WWE RAW Result And Report For 2nd October 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

WWE Raw Results: October 2, 2023

The WWE Raw programme from October 2, 2023, was jam-packed with surprises, contract signings, and nail-biting battles that had the audience on the tip of their seats. From the opening sequence through the major event, the presentation successfully blended drama, athleticism, and plot development. Let’s analyse the crucial events and games from the evening.

The Judgement Day’s Turmoil

Even though The Judgement Day had successfully defended their WWE Undisputed Tag Team Titles in the previous week’s big event, there were unmistakable signs of friction among the team. The group’s leader, Rhea Ripley, was worried about Judgement Day’s potential collapse because Finn Balor and Damian Priest were both forced to miss the event due to illness. Ripley, ever the aggressive boss, wasted little time outlining her demands: she wanted Dominik Mysterio to recapture his North American Championship, and she intended to utilise Carmelo Hayes to assist in that endeavour.

The audience in attendance loudly expressed their anger as the segment swiftly heated up between Dominik Mysterio and Jey Uso. The chanting that followed was so intense that the broadcast had to filter it out in order to keep the environment family-friendly.

Taking advantage of the situation, WWE representative Adam Pearce announced a fight for Fastlane that would put Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, and The Judgement Day against one another, with the WWE Tag Team Titles on the line. As emotions on Judgement Day continue to rise, this choice creates the conditions for what seems to be an apocalyptic clash.

IMPERIUM’s Dominance

IMPERIUM defeated the strong Alpha Academy with ease to maintain their undisputed dominance in the tag team division. Chad Gable’s unrelenting quest for the coveted Intercontinental Championship seems to have been momentarily put on hold by Ludwig Kaiser, who has taken on the role of GUNTHER’s watchful bodyguard. With the emerging star power of Bronson Reed, who has been picking up steam at an amazing rate, fans were left wondering if Gable would ever be allowed another opportunity at championship gold.

The game served as a showcase for IMPERIUM’s technical mastery and strong collaboration, showcasing their capacity to surgically dismantle opponents. The triumph was clinched by Ludwig Kaiser’s enzugiri on Otis, even if it could have come at the price of Gable’s ambitions. Even though Gable may not have won this specific match via pinfall, his long-term pursuit of title success is still in peril.

The WWE Universe is left worrying about the future of the tag team division and Chad Gable’s quest for the Intercontinental Championship as IMPERIUM’s reign continues. Only time will tell if Gable can overcome the challenges in his way and once again contend for title success, given how quickly the WWE world is changing.

Bronson Reed’s Rise

As he decisively defeated the highly accomplished Cedric Alexander, Bronson Reed’s rise inside the WWE continued to gain momentum. The Australian powerhouse’s triumph not only added another noteworthy accomplishment to his résumé but also elicited a remarkably favourable reaction from the in-person WWE Universe. This response appeared to point to a developing trend for Reed towards a potential babyface turn, a turn that may give his character additional dimensions and connect with fans on a deeper level.

There is a rumour that WWE may be considering Reed as the next tough contender for GUNTHER’s prized Intercontinental Championship, given his recent series of victories and mounting fan xpectations. If this rumour is accurate, it may pave the way for an intense rivalry that would definitely grab the WWE Universe’s attention and possibly propel both superstars to new levels of prominence inside the rganization. The ascent of Bronson Reed is still a tale worth following attentively as the WWE environment changes.

GUNTHER and Tommaso Ciampa’s Contract Signing

Gunther and Tommaso Ciampa’s contract signing for their upcoming match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship was nothing short of explosive and laden with passion. At this crucial juncture, Ciampa came centre stage and gave an impassioned promo that highlighted the difficulties and frustrations encountered by wrestlers who, like him, represent the diminutive, technically proficient white man archetype. His open comments highlighted the ferocious competitiveness and fight for recognition within the WWE.

As the tension increased, Ciampa’s desire for the chance to win the championship reached its peak, leading him to insist that the bout take place that same night. The WWE Universe was in awe of the upcoming clash as a result of this spur-of-the-moment choice, which injected a surge of excitement into the proceedings. The contract signing became a crucial turning point as the always-forceful Adam Pearce made the match official, heightening the suspense and unpredictability of the night’s major event.

The contract signing was more than simply a legal requirement; it was a statement of both superstars’ will to win the Intercontinental Championship and a foreshadowing of an unforgettable contest to come. It was a must-see event that would have a profound effect on the world of professional wrestling and was eagerly anticipated by the WWE Universe.

Xavier Woods triumphs

The fact that Xavier Woods defeated Ivar in their singles battle was evidence of his skill in the ring and his capacity for success in the limelight. With his clever banter and insightful analysis throughout the competition, Kofi Kingston’s presence on commentary significantly increased the entertainment value. Woods’ triumph not only demonstrated his technical prowess but also offered a glimpse of what he may be capable of as a singles player.

Even though the match was highly anticipated, Ivar, who is famed for his gravity-defying moonsault, was unable to perform his signature move, which left spectators feeling a little let down. The WWE Universe was left wondering about Xavier Woods and Ivar’s future chances, despite the fact that the confrontation was entertaining. Questions concerning Woods’ future in the constantly changing WWE singles tournament have been raised as a result of his victory.

Seth Rollins’ Emotional Segment

The emotional impact of Seth Rollins’ live entrance on WWE Raw was palpable, and it made the WWE Universe care about his path. When Michael Cole enraged Rollins by calling him a puppet, the open discussion between the two men took an unexpected turn. What came next was an unedited dialogue that provided a detailed look into the mind of a professional wrestler.

