Why Things Are Not Going Well In AEW Currently?

10 months ago By Sports Desk

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) burst onto the wrestling scene in 2019 with promises of a fresh, innovative, and fan-centric product. For a while, it seemed like AEW was poised to become a serious contender to WWE’s wrestling monopoly. However, in recent times, the promotion has faced its fair share of challenges and controversies. In this article, we delve into why things are not going well in AEW currently.

CM Punk’s Abrupt Exit

One of the biggest shockwaves to hit AEW was the sudden departure of CM Punk, a marquee signing for the promotion. Tony Khan, the owner of AEW, announced Punk’s termination, citing specific reasons. The backstage altercation between Punk and Jungle Boy Jack Perry over the use of real glass during a match served as the catalyst for Punk’s exit. This marked the end of Punk’s tumultuous tenure with AEW, which had been closely watched by fans and critics alike.

Impact of CM Punk’s Departure

CM Punk’s exit from AEW came at a crucial juncture when the promotion was already grappling with various challenges. Punk was a significant draw for the company, and his presence in high-profile matches often correlated with increased viewership. His departure left AEW with a void to fill, both in terms of star power and storytelling possibilities.

Declining Viewership for “Collision”

AEW’s flagship program, “Collision,” has faced a consistent decline in viewership. Several factors have contributed to this trend. One of the primary challenges is stiff competition from other sports and entertainment events, particularly on Saturday nights.

UFC prelims and WWE Premium Live Events have provided formidable competition, diverting viewers away from “Collision.” A notable example is the episode of “Collision” that went head-to-head with WWE’s SummerSlam, which witnessed a significant drop in viewership. Despite having CM Punk in the main event, defending the Real World Championship against Ricky Starks, AEW couldn’t reverse the declining trend.

Safety Protocols and Creative Control

In addition to the CM Punk saga, AEW has introduced comprehensive safety protocols and creative control measures. These protocols aim to safeguard the well-being of talent while ensuring the quality of in-ring performances. However, they have generated mixed reactions within the wrestling community.

Certain elements, such as the ban on unprotected chair shots to the head, restrictions on high-risk moves, and increased oversight of physicality inside and outside the ring, have sparked debates about creative freedom and artistic expression in wrestling. While some argue that these measures are necessary for the safety of wrestlers, others view them as constraints on creativity and storytelling.

AEW’s Path Forward

AEW finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with a series of challenges that have tested its resilience and adaptability. The departure of CM Punk, declining viewership for “Collision,” and the implementation of safety protocols have added complexity to the promotion’s journey.

As AEW navigates these challenges, its future remains uncertain. The decisions made in the coming months will shape the trajectory of the promotion. AEW’s ability to address these issues while staying true to its mission of providing a fan-centric and innovative wrestling product will determine whether it can maintain its status as a major player in the wrestling world or faces further turbulence in the months ahead. Wrestling fans around the world continue to watch closely as AEW charts its course in the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling.

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