WWE Raw Preview And Prediction: How, When And Where To Watch In USA, Europe And India – 02nd October 2023

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

On October 2, 2023, live from San Jose, California’s Sap Centre, WWE’s Monday Night Raw will return with another exciting edition. As the final Raw before Fastlane, this show is expected to be an exciting build-up with heated rivalries, confrontations, contract signings, preview bouts, and much more. With predictions and information about the programme, we give a detailed preview of the match schedule for WWE Raw on October 2nd in this post.

Match Card Preview and Predictions

  1. Jey Uso vs. Damien Priest

Jey Uso’s continued conflict with the Judgement Day group has caused a wave of turmoil on WWE Raw. Tensions were sparked by Jey’s unwillingness to support the group, and they were further fueled by the event that occurred last week during Damien Priest and Finn Balor’s championship defence against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

The stakes are high as Jey Uso prepares to compete against Damien Priest in a singles bout. This match might have a big impact on the future of Raw’s roster because both superstars have a lot to prove. The anticipated fight promises brutal combat and gripping drama.

The outcome of this duel is unknown, despite the excitement of the supporters. There is widespread speculation that this contest may not have a clear winner, mainly because of the probable intervention of numerous important actors. Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, JD McDonagh, Cody Owens, and Sami Zayn all have stakes in this conflict and have the potential to tilt the balance in their favour.

If this match does actually end in a no-contest, it would open the door for Judgement Day and its competitors to engage in a lengthy and interesting conflict. The WWE Universe is paying attention to this storyline because of the escalating hostility and unpredictability, and a draw would simply add additional dimensions to the plot.

In conclusion, Jey Uso vs. Damien Priest on WWE Raw is expected to be a nasty and very divisive contest. The result is still unknown because there are several factors at play and a chance for outside meddling. Whatever the outcome of this conflict, one thing is for certain: Judgement Day and their enemies’ conflict is far from done, and the turmoil will continue to develop in the coming weeks.

  1. NXT Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch vs. Tegan Nox

WWE Raw now has an additional layer of excitement because of the upcoming match between Tegan Nox and Becky Lynch for the NXT Women’s Championship. It’s been nothing short of astonishing to see Tegan Nox rise so quickly to title contention, and her encounters with Becky Lynch recently have prepared the audience for a thrilling clash.

Tegan Nox first got the chance to compete for this title after she went to Becky Lynch backstage and asked for a chance to win the coveted NXT Women’s Championship. To her credit, Becky took up the task. The route to this confrontation, however, took a surprising turn when Natalya entered the picture and confronted Becky. As a result, Natalya and Tegan Nox engaged in an impromptu bout; Tegan Nox won, establishing her as the legitimate contender.

The WWE Universe is still interested to see how Tegan Nox’s campaign to unseat Becky Lynch plays out, despite the fact that the odds may appear to be stacked against her. Given that Becky is a dominant champion, many people think she will keep her championship. The element of surprise, though, remains huge, as rumours suggest Tegan Nox may turn heel after the bout. Such a turn of events might alter the Raw women’s division by introducing new rivalries and stories to the mix.

In conclusion, Becky Lynch and Tegan Nox’s NXT Women’s Championship battle on WWE Raw looks to be an exciting contest. This match has the ability to have a lasting effect on the women’s division and lay the groundwork for captivating stories in the weeks to follow, regardless of whether Becky keeps her championship or Tegan Nox makes a shocking heel flip.

  1. Intercontinental Championship Contract Signing: Gunther vs. Tommaso Ciampa

The fight for the Intercontinental Championship, which will feature the current champion, Gunther, against the strong challenger, Tommaso Ciampa, is one of the most eagerly awaited matchups to come. A contract signing segment, a customary prelude to such high-stakes contests, has been arranged on WWE Raw before their title match.

In the past, contract signings in the WWE have frequently been filled with tension, drama, and unanticipated turns. This signature is expected to follow the same pattern. When these two superstars square off, fireworks are certain due to the explosive combination of Gunther’s relentless supremacy and Ciampa’s unflinching resolve.

The anticipation for verbal blows, hard staredowns, and even some roughness is strong for this contract signing. Given the tense nature of such processes, there is a good chance that this signing may degenerate into anarchy, with both rivals eager to establish their authority.

Imperium and Alpha Academy, who have previously engaged in conflict in the continuing competition between Gunther and Ciampa, are there, which adds an additional element of intrigue to the situation. The involvement of the Imperium in the contract signing might result in an unprovoked attack on Ciampa, escalating the hostility between both sides.

But Ciampa could be saved by the ever-vigilant Alpha Academy, which might lead to a six-man tag team match. Unquestionably, such an event would raise the stakes and excitement around this clash. In this case, the squared circle would serve as the new battleground, and the stakes for victory would be pride, reputation, and a championship trophy.

One thing is certain as the WWE Universe anxiously awaits this contract signing and the potential turmoil that may result: the Gunther vs. Tommaso Ciampa feud for the Intercontinental Championship is one of the most fascinating stories on WWE Raw. The anticipation for their upcoming confrontation, which the contract signing served as the prologue to, is growing, promising an exciting confrontation that may completely change the complexion of the Monday night Intercontinental Championship situation.