The reasons for their arduous professions and the sacrifices they make for the love of wrestling have been openly questioned by Rollins. He discussed the sport’s addiction and the toll it has on people’s physical and psychological health. In contrast to his sometimes bombastic image, Seth Rollins’ softer side was revealed at this reflective moment.

The Titantron section gained additional drama from Shinsuke Nakamura’s pre-recorded presence. Tension hung in the air as Nakamura counted to seven, suggesting Rollins’ difficulty getting to his feet. As Rollins struggled to avoid being called out during a Last Man Standing Match contract signing segment, the anticipation reached its pinnacle.

This part received a lot of intrigue for its realistic portrayal of emotions and for its emotional depth, intensity, and range. It highlighted Seth Rollins’ complex personality, showcasing his passion for wrestling, the toll it takes, and his will to succeed. With Shinsuke Nakamura’s participation, the stage was set for an intense and intimate battle that would definitely enthral the WWE Universe in the coming weeks.

Tegan Nox vs. Chelsea Green

When Becky Lynch’s unforeseen shoulder injury interfered with her bout against Chelsea Green, Tegan Nox found herself in an uncomfortable predicament. The highly anticipated showdown for the NXTXT Women’s Championship had to be postponed because of this unexpected development.

Tegan Nox, though, remained unfazed and concentrated on the job at hand. She showed her tenacity in the ring when the match eventually started. Tegan was able to maintain her focus on Chelsea Green despite Natalya’s attempts to divert her.

Tegan Nox eventually won thanks to her unshakable determination and spirit of resistance. Tegan Nox demonstrated her capacity to adjust to new situations by winning the bout, which may not have gone precisely as planned owing to Lynch’s injury. This victory further cemented Tegan Nox’s status as a tough opponent in the WWE women’s division.

Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz

The sudden cancellation of Drew McIntyre’s MizTV appearance revealed a shift in his persona, and he made it very obvious in his promo that he was no longer interested in playing the role of the savior. This revealed a huge change in McIntyre’s mindset and hinted at a probable heel turn.

The Miz was forced to face McIntyre in a full suit, which clearly infuriated him. McIntyre chose this on purpose to enrage his rival and gain the upper hand. The encounter put McIntyre’s brutality on full display as he took charge and set the tempo, making it difficult for The Miz to keep up.

McIntyre’s gradual heel shift drew similarities to Diesel’s transition in 1996, one of WWE’s most famous heel changes. Fans and critics alike are intrigued by McIntyre’s changing personality and his increased hostility, and they are interested to see how this plot develops in the upcoming weeks.

The fight between Drew McIntyre and The Miz was a turning point in McIntyre’s career and hinted at the possibility of a sinister and exciting chapter in his time with WWE.

Cody Rhodes Promo

During his promo, Cody Rhodes took a minute to address the WWE Universe, taking advantage of the chance to establish a personal connection with the crowd. Cody’s promo had a few other purposes in addition to advertising his forthcoming SmackDown visit, including a reminder of his long history in the wrestling industry and his propensity for fan interaction.

The commercial helped Rhodes, a compelling performer known for his fervent outbursts, build a connection with the audience. Fans who have followed his career and valued his commitment to the field were moved by his remarks. The audience’s connection to Cody was evident when he talked, demonstrating the influence he has had throughout his career in wrestling.

Even though the commercial was only a few seconds long, it nonetheless inspired viewers’ enthusiasm. The anticipation of Cody Rhodes’ SmackDown appearance contributed to the excitement, and the promo was successful in advertising the forthcoming event and reinforcing Cody’s unique status in the eyes of wrestling fans.

Promos are a crucial component of the professional wrestling industry for developing narratives and interacting with viewers. Fans are excited to see what Cody Rhodes has in store for his SmackDown debut and the possible chances that lie ahead for him in WWE after seeing him deliver a strong promo on WWE Raw.

GUNTHER vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Gunther and Tommaso Ciampa fought valiantly for the prized WWE Intercontinental Championship in the evening’s main event. The wrestle-off delivered a wrestling clinic that demonstrated the skill and tenacity of both athletes, living up to the high expectations. Despite taking place on the main roster, the match had the energy of an NXT Takeover big event thanks to the enthusiastic audience.

Gunther used a novel finisher, the sleeper hold, to clinch the victory and successfully defend his Intercontinental Championship. Fans were buzzing about the development of Gunther’s in-ring arsenal as a result of this daring manoeuvre, which gave the match an element of surprise and unpredictability.

The drama didn’t finish with the last bell, though. After the bout, GUNTHER’s supporters, IMPERIUM, attacked Tommaso Ciampa, inflaming the tension between the two groups. When Johnny Gargano came to Ciampa’s rescue, the situation changed abruptly, signalling an unexpected shift in the narrative. Fans are curious to see how this dispute will develop in the future with this unexpected meddling.

Fans are eagerly expecting the continuation of this rivalry and any potential confrontations between two skilled wrestlers as the programme comes to a close with GUNTHER leaving. When top-tier talent like GUNTHER and Tommaso Ciampa enter the ring, WWE Raw can provide high-calibre wrestling action, as was seen during the main event.

WWE Raw on October 2, 2023, had several notable incidents, heated confrontations, and thrilling matches. Fans are excited to find out what happens next with the recent events in the continuing stories, notably the contract signing between GUNTHER and Tommaso Ciampa. The stakes are stronger than ever with WWE Fastlane just around the corner, guaranteeing more exciting action and drama in the weeks to follow.

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