Who Are The New Contract Winners Of Dana White’s Contender Series?

10 months ago By Jhon Woug

Dana White’s Contender Series is known for delivering thrilling fights and offering promising fighters a shot at a UFC contract. In Week 4 of Season 7, the octagon was set ablaze with remarkable performances, and three fighters earned their tickets to the big leagues.

Bolaji Oki: A Thunderous TKO Victory

The night began with Bolaji Oki, a lightweight warrior, facing off against Dylan Salvador. Despite Salvador’s formidable kickboxing background and level of competition, Oki wasted no time taking control. His superior speed became evident as he relentlessly targeted Salvador’s body.

After a few minutes of even exchanges, Oki unleashed a barrage of powerful shots against the fence, leaving Salvador reeling. The French lightweight retreated to the cage, but Oki pursued relentlessly, landing thunderous body shots that ultimately dropped Salvador. It was a stunning start to Week 4!

Thomas Petersen: A Dominant Wrestling Display

In the heavyweight division, Thomas Petersen, a former JuCo National champion, demonstrated his wrestling pedigree against TUF 30 alum Chandler Cole. Petersen put Cole on the canvas and dominated from the outset.

During the first round, Petersen utilised short punches and elbows to bloody Cole, showcasing his control. In the second round, Petersen swiftly transitioned into a kimura submission, forcing Cole to tap. This dominant performance improved Petersen’s record to 8-1, and it marked his first submission victory in his career.

Timothy Cuamba vs. Mateo Vogel: A Featherweight Clash

Featherweights Timothy Cuamba and Mateo Vogel squared off in an exhilarating contest. Cuamba, a Las Vegas native, displayed impressive hand speed, landing clean shots early in the fight. Vogel, on the other hand, grew into the bout, chopping at Cuamba’s lead leg and responding with his own clean strikes.

In the third round, Vogel finally managed to take Cuamba down and secure his back, spending the remainder of the round in a dominant position. The judges were unanimous in their decision, awarding Cuamba the victory.

Marco Tulio vs. Yousri Belgaroui: A Battle of Attrition

The middleweight clash between Marco Tulio and Yousri Belgaroui turned into a battle of attrition. Both fighters initially employed technical and measured approaches. Tulio aimed to force the kickboxer Belgaroui into grappling exchanges, while Belgaroui relied on his length and striking skills.

As the fight progressed, Tulio began to abandon caution, opting for a more aggressive and wild style. He forced Belgaroui on the defensive, ultimately securing a dominant position on the ground in the third round.

Carlos Prates: A Walk-Off TKO Finish

Closing out the night was Carlos Prates, who delivered a one-shot, walk-off finish in impressive fashion. Prates showcased his patience and poise throughout the fight against Mitch Ramirez. He remained composed, never rushing or faltering in the face of Ramirez’s attacks.

In the second round, Prates walked Ramirez down and connected with a powerful left hand that sent his opponent crashing to the canvas. Instead of following up, Prates chose to walk away and savour his spectacular finish.

Dana White didn’t hesitate to award contracts to these deserving fighters. Bolaji Oki, Thomas Petersen, and Carlos Prates have now earned the opportunity to make their mark in the UFC, proving that Dana White’s Contender Series continues to be a breeding ground for the MMA stars of tomorrow.

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