WWE Smackdown Result And Report For 08 December 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

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The excitement at WWE SmackDown is palpable as it kicks off with a rousing “USA” chant, honoring the Tribute to the Troops episode. The atmosphere is electric, filled with patriotism and anticipation. The War and Treaty’s rendition of “God Bless America” elevates the spirit of the event, setting the tone for an unforgettable night.

In a thrilling United States Championship Tournament match, Santos Escobar faces off against Dragon Lee. Before the action begins, Dominik Mysterio makes a surprise appearance, walking down to the ring, adding another layer of drama to the already high-stakes match. As the bell rings, the crowd is on its feet, eagerly watching the two wrestlers lock horns.

Dragon Lee starts off strong, clotheslining Escobar out of the ring. However, Escobar lands on his feet, showcasing his agility. Escobar re-enters the ring only to be met with a hurricanrana by Dragon Lee, sending him tumbling outside again. Dragon Lee seizes the moment, executing a stunning flying senton over the top rope onto Escobar.

Back in the ring, Dragon Lee keeps up the pressure with a series of kicks and a superkick. He nearly secures a win, but Escobar resiliently kicks out. Escobar fights back, delivering a neck breaker, but Dragon Lee’s determination shines through as he too kicks out of a pin attempt.

The match intensifies with both wrestlers exchanging powerful moves. Dragon Lee’s snap German suplex and running knee strike are countered by Escobar’s superkick and Phantom Driver attempts. Each time, the opponent narrowly escapes defeat, heightening the tension in the arena.

The climax comes as Escobar finally lands the Phantom Driver on Dragon Lee, securing a hard-fought victory. Post-match, Dominik Mysterio’s actions add a shocking twist. He confronts the defeated Dragon Lee, spitting on him before exiting the ring, leaving the audience in awe of the unfolding drama.

Meanwhile, last week’s events are revisited with clips of Randy Orton signing his SmackDown contract, adding another layer to the night’s narrative.

In a surprising turn, Randy Orton is seen with Nick Aldis, discussing team dynamics and financial matters, hinting at future confrontations and alliances. Orton’s bold gesture of presenting a check twice the amount of his fine speaks volumes about his character and intentions.

The lights then dim, signaling another major moment. The crowd erupts as Cody Rhodes makes his grand entrance, the statement “Wrestling has more than one royal family” echoing through the arena, promising more action and intrigue as the night continues.

Cody Rhodes stands proudly in the center of the WWE SmackDown ring, engaging the crowd with a heartfelt speech. He highlights the significance of tonight, not just as a SmackDown event but also as WWE’s Tribute to the Troops. Expressing his pride in being part of this tradition, Cody extends gratitude to everyone present and those watching at home. His words resonate deeply with the audience, stirring a sense of national pride. As he points to the titan tron, a visual history of the Tribute to the Troops events unfolds, reminding everyone of WWE’s longstanding support for the troops.

The arena then fills with a resounding “USA” chant, echoing the patriotic spirit of the night. Cody, addressing as the American Nightmare, acknowledges the sacrifices made by service members, asserting that their efforts allow the American Dream to flourish worldwide. In a touching tribute, he introduces the US Army Drill Team from Fort Myers, Virginia. Three soldiers march onto the ramp, saluting the crowd, a moment that captures the essence of the evening’s respect and appreciation for the military.

Adding to the night’s excitement, Brad Nessler of CBS Sports joins the announce team. He speaks highly of the Tribute to the Troops, calling it fantastic and echoing the sentiments of those in attendance.

The United States Championship Tournament brings another level of exhilaration with Bobby Lashley facing Karrion Kross, accompanied by Scarlett. The match begins with intensity as Kross unleashes right hand, but Lashley quickly counters with an elbow strike. Lashley attempts the Hurt Lock, but Kross skillfully evades. The battle spills outside the ring, with both competitors showcasing their strength and agility.

