WWE Fastlane 2023 Results & Report: Winners, Losers And Analysis – 7th October 2023

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The atmosphere is electrifying at WWE Fastlane 2023. Here at the event, for the first match, we have the Undisputed Tag Team Championship. The defending champions, The Judgement Day, are going to face Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes.

As the match began, Priest from The Judgement Day and Jey Uso were the first to face each other. They both tried to show their strength with headlocks. Jey tried to knock Priest down with a shoulder block but failed. The priest used the ropes and knocked Jey down instead. Jey tried to fight back, using the corner of the ring, and then Cody Rhodes tagged in. Rhodes showed some cool moves like a dropdown uppercut and a kick to Priest’s knee.

Jey then returned and, with Rhodes, kept attacking Priest. But Priest fought back, knocking Jey with a powerful lariat. Soon, Finn Bálor from The Judgement Day is tagged in. Bálor showed some of his best moves on Jey until Rhodes came back into the ring. They exchanged some powerful moves, but both fell down after a massive superplex move by Rhodes.

Both wrestlers, tired and hurt, tagged their partners. Now, it is Priest and Jey again. They traded punches and tried their best to knock the other down. Jey tried a big move, but Priest is ready. He countered it and then, with a sudden move, threw Jey out of the ring. But Jey wasn’t done. He flew back into the ring, knocking both Priest and Bálor down. It looked like Jey might win, but then Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio appeared. They tried to help, but it only caused more chaos.

As the fight continued, all four wrestlers were now brawling. In a surprising twist, JD McDonagh appeared. But instead of helping, he got knocked out. Then, Ripley tried to hit Jey with a briefcase. The wrestlers were on the floor, on the commentary desk, and even outside the ring.

In the end, after so much action and drama, Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes managed to land their final powerful moves. Rhodes used his famous move, the Crossroads. And that is it! The referee counted to three.

The bell rang, and the winners of this match were Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes. They are the new Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions.

For the next match we have, LWO against Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits. But there is a twist. Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar from LWO were one-man short. They didn’t have a third partner. So, many were wondering how they would stand against the strong team of Lashley and The Street Profits.

From the start of the match, things looked tough for Mysterio and Escobar. They were on the defensive most of the time. Lashley and The Street Profits showed great teamwork and seemed unstoppable. Mysterio and Escobar had to work extra hard to keep up. Every time they tried to get ahead, they were pushed back. It seemed like Lashley and The Street Profits might easily win this match.

But, a surprising return was already planned for this match. Here we have the third member of today’s team. The crowd’s roar grew louder and louder. Everyone was looking towards the entrance. And there he is – Carlito! Fans remembered him from a few months ago when he made a short appearance at Backlash. Now, he is back in the WWE ring, and he is the man Rey Mysterio had made a call last week for the replacement of the third person.

The crowd went wild with cheers. Carlito didn’t waste any time. He went straight for the opponents and took control of the match. With his surprise entry, the energy of the match changed completely. Carlito’s powerful moves, especially the Backstabber on Ford, shifted the momentum in favor of LWO.

The clever plan of bringing Carlito mid-match made the whole event even more thrilling. Everyone is guessing if Mysterio and Escobar would have any backup. And Carlito’s entry was the perfect surprise. It was clear he had been training hard. He looked fit, strong, and ready for action.

LWO, with Carlito’s help, gained the upper hand. The match saw more action, more drama, and more twists. In the end, it is the LWO who stood victorious. They had defeated Lashley and The Street Profits.

But this match is not just about the win. It is about the unexpected return of Carlito. It raised questions about the future of LWO. Would Carlito join them? How would his return affect the bond between Mysterio and Escobar? One thing is sure; Carlito had got a second chance in WWE. And it looked like he was ready to make the most of it.

The fans left with big smiles on their faces. They had witnessed an exciting match and a surprise return. Everyone is eager to see what would happen next in WWE with Carlito back in the picture.

For the third match, we have the big Women’s Championship match. For this big match we have, Iyo Sky, Asuka, and Charlotte Flair.

The match began with a quick move. Before anyone knew it, Sky is thrown out of the ring. Then, in a surprising move, Asuka sprayed mist in Flair’s eyes! Asuka tries to pin Flair, but Sky is quick to stop her. Flair, with mist in her eyes, moved out of the ring. Some referees rushed to help Flair, while Asuka and Sky battled in the ring.

Sky attempted a big move, but she missed. Asuka used this chance to knock Sky with a dropkick. They both tried to pin each other. Just when Asuka is about to make another move, Flair, who has recovered, gives her a big boot kick. Flair is back, and she is not holding back. She attacked both Sky and Asuka.

Sky and Asuka decided to team up for a moment. They both attacked Flair. Sky even trapped Flair with a special move. But Flair managed to escape. The three wrestlers kept fighting, each trying to win.

Flair then lifted both Sky and Asuka and threw them down! Then, after a few moves, Sky jumped out of the ring onto Flair. Sky climbed to the top of the ring and jumped, but Asuka and Flair caught her. The three wrestlers were giving their best.

Asuka and Sky both trapped Flair in their moves. But Flair, showing her strength, managed to escape and even knocked Asuka down. Just when it seemed Flair might win, Bayley came running to the ring. She threw Sky back into the ring. Flair, distracted, got a kick from Asuka.

The match is nearing its end. Everyone is on the edge of their seats. Flair trapped Asuka in a powerful move, but Bayley distracted the referee. Even though Asuka gave up, the referee didn’t see it. Taking this chance, Sky jumped from the top of the ring and landed on Flair.

