WWE NXT Results: Winners, Losers & Analysis- 29th August 2023

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The Newest Episode of NXT Begins with a heartfelt tribute to honor the memory of Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt.

NXT Heatwave Recap: Last Week’s Highlights

A quick review of the previous week’s Heatwave events is showcased.

Creed Brothers vs. The Dyad: Intense Steel Cage Showdown

Before the match starts, The Schism ambushes the Creed Brothers, leaving Julius Creed to face the Dyad alone inside a steel cage. In an impressive turn, Brutus Creed manages to overcome a group attack and rejoins the match. Ultimately, Julius displays incredible strength by hoisting both Dyad members and allowing Brutus to strike them down with a Cannonball move. The Creed Brothers celebrate their victory with Ivy Nile.

Result: The Creeds triumph over the Dyad via pin and regain their spot on the NXT roster

Roxanne Perez’s Determined Promo

Roxanne Perez delivers a passionate promo where she expresses her resolve to reclaim the title she never lost, brushing aside any talk about potential or career longevity.

Backstage Encounters: Bonds and Tensions

Tony D and Stacks engage in a conversation until Carmelo Hayes joins them. The Street Profits, now with a “new attitude,” share warm interactions. Carmelo expresses his need to prove himself and remove any doubts about his accomplishments and he leaves. Amidst their discussion, chaos ensues as Dana Brooke, Kelani Jordan, Lola Vice, and Elektra Lopez engage in a spontaneous brawl.

Global Heritage Invitational Match: Charlie Dempsey vs. Pete Dunne

In a match filled with suplexes and submission holds, Pete “Butch” Dunne emerges victorious by pinning Charlie Dempsey with the Bitter End move. Dunne earns two points in his group, propelling him forward in the competition.

Result: Pete Dunne secures a win over Charlie Dempsey.

Dragon Lee’s Interview and Mustafa Ali’s Interruption

Dragon Lee is interviewed by Mac Mitchell, discussing his recent victory. Mustafa Ali interrupts, expressing his desire to eliminate Dirty Dom from NXT since Dom belongs to RAW. Ali also challenges Lee due to his past loss to Dom.

Ilja Dragunov Seeks NXT Title Shot

Ilja Dragunov addresses the fans, acknowledging Trick Williams’ skills. He asserts that Williams is more than just an entertainer and wants a shot at Carmelo Hayes’ NXT title. Noam Dar interrupts from the lounge, belittling Ilja’s ambitions. The confrontation escalates until Ilja prepares to confront Dar. However, the Meta Four intervened, leading to a proposed match for the upcoming week.

Von Wagner’s Challenge to Bron Breakker

Von Wagner calls out Bron Breakker, challenging him to a No Disqualification match after being blindsided twice.

Tag Team Match: Lopez and Vice Triumph

Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice face off against Dana Brooke and Kelani Jordan. In the final moments, Vice and Lopez execute a powerful combination move to secure victory.

Result: Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice defeat Dana Brooke and Kelani Jordan through a pin.

As the match concludes, Dana Brooke expresses her frustration over the outcome, visibly upset by Jordan’s defeat.

Gigi Dolin’s Confident Promo

Gigi Dolin’s Self-assured Declaration of Victory

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams Locker Room Exchange

Trick Williams discusses with Carmelo Hayes his victory over Ilja Dragunov, but Hayes wants to clear the air. He emphasizes that his win wasn’t solely due to Williams’ involvement. Hayes questions Trick about his belief in beating Ilja, seeking a straightforward answer. Trick hesitates, and Hayes departs after an unsatisfactory response, leaving Williams behind, confident in Hayes’ capabilities.

Donovan Dijak vs. Eddy Thorpe Match

In the match’s closing moments, Dijak misses a chair swing, which Thorpe seizes. Attempting to use the chair, Thorpe is stopped by the referee. As the chair is removed from the scene, Dijak strikes Thorpe’s face with his belt, following up with a powerful boot.

Result: Dijak secures victory over Eddy Thorpe through pinfall.

Kiana James’ Confident Statement

Kiana James’ Assertive Pre-Competition Speech

Bron Breakker’s Asserts Himself with Baron Corbin

Bron Breakker encounters Baron Corbin backstage, seeking gratitude for intervening the previous week. Corbin dismisses the need for assistance, offering well wishes for Breakker’s upcoming no-disqualification match. Breakker warns against interference, with Corbin indifferent and uninterested in their matter.

Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo’s Vignette

The vignette features Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo, focusing on their dreams of their grandfather, Humberto Garza. Curiously, they awaken with marks resembling Perros del Mal claws on their chests.

Bray Wyatt Memorial Video

A memorial video for Bray Wyatt is shown, with a lone rocking chair illuminated by light, The same tribute video that was shown on both RAW and SmackDown.

Blair Davenport’s Winning Intentions Speech

Blair Davenport’s Determination to Succeed speech for the Fatal 4 Way Main Event

Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio’s Instagram Exchange

Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio engage on Instagram. Ripley addresses challengers Mustafa Ali and Dragon Lee, asserting her possessiveness over Dirty Dom. Mysterio suggests they settle the matter in the ring, with Ripley secretly sharing her plans. Mysterio volunteers to be the special guest referee, ensuring a clear winner emerges.

Joe Coffey vs. Nathan Frazer (Global Heritage Invitational Group B Match)

In the final moments of the match, something dramatic unfolded. Coffey, with determination in his eyes, attempted a powerful Avalanche German Suplex from the top rope. However, he managed to land on his feet gracefully, dodging the impact. Following this, Frazer decided to go for a daring move, the Phoenix Splash. But Coffey anticipated the move and cleverly evaded it. In a surprising turn, Coffey seized the moment and delivered a thunderous clothesline that sealed the victory for him.

Result: Joe Coffey emerges victorious, pinning Nathan Frazer.

Thea Hail-less Chase U Class – A Mix of Late Arrival and Speculation

Moving on to the next segment, we delve into the world of Thea Hail-less Chase U class. Duke, one of the individuals in the class, mentioned that Thea might be running late. However, Andre Chase, another classmate, had a different theory. He speculated that Thea might be skipping the class altogether. Interestingly, Chase was unaware that Duke hailed from Australia. Andre playfully added that Duke was bound to bring more accolades to Chase U, showcasing his confidence in Duke’s abilities. Towards the end of the class, Thea finally made her entrance. Despite Duke’s attempt to ease the tension, his efforts fell short. Thea revealed her alternate plans, mentioning that she wouldn’t be attending the study hall due to her scheduled activities with Jacy Jayne.

Myles Borne’s Decision and A Future Confrontation

Shifting gears, we move to a segment involving Drew Gulak’s protégé, Myles Borne. In NXT Anonymous footage, Myles received an intriguing offer from Fallon Henley. The offer involved teaming up with Briggs and Jensen against a trio consisting of Gulak, Dempsey, and Kemp. Myles took up the opportunity, marking a significant decision in his journey.

Wes Lee’s Determined Message

Wes Lee takes center stage in the next portion, as he shares a message through Instagram. He expresses his dedication to healing and making a strong comeback. With his sights set on Carmelo Hayes, Wes refutes the idea that Melo defeated him. Instead, he acknowledges his own mistakes as the cause of his previous loss.

Tyler Bate’s Optimism and Challenge

In an engaging interview, Tyler Bate shines a light on the Global Heritage Invitational. He speaks highly of the competition and acknowledges his history with Butch. Tyler also issues a direct challenge to Dabba-Kato, making it clear that he’s prepared to face him in the ring.

Blair Davenport vs. Gigi Dolin vs. Kiana James vs. Roxanne Perez (NXT Womens Championship #1 Contenders Match)

The spotlight then shifts to a match that holds high stakes in determining the NXT Women’s Championship contender. Blair Davenport, Gigi Dolin, Kiana James, and Roxanne Perez engage in an intense battle. As the match reaches its climax, Roxanne and Gigi find themselves outside the ring, engaged in a fierce exchange. This leads to a pivotal moment where Blair intervenes with a kick, paving the way for the next move. Blair executes a double stomp on Roxanne, setting up for her finishing move. However, Roxy counters with Pop Rox, and Blair ends up outside the ring. Gigi re-enters the ring, attempting her signature move. Yet, Perez prevents her from executing it. Amidst the chaos, Kiana James seizes the opportunity and delivers a decisive move that secures her victory.

Result: Kiana James emerges victorious

Unanticipated Confrontation

As the curtain falls on this week’s NXT episode, a surprise emerges. Tiffany Stratton suddenly appears in the ring, ready to confront Kiana James. This confrontation sets the stage for what promises to be an intense encounter in the following week.


Meanwhile, the episode concludes with a scene featuring Carmelo Hayes. He’s seen watching Wes Lee’s journey towards a title shot. Filled with suspicion, Melo decides to have a conversation with none other than Shawn Michaels himself.

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