  1. Nia Jax vs. Shayna Baszler

Since her comeback in September, Nia Jax has had nothing short of a meteoric rise in the WWE. Her route of devastation through Raw’s Women’s Division has left a trail of turmoil. Her encounters with some of the best athletes in the category, such as Raquel Rodriguez, Rhea Ripley, Zoey Stark, Piper Niven, and Chelsea Green, have shocked the roster.

Last week, Zoey Stark stepped up to the plate and challenged the powerful Nia Jax to a duel. Stark was forced to concede defeat at the hands of the powerful Jax, despite her heroic attempts. This week, though, things take a completely different turn when Nia’s old tag team partner and Zoey’s new partner, Shayna Baszler, take the spotlight and square up against the powerhouse.

Shayna Baszler adds her own set of abilities and toughness to this highly anticipated confrontation. Both superstars are ready to establish their dominance in what promises to be a battle of epic proportions between these two natural powers.

One can’t help but worry about what will happen after this fight, even though projections indicate that Nia Jax is the favourite to win. Could Nia Jax’s emphatic victory pave the path for a future re-teaming with Shayna Baszler as a formidable tag team?

The conclusion of this match might have significant repercussions for the structure of Raw’s Women’s Division; thus, the WWE Universe will be anxiously awaiting the results with bated breath. Shayna Baszler’s old partner Nia Jax is on a destructive trajectory; will she be able to halt her in her tracks? These two heavyweights will square off in a fight that will undoubtedly change the division; therefore, the answers are in the ring.

  1. Xavier Woods vs. Ivar

On Raw, the ongoing rivalry between two strong tag teams, The Viking Raiders and New Day, has consistently been a source of intrigue. Events from last week only served to inflame the situation, as hostilities reached an all-time high. Ivar’s unanticipated interference during Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre’s tense bout tipped the balance in McIntyre’s favour, giving the Scottish Warrior the victory.

That was not, however, where the action ended. Ivar launched a vicious attack on Xavier Woods following the match as a way of sending the whole New Day faction a strong message. Woods was pummelling and injured after the incident, and it unquestionably left a lasting psychological and physical impression.

Following these incidents, the stage is now set for Xavier Woods and Ivar to square off in a crucial match. The suspense for this singles match is tremendous, as Woods aims to not only exact revenge for the brutal attack but also to demonstrate the resilience and cohesion of New Day.

Although there are many rumours that Ivar may be the favourite to win this match, anything can happen inside the squared circle due to the unpredictable nature of WWE. Additionally, Drew McIntyre’s presence at ringside may be crucial to how this match turns out given his recent participation in the New Day-Viking Raiders conflict.

Xavier Woods and Ivar will face off in a fight that goes beyond personal grudges and represents the continuous struggle for supremacy between these two formidable tag teams, and the WWE Universe is unquestionably in for an explosive clash. This match is set to have a lasting impact on The Viking Raiders and New Day’s ongoing story as the last Raw before Fastlane draws near. The exciting match that Raw fans can look forward to will surely have a big impact on how this heated rivalry develops in the future.

WWE Raw Telecast Details

The transmission of WWE Monday Night Raw keeps the enthusiastic WWE fans in India on the edge of their seats. Every Tuesday at 5:30 AM IST, live action begins, giving Indian viewers the opportunity to start their days with the thrilling world of professional wrestling. Indian fans may watch Sony Ten 1 and Sony Ten 1 HD channels to see all the heart-pounding action, making sure they don’t miss any of the nail-biting matchups and emotional confrontations that make WWE Raw so memorable.

The WWE Network is a great choice for those looking for an even more immersive experience. The ease of viewing Raw on their chosen devices, whether it be a television, computer, or mobile device, is provided by premium subscribers’ ability to stream the show live. No matter where they are, fans can stay connected to the WWE universe thanks to this convenient streaming option.

Additionally, WWE Raw is accessible online via a number of channels, satisfying the varied tastes of fans. The ability to watch the show for free makes it available to a wider audience on well-known streaming services like Sony Liv, Jio TV, and Airtel TV. For viewers who lead busy lifestyles, these online choices provide the convenience of watching Raw on the move.

The ideal option is provided by Sony Ten 3 for Indian spectators who wish to enjoy the commentary in Hindi. The station offers WWE Raw commentary in Hindi, enabling viewers to engage with the action on a deeper level and appreciate the events and storylines in their own language.

WWE fans in the USA and Europe may easily find out particular broadcast information by visiting the official WWE website or by contacting their local cable and satellite providers. This makes it possible for fans to watch WWE Raw and enjoy the thrill of professional wrestling wherever they are. WWE Raw continues to enthral viewers and provide amazing moments that connect with fans all across the world, whether it is in India, the USA, or Europe.

The match programme promises a variety of explosive clashes and narrative twists as WWE Raw gears up to deliver another entertaining show. The entertainment value of Raw is expected to increase because of confrontations like Jey Uso vs. Damien Priest, Becky Lynch vs. Tegan Nox, and contract signings that might result in fights. This show is a must-watch for wrestling lovers since the broadcast information guarantees that viewers across the globe may see all the action as it occurs in San Jose.

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