobar and storming out of the ring, signaling a rift in their relationship.

The drama continued as Joaquin and Del Toro, members of Escobar’s circle, entered the ring. A heated exchange ensued, with Escobar berating them, claiming they were only relevant because of him. He dismissed them as dead weight and unnecessary to his success. The confrontation took a physical turn when Escobar unexpectedly attacked both Joaquin and Del Toro as they were leaving the ring.

The segment reached its climax when Carlito’s music hit, and he charged down to the ring. However, Escobar swiftly evaded confrontation by sliding under the ring and disappearing into the crowd, leaving a charged atmosphere in his wake. This moment underscored the escalating tensions and complex dynamics within the WWE SmackDown universe.

In the WWE SmackDown arena, excitement built as Grayson Waller faced off against Cameron Grimes. Adding to the anticipation, Austin Theory joined the commentary team, providing insights as the match unfolded.

As soon as the bell rang, the action kicked off. Grimes initially took control with an arm bar, but Waller quickly retaliated with a right hand. The match gained momentum when Waller applied a headlock, only for Grimes to counter with an elbow strike. Demonstrating his agility, Grimes tripped Waller and attempted a quick pin, but Waller resiliently kicked out. Grimes continued his offensive with a right hand and an atomic drop, followed by a swift kick. He then executed a dropkick after running to the ropes, showcasing his technical skills. Grimes maintained his momentum, slamming Waller onto the mat and attempting another cover, but Waller once again kicked out, proving his toughness.

The match took an unexpected turn when Waller rolled out of the ring. Austin Theory, who was at ringside, unexpectedly held Waller, leading to a chaotic moment. Grimes, seizing the opportunity, climbed onto the ring apron and aimed a kick at Waller. However, Waller dodged, causing Grimes to inadvertently kick Theory instead. Capitalizing on this distraction, Waller tripped Grimes, causing him to land awkwardly on the back of his head against the ring apron.

Waller quickly took advantage of the situation, delivering a rolling thunder stunner to Grimes inside the ring. He then covered Grimes for the pin and secured a hard-fought victory. The match ended with Waller emerging victorious, leaving the crowd buzzing with the excitement of the intense and action-packed showdown.

The focus then moved to the ring, where Solo Sikoa, accompanied by Paul Heyman and Jimmy Uso, made a commanding entrance. Heyman, always the master orator, introduced himself and teased the audience with the promise of a surprise. He began an acknowledgement ceremony, praising Solo for his victory at WWE Crown Jewel, achieved through multiple Samoan Spikes, a testament to his prowess and connection to the island of relevancy.

Heyman then heightened the anticipation by mentioning the 16-time heavyweight Champion, John Cena. The audience’s excitement was palpable, but Heyman quickly doused their hopes by revealing that Cena wouldn’t be appearing that night, or ever again in a WWE ring, all thanks to Solo’s actions. Heyman painted a grim picture of Cena’s condition, suggesting that he was so badly injured that he couldn’t even speak, let alone bid farewell to his fans and the WWE Universe.

In a dramatic moment, Heyman led a countdown, expecting Cena’s music to play, a scenario where Cena would heroically confront Jimmy and Solo. But the music never came, emphasizing Cena’s absence and Solo’s role in it. Heyman declared that if Cena ever did return, Solo would be his inevitable opponent.

As Heyman continued, LA Knight’s music suddenly interrupted him. LA Knight confidently addressed the crowd, criticizing the Bloodline and asserting that Roman Reigns remained champion only because of his family’s backing. He proclaimed himself as the solution to this problem, vowing to dismantle the Bloodline member by member, starting with Jimmy Uso. LA Knight’s bold declaration resonated with the audience, as he promised to change the landscape of WWE SmackDown, making it clear that his ultimate goal was to confront Roman Reigns himself.

LA Knight’s speech was filled with determination and charisma, as he promised to bring about the end of the Bloodline, using his signature catchphrase “yeah” to punctuate his intentions. This segment set the stage for an intense and personal rivalry, adding another layer of intrigue and excitement to WWE SmackDown.

Title: WWE Smackdown Result And Report

The atmosphere in the WWE SmackDown arena was electric as LA Knight faced off against Jimmy Uso. As the match began, commentator Michael Cole revealed that Paul Heyman had received a call during the commercial break, leading to Heyman and Solo Sikoa exiting to the back.

The match started intensely with LA Knight executing a suplex on Jimmy. He attempted a pin, but Jimmy showed resilience by kicking out. The action spilled outside the ring where LA Knight maintained his dominance with a solid right hand. He then threw Jimmy back into the ring and executed a jumping shoulder tackle from the ring apron over the top rope. Jimmy, however, persisted, kicking out of another pin attempt.

As LA Knight charged towards the ropes, Jimmy countered with a Samoan drop. Jimmy attempted a right hand, but LA Knight blocked it and retaliated. The match continued with high energy as both wrestlers exchanged blows and maneuvers. LA Knight threw Jimmy outside the ring and landed a kick to his face. The action intensified as LA Knight slammed Jimmy’s face onto the announce table and threw him over it, showcasing his aggressive strategy.

Jimmy landed a kick to LA Knight’s head and attempted a pin, which LA Knight survived. The match saw a series of reversals and dynamic moves. LA Knight executed a DDT and a clothesline, but Jimmy again kicked out of the pin. The struggle continued with both wrestlers showcasing their agility and determination. LA Knight’s attempt at the BFT was countered by Jimmy, but LA Knight eventually landed the BFT and secured the win with a pin.

Post-match, Solo’s music hit, and he approached the ring, leading to an attack on LA Knight from behind by Jimmy. Solo joined in, hitting LA Knight with a Samoan Spike. The two cleared the announce table and placed LA Knight on it, escalating the confrontation.

However, Cody Rhodes’s music hit, and he rushed to LA Knight’s aid. Cody engaged Solo and Jimmy with a series of right hands, throwing Jimmy into the ring steps. Cody and LA Knight stood tall in the ring as Solo regrouped outside.

The focus then shifted backstage to Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, and Shotzi, discussing their strategy for War Games. Flair revealed she had called for backup but was uncertain of their arrival.

After another commercial break, Bianca Belair, Shotzi, and Charlotte Flair made their way to the ring. Flair grabbed a microphone, accepting Damage CTRL’s War Games challenge and emphasizing the importance of their team’s solidarity.

As Damage CTRL appeared, Becky Lynch made a surprise entrance, joining Flair, Shotzi, and Bianca in the ring. A brawl erupted between all eight women, spilling outside the ring. Flair showcased her athleticism with a moonsault off the top rope onto Damage CTRL. The show concluded with Flair throwing IYO into the barricade and then into the ring apron, leaving fans on the edge of their seats as SmackDown went off the air.

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