Kross’s attempt at domination is met with Lashley’s resilience. Lashley’s impressive clotheslines and a powerful swinging neckbreaker demonstrate his prowess. The crowd chants in support of Lashley, fueling his momentum. Kross fights back, landing a knee in Lashley’s face, but Lashley’s determination is unyielding. In a climactic moment, Lashley delivers a devastating spear to Kross, leading to a triumphant pin and victory.

Winner: Bobby Lashley, a testament to his skill and strength in the ring.

The WWE SmackDown arena buzzes with excitement as a recap of last week’s match between Bianca Belair and Kairi Sane is shown, with Belair emerging victorious. The focus then shifts back to the present, where Damage CTRL is seen in the arena. Bayley joins them, expressing her desire to apologize for her actions last week. She volunteers to stay in the back during tonight’s match, suggesting it might be beneficial for the whole group. Despite Bayley’s offer, Dakota insists that while Bayley should stay back, Damage CTRL will go to ringside. This leaves Bayley standing alone, contemplating the situation.

The atmosphere intensifies as CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his entrance, wearing a “Hell froze over” t-shirt. The crowd erupts into a loud “CM Punk” chant, and he soaks in the adoration, standing in the ring and looking out at the fans. Punk addresses the crowd, sharing his relief at not being at the end of the show and encouraging the fans to chant his name. The crowd obliges, reigniting their chants with enthusiasm.

Punk then touches on Adam Pearce’s efforts to sign him to Raw, which is met with boos from the fans. He playfully suggests that the reaction was louder on Raw, before posing the critical question of where he should sign. He asks the audience if they want him on Raw, receiving boos, or SmackDown, which is met with cheers. Punk then teases the idea of winning the Royal Rumble and main eventing WrestleMania, to which the fans respond with resounding approval.

Acknowledging an old friend’s approach, Punk speaks about being home and the change in his persona. He promises to be the “spicy” CM Punk, mentioning how he’s ready to stir things up. He then asks the audience whom they would like him to confront, suggesting Cody Rhodes and even Roman Reigns, who isn’t present. The mention of Reigns elicits cheers from the crowd. Punk acknowledges Reigns and his achievements but reminds everyone that Paul Heyman was his advisor first.

Punk then considers potential allies and rivals in both Raw and SmackDown. He ponders teaming up with Randy Orton despite their complex history and possibly aligning with LA Knight. He also mentions Kevin Owens, noting their similarities and Owens’ unpredictable nature. The crowd continues to chant for Punk, showing their support.

Punk concludes by saying he will make his decision on where to sign on Monday night, in the same town where he famously walked out ten years ago. He emphasizes that he’s the unexpected factor in everyone’s plans and that he’s back to finish his own story, with the goal of headlining WrestleMania. Dropping the microphone, Punk exits the ring, leaving a trail of anticipation behind.

Backstage, Punk stops by The Bloodline’s dressing room, hesitating before deciding not to knock. Kevin Owens appears, and Punk asks him about Nick’s locker room. Owens, unaware of its location, is unable to help, and Punk walks away, his next move a mystery to all.

The energy in the WWE SmackDown arena is high as Charlotte Flair prepares to face Asuka, with Damage CTRL expected at ringside. However, the match takes an unexpected turn before it even begins. Michin and Zelina Vega launch a surprise attack on Damage CTRL as they make their way to the ring. This chaos draws out Shotzi and Bianca Belair, who join forces to overpower Damage CTRL, eventually chasing them to the back and out of sight.

With the distraction cleared, the bell rings, and the match between Charlotte Flair and Asuka officially begins. Asuka starts aggressively, delivering a series of kicks to Flair. Flair, however, quickly regains control, catching Asuka off guard with a backdrop. She continues her assault with a kick to Asuka’s head and a powerful clothesline. Despite a pin attempt, Asuka manages to kick out, showing her resilience.

The action spills outside the ring, with Flair maintaining her offensive. She attempts a chop to Asuka’s chest but misses, striking the ring post instead. Asuka takes advantage of this, pushing Flair against the post and hitting her with a kick to the face. In a moment of retaliation, Flair throws Asuka into the barricade and executes a moonsault from the top rope, showcasing her athleticism.

