WWE Hall of Famer criticizes Vince McMahon for grave mistake made in 1999

1 years ago By Sports Desk

The tragic death of Owen Hart during the WWF Over The Edge 1999 pay-per-view left a lasting impact on the professional wrestling world. Many within the industry, including WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts, have expressed their belief that Vince McMahon should have stopped the show after Owen’s fatal accident in the ring.

The incident involving Owen Hart’s tragic death has remained a somber chapter in wrestling history, leading to ongoing discussions about how such situations should be handled in the future. The wrestling community continues to honor Owen’s memory, ensuring that he is remembered as a talented wrestler and a beloved individual who left an indelible mark on the sport.

Jake Roberts criticizes Vince McMahon over Owen Heart tragedy

During a recent episode of his podcast, “The Snake Pit,” Jake Roberts echoed the sentiments of others, stating that the PPV should have been halted out of respect for the fallen wrestler. 

“I think, yes, he should’ve stopped the PPV. A death in that ring should stop everything, just out of respect for the one that’s fallen.”

Owen Hart’s accident, where he fell from a great height while descending to the ring, left a profound impact on the wrestling community, especially his widow, Dr. Martha Hart, who eventually cut ties with WWE and pro wrestling after her husband’s passing.

Despite the tragedy, Owen Hart’s legacy has found renewed recognition through AEW. The Owen Hart Cup, presented in partnership with the Owen Hart Foundation, has become a tribute to the late wrestler’s memory. AEW has shown genuine reverence for Owen, showcasing him in the recently-released AEW Fight Forever video game, which was a meaningful endeavor for the company and fans alike.

Adam Cole, the 2022 Owen Hart Cup winner, emphasized the significance of featuring Owen in the game and celebrating his contributions to wrestling. AEW’s SVP of video games, Nik Sobic, revealed that Dr. Martha Hart played an essential role in Owen’s digital representation. As a wrestling fan herself, her involvement ensured that her late husband’s avatar received the respect and accuracy it deserved in the video game.

In the wake of Owen Hart’s death, there were emotional outpourings from the wrestling community, including Owen’s sister Ellie, who expressed her belief that her brother may have been a “sacrifice” for Vince McMahon’s desire to outshine World Championship Wrestling (WCW). These emotionally charged remarks led to speculation and misinformation, further fueling the tragedy.

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