WWE NXT Deadline 2023: All Confirmed Matches And Live Streaming

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World Wrestling Entertainment’s NXT brand will present its second-ever NXT Deadline event on December 9th, 2023. The upstart property looks to build new traditions after recently losing its iconic WarGames matches to the main WWE roster. NXT hopes the multi-person Iron Survivor Challenge concept can become a new signature attraction for the brand.

Originating in 1987 in the early days of WWE (then WWF) programming, WarGames pit teams of wrestlers against each other inside a large double-ring steel cage. The rules stipulated that new combatants periodically entered the bout, giving the team with greater numbers an advantage. NXT adopted the WarGames as its November event center piece starting in 2017.

The match’s popularity led WWE to bring WarGames to its Survivor Series pay-per-view in 2022. Consequently, NXT no longer had the right to run the gimmick it had popularized in recent years. Seeking a worthy replacement, officials introduced the Iron Survivor Challenge – a 25-minute, points-based scramble match with wrestlers sequentially entering.

The men’s and women’s 2022 Iron Survivor Challenge winners earned future NXT Championship opportunities. To house this new concept, WWE created the NXT Deadline event held in December.

This year at NXT Deadline 2023, Bron Breakker, Dijak, Josh Briggs, Trick Williams and a mystery opponent battle in the men’s division. Breakker formerly held the NXT Title for over 300 days across two reigns during 2022. A second Iron Survivor victory could earn Bron his third-ever championship match.

Dijak returned from an injury hiatus in October and immediately set his sights on the top prize. Fan favorite Briggs looks to break through to the main event tier alongside his valet Brooks Jensen. The villainous Trick Williams pledges to use deceitful tactics to overcome the number’s disadvantage.

On the women’s side, Tiffany Stratton, Lash Legend, Blair Davenport, Kelani Jordan and Fallon Henley vie for a championship opportunity. Stratton, nicknamed “The Buff Barbie Doll,” leverages her good looks and fiery attitude to gain advantages inside the ring. Legend is a former basketball player who dwarfs most female wrestlers with her tall, powerful frame. Davenport exudes cunning and ruthlessness having previously betrayed allies to help her former Diamond Mine group. Relative newcomers Jordan and Henley seek a career-defining moment on the big stage.

The five combatants in both Iron Survivor matches must balance risk and reward. Scoring pinfalls, submissions or disqualifications earns critical points. However, losing via those same methods leads to a 90-second penalty in a cage dubbed the “Sin Bin.” These caveats should lead to intense action and strategic intrigue across the 25-minute time limit.

In title action, reigning NXT North American Champion “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio brings his newly won belt to NXT Deadline. Accompanied by the intimidating Rhea Ripley, Mysterio looks to cement himself against either former title holder Wes Lee or another challenger to be named.

The event also hosts a bitter grudge match inside a steel cage. Roxanne Perez collides with her betrayer Kiana James in an attempt to settle the score. As former tag partners, James backstabbed Perez leading to their short-lived reign ending. The cage looming overhead aims to prevent outside interference.

Finally, burly powerhouse Baron Corbin challenges NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov. Corbin earned the opportunity by attacking Dragunov after he retained his title at Halloween Havoc last month. “The Lone Wolf” looks to overwhelm the champion with brute force.

The 2023 NXT Deadline will take place on Saturday, December 9th live from the Total Mortgage Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Fans in the United States can catch the event beginning at 8:00 PM Eastern Time and 5:00 PM Pacific Time on the Peacock streaming service. International fans can watch on the WWE Network at the following start times:

  • India: 5:30 AM on December 10th
  • Australia: 11:00 AM on December 10th
  • United Kingdom/Ireland: 1:00 AM on December 10th
  • Japan: 9:00 AM on December 10th
  • Saudi Arabia: 3:00 AM on December 10th

The Total Mortgage Arena venue opened in 2001 for $57 million. With a capacity of around 10,000 for wrestling events, the arena is home to the Bridgeport Islanders hockey team and also hosts various concerts and sporting events.

WWE continues its recent trend of Saturday pay-per-view events with this year’s NXT Deadline. As the last WWE premium live event of 2023, it marks the end of a transitional year for WWE after being sold to Endeavor and rebranded to TKO Holdings alongside UFC. This major organizational shift adds some uncertainty but also fresh optimism for WWE’s developmental brand heading into 2024.

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