Unranked UFC Middleweight Shocks Joe Rogan, Breaks Francis Ngannou’s Punching Power Record

6 months ago By Jhon Woug

In a surprising turn of events, the UFC’s unranked middleweight contender, Joe Pyfer, has stolen the hearts of almost all fight enthusiasts in this world and gotten high praise from some guy named Joe Rogan. A legendary UFC colour commentator recently expressed his amazement on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast by stating that Pyfer’s punching power is greater than that of former heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

In the podcast episode, Rogan did not hesitate to praise Pyfer’s remarkable, striking skills. After his victorious TKO win over Jared Rosholt in April, with a combination of exhilaration and disbelief, he stated, “That motherf***er hits so hard,” but what really shocked the audience was Rogan’s claim that Pyfer had broken Ngannou’s record on punch machines.

Pyfer’s lightning-quick rise through the UFC middleweight heap adds another dimension to this surprising turn. As Rogan got into the topic with Pyfer’s team member, UFC welterweight Sean Brady, things took a new turn. According to Brady, the punch machine owner did not believe in Pyfer’s stunning accomplishment.

It seems that the machine’s owner was unable to understand how strong Pyfer’s punches were. Brady shared, “He didn’t believe how hard he [Pyfer] was hitting it. This doubt led to a refusal to acknowledge middleweight Pyfer’s success, as he broke Ngannou’s punch machine record not once, but three times.

In the world of mixed martial arts, hitting a punching machine and breaking records may come across as almost comical, but this is an exhibit of just how much power these fighters possess. In 2018, Ngannou, known as ‘The Predator’, had the hardest-ever punch recorded on a PowerKube punch machine. Three times surpassing this record by a certain Pyfer makes one raise eyebrows and wonder about the capabilities of an unranked middleweight.

The dynamics of Pyfer’s rise in the UFC middleweight division add more intrigue to this unfolding story. Although not ranked, Pyfer’s name is now inextricably carved into the minds of fight fans due to Rogan’s excited recommendation and the devastating punching power that he showcased on his podcast.

The friendship between Pyfer and Brady, which can be observed during the podcast discourse, brings a personal element to the story. Brady insisted that Pyfer helped Ngannou break his punch machine record; this was not a coincidence but an incredible event visible by the team. The scepticism of the machine owner, maybe from some deep disbelief that such a physically inferior fighter could have achieved this amazing accomplishment, adds to its mystique.

As the story moves on, fight fans become curious about Pyfer’s prospects in his career. Breaking Ngannou’s record, even on a punch machine, is no easy task. It begs the question: could Pyfer’s punching prowess be applied to the octagon? The unpredictability of the fight game, combined with Pyfer’s emergence as a newcomer in the UFC middleweight contest, makes for an interesting story going forward.

The Cameroonian-born MMA fighter Ngannou got the name ‘The Predator’ for a reason. The heavyweight division is no match for him, since his devastating knockout power has become a fixture in UFC history. It is also a significant moment if Pyfer surpasses Ngannou in punching power, at least outside of the box.

It is also making the scepticism of the punch machine owner more authentic to the story. In a sport where hyperbole is not unusual, the first unbelief in Pyfer’s achievement brings about an element of realism. The feeling that sometimes only seeing it with your own eyes could make you believe in something extraordinary is echoed there.

Pyfer’s spectacular punches were also disclosing the subjective nature of power in fight games. While statistics and records are important components, no one can truly understand the visceral impact of a fighter’s strikes unless they witness or experience them. The scepticism of the punch-machine owner in Pyfer’s case marks one such difficulty, which is quantifying a punch based on numbers and thus determining how hard or strong it may have been.

The wider meaning of Pyfer’s achievement is not merely centred on individual  awards.The middleweight who is not ranked rises out of nowhere under Rogan’s recommendation, threatening the established order in the UFC. It emphasizes the randomness built into combat sports, where an athlete might be just one moment or achievement away from becoming a star.

With the increasing rumours and news surrounding Pyfer, fight enthusiasts are waiting for his upcoming UFC appearances. Will the undrafted middleweight be able to mirror his record-breaking punching power and get victories inside the octagon? The scepticism that has bedevilled Pyfer’s achievement only heats up the suspense, making a story about more than mere figures.

Generally, the unexpected rise to fame by Joe Pyfer, triggered by the endorsement from UFC icon turned commentator and a once-in-a-life punches power display, is just another shot of adrenaline into the UFC middleweight divisions.

The scepticism of many people during Pyfer’s achievement adds air to the story, providing it with a sense that this actually is the narrative about an unrecognised fighter who dared step out of his way and challenged what “is.” This will create credibility, thus making readers take more interest in following Patrick McAsey as he goes on. Fight aficionados are hooked as the journey of Pyfer in the UFC unravels and anticipates its next chapter, which makes this an extraordinary tale.

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