WWE NXT Result And Report For 26 September 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

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Welcome to Tuesday Night NXT! This evening’s NXT episode is live from the WWE Capitol Wrestling/Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Our commentators for the night are Booker T and Vic Joseph. We also catch a glimpse of Meta-Four inside the Toxic Lounge.

Joe Coffey vs. Pete “BUTCH” Dunne (Global Heritage Invitational Finals)

Kicking off the evening, we have the finals of the Heritage Cup, where Butch and Joe face off. In the closing moments of the match, Butch applies a Fujiwara armbar and attempts to manipulate Joe’s fingers. However, Joe breaks free and executes a powerbomb. Joe then follows up with another Glasgow Sendoff and tries “All the Best for the Bells” once more, but Butch manages to evade it, causing Joe to collide with the ring steps. Butch seizes this opportunity and delivers the “Bitter End” for the three-count.

Results: Pete Dunne wins by pinfall with the Bitter End, earning the #1 contender spot for the NXT Heritage Cup.

Dominik Mysterio discusses his successful title defense against Dragon Lee on Monday. He mentions having free time on Saturday to relax and enjoy some chicken tenders, with no mention of the recently released Mustafa Ali. However, he’s informed that “Heartbreak Man” Shawn Michaels has booked a triple threat match later tonight to determine a challenger for Saturday, featuring Axiom, Tyler Bate, and Dragon Lee. Dominik throws a fit and leaves.

Tony D’Angelo states that they’ll decide who gets to challenge them for the tag titles after a hearty meal. Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo arrive and admit that things got out of hand the last time they met but they’re not here to apologize or dine; they’re here for the titles.

Joe Gacy vs. Trick Williams

Trick Williams comes out strong, quickly taking control of the match. However, a DDT from Joe turns the tide. Joe delivers elbows to the back of Trick’s neck, and they engage in a test of strength. Trick powers up, avoiding an elbow drop, and counters with a boot. They exchange right hands and body blows.

Results: Trick Williams wins by pinfall with a jumping knee strike.

After the match, Trick Williams is interviewed and claims to be ambidextrous, ready to challenge Carmelo Hayes for a title shot.

Blair Davenport’s Interview

Blair Davenport expresses her disdain for Gigi Dolin, referring to her as pathetic. She mentions that officials have to keep Gigi safe from her.

Andre Chase and Duke Hudson run into Jacy Jayne backstage. They inquire about Thea Hail, and she appears with a new look. They are stunned but complimentary, and she leaves to prepare for her match. Jacy hints at even more impressive ring gear.

Baron Corbin vs. Josh Briggs

Josh Briggs starts strong, taking the fight to Baron Corbin. Corbin manages to turn things around with a half nelson slam and a diving lariat. He secures the win with a short-arm End of Days.

Results: Baron Corbin wins by pinfall with the short-arm End of Days.

After the match, Corbin challenges Bron Breakker and suggests that Saturday will determine if he’s all talk or action.

Bron Breakker enters the ring and begins a brawl with Baron Corbin. Security intervenes to separate them.

Trick Williams heads to Shawn Michaels’ office.

A hype reel for Tiffany Stratton vs. Becky Lynch is shown.

Hank and Tank vs. Out the Mud

Hank and Tank work together to target Lucien Price. However, Nima and Price take control with quick tags and a choke on Tank in the ropes. After some teamwork, Out the Mud secured the win with an assisted Alabama Slam.

Results: Out the Mud wins by pinfall with an assisted Alabama Slam, earning a spot at the D’Angelo Family’s table tonight.

Gigi Dolin is warming up backstage when the lights go out, and sounds of a struggle can be heard. When the lights come back on, Blair Davenport stands over her, calling her pathetic.

A media hype reel announces that the Elimination Chamber will be in Australia next year.

The D’Angelo Family dinner continues with Stacks asking Garza and Carrillo about their tattoos, which they explain are in honor of their grandfather. They express their desire to go after the tag titles. The Creed Brothers arrive, and while Brutus is eager to eat, Tony mentions spicy meatballs and Julius remains focused. Nothing has been decided yet, and Brutus asks if anyone has ever died from food poisoning here, to which D’Angelo humorously replies that it happened down the street. Stacks tells them that OTM (Out the Mud) is on their way.

Axiom and Tyler Bate discuss their mutual respect ahead of their #1 contender’s match.

Trick Williams informs Axiom and Tyler Bate that he’s been added to the match and will see them out there.

Donovan Dijak vs. Eddy Thorpe (Strap Match)

At the beginning of this match, there was a copy/paste error that caused us to miss the initial moments. However, Thorpe started strong, but as expected, Dijak eventually gained the upper hand.

Dijak used the strap to choke Thorpe, who managed to pull it down briefly for relief before executing a Cactus Clothesline. The tall Don then chokeslammed Thorpe onto the apron. Dijak whipped Eddy in front of his family, who were mostly wearing Karl Fredericks merchandise, which amused me. Afterward, Dijak threw Thorpe back into the ring.

Thorpe fought back fiercely, relentlessly whipping Dijak. He dragged Dijak into the corner and wrapped the strap around his arm, leading to a spectacular diving elbow drop!

Results: Eddy Thorpe secured the victory by pinfall with a strap-assisted diving elbow drop.

After the match, a bloodied Dijak attacked Thorpe, delivering a superkick off the turnbuckles and then tying him by the ankles to the top rope. Tall Don grabbed a white belt and whipped Eddy until referees rushed in to separate them.

Jacy Jayne was seen waiting outside the locker room to catch a glimpse of Thea Hail in her new ring attire.

We were treated to a hype reel for the Continental.

