WWE Missed Opportunity: Pairing Lacey Evans with Chelsea Green, Says Dutch Mantell

10 months ago By Sports Desk
Lacey Evans

The volatile and ever-changing dynamics of WWE’s Women’s Tag Team division have been a focal point for fans and critics alike. With so many talented stars on the roster, pairings can often make or break careers. It’s all about chemistry, charisma, and synergy. However, WWE might have missed out on a golden pairing, believes former WWE manager, Dutch Mantell.

Green’s Unexpected Tag Partner

Chelsea Green, a promising WWE Superstar, found herself in an unexpected tag team partnership with Piper Niven. The twist came after Sonya Deville, Green’s initial partner, was sidelined due to a debilitating injury, leaving her spot vacant for months. But while Niven’s unexpected arrival was a surprise, many are now questioning if there was a better choice waiting in the wings.

Mantell’s Vision: Lacey Evans and Chelsea Green

In a candid conversation on his show, Story Time with Dutch Mantell, the seasoned manager and wrestling aficionado pointed out that Lacey Evans, who was recently released from WWE, would have been an ideal fit alongside Chelsea Green.

Mantell passionately elaborated, “So I’m thinking, that’s the girl they need to go with. I think she would’ve been a great tag team partner for Chelsea Green.” Drawing a comparison between Evans and the injured Sonya Deville, Mantell praised Evans’ vibrant personality, saying, “She’d have been a great partner for her. She had a personality. A lot of those girls have no personality, even the ones they’re trying to push. But this Lacey Evans was the real deal.

What Makes a Perfect Pairing?

Tag teams in WWE are not just about individual wrestling prowess. The combination requires mutual understanding, the ability to complement each other’s styles, and most importantly, a shared energy that captivates the audience. Evans, with her Southern belle persona, contrasted with Green’s feisty nature, could have made for a dynamic and unpredictable duo.

Additionally, both wrestlers have demonstrated their skills, agility, and understanding of in-ring psychology in their individual capacities. The combination of their distinct yet complementary personalities might have taken the Women’s Tag Team division by storm.

Roster Potential and WWE’s Choices

While WWE’s decisions can sometimes be puzzling for fans, it is crucial to remember the complexity behind every move. The roster boasts a plethora of talent, each with unique skills and personas. While Mantell’s opinion sheds light on a potentially missed opportunity, WWE’s creative team constantly juggles multiple storylines, talent progressions, and audience expectations.

It’s a constant balancing act, and sometimes, even the most apparent decisions get overshadowed by the broader narrative direction.

As the wrestling world continuously evolves, so do the choices and pathways of its superstars. While the pairing of Lacey Evans with Chelsea Green remains a ‘what could have been’, fans can still anticipate many thrilling twists and turns in the WWE universe.

As for Mantell’s insights, they serve as a testament to the intricate world of professional wrestling – a realm where every decision can lead to myriad possibilities and where every superstar’s potential is just one storyline away from being fully realized.

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