WWE Smackdown Result And Report For 15 September 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers.

10 months ago By Sports Desk

SmackDown never fails to amaze, and this episode was no exception. Denver’s audience was electrified from the moment Pat McAfee set foot in the ring, proclaiming his love for the Mile High City. However, Austin Theory’s interruption shifted the energy, as he declared the episode to be “Austin Theory live.”

As tensions heightened with McAfee, the sudden blaring of The Rock’s entrance music sent the crowd into an absolute frenzy. Their banter was a nostalgic treat, reminiscent of iconic Rock and Austin confrontations, but with a new twist. The Rock slowly makes his way to the ring, and Theory asks him whose ring is this, but The Rock cuts him saying, “Shut your bitch ass up”. The Rock removes his jacket throws it to the crowd, and says, ““Finally, The Rock has come back to Denver.” The crowd was chanting, “Rocky.”

The tension in the ring reached its climax when The Rock, after some classic catchphrases, dropped Theory with his signature moves. Adding to the entertainment, McAfee performed his rendition of the People’s Elbow on Theory, drawing cheers from the ecstatic fans.

The night’s wrestling action got underway with a compelling bout between Finn Bálor and AJ Styles. The two showcased their unparalleled skills, but the bout’s climax witnessed an unexpected intervention. Just when Styles seemed to be closing in on a victory, Jimmy Uso emerged from the shadows to blindside Styles, allowing Bálor to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat.

Post-match, backstage interactions continued to raise eyebrows. The Rock’s brief encounter with John Cena was heartwarming, a testament to their storied past and mutual respect. Meanwhile, Finn Bálor’s conversation with Jimmy Uso was laced with intrigue. Balor hinted at possible alliances and a shift in Uso family dynamics, leaving fans yearning for more.

However, it was Rey Mysterio’s heartfelt address that tugged at the heartstrings. Reflecting on his tumultuous year and crediting the Latino World Order (LWO) for his resurgence, the United States Champion showed his vulnerable side. Santos Escobar’s challenge for the championship, framed with respect and camaraderie, added a new layer to their relationship. But just when it seemed the moment would end peacefully, Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits threw down the gauntlet, setting the stage for a confrontation.

The tag team bout that ensued pitted Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro against The Street Profits. Despite Wilde and Del Toro’s best efforts, The Street Profits managed to secure a swift victory. The celebration was short-lived, though, as Lashley led a post-match assault on the LWO, culminating in a chaotic brawl.

The arena buzzed with anticipation as “The Miz vs. LA Knight” lit up the big screen. The two rivals, having faced each other previously, came into this bout with something to prove. The opening lockup was intense, amplified by the relentless chants of “tiny balls” echoing throughout the venue. Such crowd participation often dictates the pace of a match, and tonight was no different.

An early offensive maneuver saw Miz yank Knight into the unforgiving turnbuckles, eliciting a mixed reaction from the audience. A series of chops, forearms, and near falls ensued, proving that both competitors were in it to win. Despite Miz’s tactical prowess, Knight’s agility shone through with a perfectly executed slingshot shoulder block, threatening to tilt the match in his favor.

The atmosphere grew palpable after the commercial break, with Miz seemingly in command. Yet, every time it appeared the A-Lister had the match in the bag, Knight dug deep, countering with a devastating sequence of a clothesline, Russian leg sweep, and a DDT. The tide of the match swung like a pendulum.

Miz’s double knees to Knight’s face was a highlight, leaving many in disbelief when Knight kicked out. But, resilience was the name of the game. Knight’s Blunt Force Trauma move proved decisive, securing him a hard-fought victory.

Basking in the afterglow of his win, Knight seized the mic, declaring his championship ambitions. His eyes set on gold, he boldly hinted that even the formidable Roman Reigns wasn’t safe from his aspirations. With such bold declarations, the landscape of SmackDown is set to witness some monumental clashes.

Another pulsating match saw the formidable Asuka face off against Bayley, a match filled with energy, intensity, and unexpected twists. The bout began evenly matched, with each competitor matching the other’s prowess. However, Asuka’s agility was on display as she almost landed a kick, only to be thwarted by Bayley, who cleverly sent her crashing into the post.

Post-commercial, Bayley maintained her upper hand, her signature running knee maneuver keeping Asuka on the defensive. Yet, the Empress of Tomorrow was not to be outdone. A sunset flip attempt by Bayley was masterfully countered into an armbar by Asuka, showcasing her technical brilliance. Dakota Kai’s visible concern at ringside hinted at the shift in momentum.

Asuka’s repertoire of moves, from a knee strike to a sliding kick, kept Bayley constantly on edge. Just when Bayley thought she had an upper hand with her facebreaker, Asuka’s resilience proved vital, transitioning swiftly between moves and forcing Bayley into tight spots. The high tension boiled over when Shotzi emerged, her mere presence sending Bayley into a panic and playing directly into Asuka’s hands, allowing her to seal the win with a precise backslide.

Post-match, Shotzi’s gesture of a fist bump towards Asuka added a layer of intrigue. Asuka’s hesitant acceptance hinted at alliances and rivalries still to be explored on SmackDown.

The evening capped off with what can only be described as “The Grayson Waller Effect.” Waller, never one to hold back, immediately began his tirade against his guest, John Cena, asserting that Cena’s stardom was diminishing as quickly as his hairline. But in classic Cena style, the WWE legend walked out to roaring applause, proving that the WWE Universe still stood firmly behind him.

However, Waller seemed to hold court, lambasting Cena for always steering the spotlight towards himself. Although begrudgingly acknowledging Cena as the GOAT, Waller couldn’t help but throw shade, citing Cena’s monumental loss to Austin Theory at WrestleMania as a pivotal downfall.

As Cena prepared to address the audience and Waller, the situation escalated. Jimmy Uso swaggered in, boldly declaring Cena’s irrelevance and his own superiority. But things took an unpredictable turn as Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman joined the fray. With tensions reaching a fever pitch, Sikoa’s unpredictable assault on both Cena and Uso set the stage alight. Just when it seemed Cena was cornered, out came AJ Styles, rescuing the situation. The iconic Five Knuckle Shuffle on Uso was a testament to Cena’s unwavering spirit, with Heyman scrambling to salvage the situation. It was a perfect conclusion, blending chaos with nostalgia, proving that in the WWE, expect the unexpected.

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