Back in the ring, Flair continues her domination, slamming Asuka’s face into the turnbuckle. Commentary notes that Flair had a mishap during the commercial break, falling off the rope and landing on the back of her head. Despite this setback, Flair attempts to lock in the Figure Eight, but her efforts are thwarted by Bayley, who appears at ringside to interfere.

In the heat of the moment, Asuka and Bayley engage in a heated argument. Flair tries to capitalize on this distraction with a right hand to Asuka, but Asuka dodges, causing Flair to inadvertently strike Bayley instead. Seizing the opportunity, Asuka quickly rolls up Flair for a pin, securing a surprising victory.

Winner: Asuka

Outside the ring, Bayley is seen laughing and celebrating Asuka’s win, adding insult to injury for Charlotte Flair.

The scene then shifts backstage, where Nick Aldis hands CM Punk his contract, offering him an open line of communication. As Aldis leaves, Cody Rhodes enters, addressing Punk’s earlier statements in the ring. They discuss the possibility of Punk winning the Royal Rumble, a prospect that both find intriguing. After a friendly handshake and words of mutual respect, Cody departs.

Following a commercial break, Randy Orton is seen backstage with LA Knight. They have a brief, intense exchange before CM Punk makes a quick appearance to wish them luck. Punk’s presence leaves a lasting impression as he walks away, leaving Orton and Knight to contemplate their upcoming challenges.

The episode teases further excitement with the announcement that Roman Reigns will be appearing on SmackDown next week, promising more drama and action for the WWE universe.

In the final segment of WWE SmackDown, the crowd is buzzing with anticipation for the tag team match between Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso versus Randy Orton and LA Knight. As soon as the bell rings, the action begins with Randy Orton and Jimmy Uso starting off. Orton, known for his precise and powerful style, lands several right hands on Jimmy. However, Jimmy quickly counters, pushing Orton into the corner. This moment sees LA Knight tagging himself in, eager to take control.

LA Knight, showing off his agility, sends Jimmy to the ropes and lands a solid right hand. He continues his momentum, running towards the ropes, but in a surprising turn, Orton tags himself back in. This sudden tag leads to a brief argument between Orton and LA Knight, showcasing some tension in their teamwork.

The match takes a dramatic turn when Jimmy tags in Solo Sikoa. Orton and Solo, both formidable in their own right, come face to face in a tense standoff. However, Jimmy takes advantage of this distraction, striking Orton from behind, leading into a commercial break.

Returning from the break, the match has intensified. Orton executes a backdrop on Jimmy in the center of the ring, demonstrating his strength and experience. Soon after, Solo and LA Knight are tagged in. LA Knight unleashes a flurry of punches and a swinging neckbreaker on Solo, gaining a temporary advantage. His momentum continues as he stomps Solo in the corner and delivers a running knee to his face.

The match escalates with LA Knight hitting Jimmy off the ring apron, but Solo quickly recovers, hitting LA Knight with a Solo slam. The action is non-stop, with Jimmy and Solo using teamwork to their advantage, double-teaming LA Knight and leaving him cornered. Solo attempts a splash in the corner, but LA Knight skillfully dodges, mounting a comeback with a bulldog from the second rope.

The climax of the match sees Orton and Jimmy tagged in again. Orton, with his characteristic energy, delivers a series of right hands and clotheslines, even knocking Solo to the outside. Orton’s dominance is clear as he executes a powerslam on Jimmy, followed by slamming him onto the announce table and back into the ring. In a signature move, Orton lands a DDT on Jimmy from the second rope.

The match’s final moments are filled with excitement. Solo attempts a Samoan Spike on Orton, but LA Knight counters with a DDT. Jimmy then tries for a DDT on LA Knight, who manages to catch his leg. As Jimmy and LA Knight struggle, Orton seizes the moment and hits Jimmy with an RKO, pinning him for the win.

Winners: Randy Orton and LA Knight

The match concludes with Randy Orton and LA Knight shaking hands, a sign of respect and successful teamwork, despite their earlier disagreements. This ending leaves the audience thrilled, capping off an eventful and action-packed episode of WWE SmackDown.

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