Blair Davenport commandeered Vic Joseph’s headset to deliver a promo directed at Gigi Dolin, who had been taken out of action earlier in the evening.

Dani Palmer vs. Thea Hail

Hail attempted a half-crab, but Palmer fought back. Thea kicked her aside. Dani countered with a side headlock takeover, but Hail quickly rose to her feet and reversed it into a top wristlock. They engaged in a series of takedowns and a splash to the arm. They returned to the top wristlock, and Palmer countered with an arm drag, followed by a la casadora arm drag and a big tijeras!

Both wrestlers showed off their skills with tijeras, and Hail executed an armbar takedown. Dani responded with a lariat, a dropkick, a Scorpion Kick, and a corkscrew moonsault attempt that missed. Thea capitalized on the opportunity.

Results: Thea Hail secured the win via submission with a double wristlock.

Backstage, Trick Williams excitedly shared his first title shot opportunity with Carmelo Hayes, but Melo was preoccupied with his concerns. Trick urged him to handle his business, and only after Trick walked away did Hayes realize he had let his friend down.

Baron Corbin cut a promo on his way out of the building, boasting about how he would defeat Bron Breakker on Saturday. Bron, predictably, charged down and attacked him, leading to security stepping in to separate them.

Axiom vs. Dragon Lee vs. Trick Williams vs. Tyler Bate (NXT North American Championship #1 Contender’s Match)

The match started explosively, with Axiom and Lee dominating the early action. They exchanged arm drags and dropkicks, keeping Dragon Lee off-balance. Lee sent Axiom to the outside and then performed a tope con giro, crashing into him. Back inside the ring, Williams had Dragon in a crab, Bate applied a Fujiwara armbar, and Axiom locked in a sleeper hold on Trick.

The contraption they had built fell apart, and Williams began taking down his opponents with powerful strikes. He delivered a double flapjack to Axiom, a German suplex to Bate, and a lucha arm drag/head scissors takeover combo on the other two. Tyler returned to his feet and took down Axiom and Trick with a lariat. Lee executed a Liger Bomb on Bate, but the other two broke up the pin.

Williams delivered a double Rock Bottom, but it was only a two-count. Tyler reversed a suplex into a DDT and performed an airplane spin on Lee. He also blocked a kick from Axiom and combined it with an airplane spin and giant swing. He followed it up with a German suplex on Dragon and a rebound lariat on Trick. Axiom broke up a pin attempt and executed a flip piledriver on Lee.

Williams responded with a pop-up uppercut, but Dragon hit Axiom with a superkick. Dragon Lee was fired up! Axiom and Dragon ascended the turnbuckles and executed an AVALANCHE SPANISH FLY, but Dragon Lee managed to kick out! The match continued with an Asai DDT, which Trick interrupted. He headbutted Dragon Lee, causing him to fall off the ropes.

Results: Trick Williams unexpectedly secured the victory by pinning Axiom, becoming the #1 contender for the NXT North American Championship.

We returned to the D’Angelo Family dinner, just in time for the arrival of Out the Mud (OTM).

Tony made a jest about getting a booster seat for SCRYPTS, but they brushed it off with a playful comment about bringing cheese for the “rats.” They took their seats, and Humberto Carrillo got straight to the point, asking which team would get the title shot. The Creeds exchanged some words, and OTM argued for fresh talent in the division.

Tony snapped his fingers, and a group of individuals joined them. It was a risky move, but D’Angelo insisted he wanted all of them, and if they didn’t like it, the door was open. No one left, and they toasted to make it official – a fatal four-way match at No Mercy.

Dominik Mysterio was interviewed backstage.

He expressed his lack of enthusiasm for Shawn Michaels throwing him a curveball and claimed he would defeat Trick, just as he had taken down Dragon Lee, whom he thanked for the black eye he received.

Lee suddenly barged in and kicked him before the referees intervened and pulled him away.

Carmelo Hayes was walking backstage when Trick Williams caught up with him.

They celebrated together, with Hayes declaring they would both leave with championship gold on Saturday.

Contract Signing For NXT Championship at No Mercy This Saturday

Hayes believes that after last week’s events, there’s no need for further discussion. It’s time to put pen to paper and sign the contract. Dragunov, on the other hand, thinks that Hayes always manages to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He doesn’t see Hayes as the rightful contender for the NXT Championship. Hayes defends himself by stating that he wasn’t the one who orchestrated the play that led to Dragunov being struck with the title belt. Hayes confidently pledges to defeat Dragunov at the upcoming PLE event, while Dragunov ominously vows to inflict excruciating pain upon Hayes.

Hayes accuses Dragunov of buying into his hype, questioning how Dragunov will react when he takes his best shot and misses. Hayes asserts that he’s not like the opponents Dragunov has faced in the past, distinguishing himself from Mensah and Trick. He pauses before hinting that he’ll demonstrate this at No Mercy. Dragunov expresses his determination not to let destiny slip through his fingers anymore and promises to put an end to Hayes’ reign. Hayes, however, emphasizes that the championship transcends both of them and acknowledges Dragunov’s potential but maintains that he is the superior competitor.

Vic announces that Dragon Lee will serve as the referee for the North American Championship Match at NXT No Mercy.

In the parking lot, Breakker and Corbin engage in a heated brawl. Breakker attempts to spear Corbin, but Corbin evades, causing Breakker to crash into a car door. Corbin retaliates by slamming Breakker onto the roof of a car. Despite the punishment, Breakker gets back up and resumes his attack on Corbin. The scuffle eventually spills into the arena, with Corbin and Breakker crashing through a wall and finding themselves in HBK’s office. Referees and officials rush to intervene, trying to separate the two combatants.

And that concludes this episode of NXT! Share your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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