This is amazing from IYO Sky and then she pinned Charlotte Flair. So, still, the Women’s Champion is the IYO Sky. Thanks to Bayley who helped Iyo to win the Championship today.

The excitement in the air is thick as Pat McAfee took the center of the ring. He is super happy and said he couldn’t miss this big show. McAfee also mentioned that he felt the city of Indianapolis deserved a special event like WrestleMania. The crowd cheered loudly in agreement. Pat then announced he would be doing commentary for the next match. But first, he had a big surprise. He called out John Cena! Everyone is thrilled as Cena’s music played and he ran into the ring with his usual energy.

The next match is going to be John Cena and LA Knight versus Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso. Paul Heyman walked along with the duo, supporting Sikoa and Jimmy.

The match started with Cena and Jimmy facing each other. Jimmy tried to give a friendly gesture to Sikoa, but Sikoa ignored him. Cena quickly took charge and knocked Jimmy down. Cena then challenged Sikoa to come into the ring. The two big men faced off. Cena tried to knock Sikoa down, but Sikoa stood strong. Sikoa even gave Cena a powerful uppercut punch.

For a while, Sikoa and Jimmy took turns and kept attacking Cena. They were working well together. Sikoa made a strong move on Cena in the corner of the ring. Cena is in trouble. But, suddenly, he got a burst of energy and managed to lift Jimmy up in the air and then slam him down. Cena tried to tag his partner, LA Knight. But before he could do it, Sikoa knocked Knight away.

Sikoa and Jimmy kept their attacks on Cena. Just when it seemed Cena might lose, he surprised everyone with a fast move. He tagged in LA Knight. Knight came in with full energy and took charge.

But Sikoa and Jimmy were not giving up. After a smart move by Sikoa, Jimmy managed to kick Knight. But Knight is strong and didn’t give up. He avoided Jimmy’s big move and then did a powerful slam on him.

Then came a moment that made everyone’s jaws drop. Cena climbed the ropes and jumped on Sikoa from high up! But Jimmy is quick. He jumped on Cena. Cena tried to lift Sikoa up, but Jimmy stopped him. Jimmy tried his move from the top rope. But Knight was ready. He climbed the ropes too and did a big move on Jimmy.

Finally, Cena and Knight teamed up for the final moves. Cena did his famous five-knuckle shuffle move on Jimmy. And then Knight did his finishing move, the BFT. And that is it! The referee pins for LA Knight and John Cena, and they are the winners of this match.

Now after this thriller, we are down to the last match. The arena is buzzing with anticipation for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Last Man Standing Match. Seth “Freakin” Rollins, the champion, is up against Shinsuke Nakamura.

The match started quickly with Rollins trying to land a kick, but Nakamura is too fast. He dodged it and slipped out of the ring. But when he got back in, Rollins surprised him. He had taken a kendo stick from under the ring! Nakamura had to be careful. In a fast move, Nakamura pushed Rollins into the side of the ring. Rollins yelled out in pain. Nakamura then charged at Rollins and knocked him against the barricade. The two wrestlers then tried to use their strength on the ramp. But Rollins turned things around by dropping Nakamura with his own move.

Things were getting intense. Rollins started pulling up the mats near the ring, revealing the hard ground below. It looked like he is planning something big. But Nakamura managed to escape before Rollins could do anything. Rollins then threw Nakamura into the ring steps. But Nakamura bounced back. He avoided a dangerous move from Rollins and then got his own chance to attack.

Inside the ring, things were heating up. Rollins filled the ring with weapons. He also pulled out two tables from under the ring. But Nakamura was ready. He knocked Rollins down and jumped on him from the ropes. Nakamura then took out some nunchucks and started swinging them at Rollins. Rollins is in trouble but manages to fight back with a sling blade move.

Both wrestlers were giving their best. Nakamura put a trashcan over Rollins’ head and hit it with the kendo stick. The referee started counting, but Rollins did not give up. He got back on his feet by the count of four. The fight continued with both wrestlers using every move they knew. They were evenly matched.

Suddenly, Rollins got a big chance. He caught Nakamura off guard and hit him with the trashcan. Rollins then jumped out of the ring and onto Nakamura. But Nakamura got back up quickly. He used his kendo stick to land a strong move on Rollins. He then set up a table in the corner of the ring.

Rollins tried to turn things around. He avoided a move from Nakamura and made him crash into the table. Rollins then used his famous Stomp move. The referee started counting. Everyone is watching closely. Would Nakamura be able to stand up before the count of ten? He did, just in time!

The match is not over yet. Rollins set up another table. Nakamura attacked him again. Rollins tried to fight back. They went back and forth, using every move they knew. They fought inside the ring, outside the ring, and even in the crowd!

Nakamura used a sneaky move. He spat mist into Rollins’ eyes. Rollins is blinded. Nakamura then pushed Rollins off a ladder, and he landed on a table. The referee started counting again. But Rollins, showing his fighting spirit, managed to get back up just in time.

The two wrestlers continued their epic battle. They used chairs, and tables, and even fought in the crowd again. Rollins hit Nakamura with his famous moves, the Pedigree and the Stomp. But Nakamura kept getting back up.

Finally, after a fierce fight, Rollins managed to land one last big move on Nakamura. The referee counted, and this time Nakamura couldn’t get up. The match is over. Seth “Freakin” Rollins is the winner!

He is still the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd cheered loudly. It was an amazing match, and both wrestlers had given their all.

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