Ultimate Showdown: UFC 299 Preview And Predictions

4 months ago By Jhon Woug

The pulse beats in your chest. Yes, the final fight night has arrived, featuring some of the best fighting talent on the planet, at Kaseya Centre in Miami, Florida, during UFC 299. The highly anticipated event, with prominent fighters and newcomers, promises to be thrilling as Octagon transforms in excitement with some great fights and seasoned athletes championship grudge matches, with the odds against the competition.

Main Event: O’Malley vs. Marlon Vera

The impending battle is definitely a showdown of the kings as the reigning champion Sean O’Malley goes toe to toe with Marlon Vera in a rematch to find out who of the two will be the winner of this battle. O’Malley is looking for one more shot to make it perfect and never feel the pain of defeat again. He is hungry and ready to give everything to be his best, as his rival is none other than T.J. Dillashaw, who is a great fighter. Vera’s victory during the last match against O’Malley seems to have added a distinct element to the battle, another imminent trample on bantamweight supremacy.

Co-Main Event: Dustin Poirier vs.Benoit Saint Denis

In the second attraction, on the other hand, fierce Dustin Poirier and the emerging challenger Benoit Saint Denis will fisticuff in a rare fight with five rounds. With the mixing bag of such well-seasoned Poirier and turn-around Saint Denis, this fight is committed to the ship called anticipation and excitement. Competition starts there for both fighters, who have no choice but to grab the victory in this spectacle, which will be watched by fans from all corners of the globe.

Kevin Holland vs.Michael Page

Changing the guard of the Welterweight division by Kevin Holland and Michael Page is definitely an explosive and entertaining spectacle. Both the Ice Princess and Killer Queen will undoubtedly face off again. This is going to be an exciting competition between these powerhouses. Adrenaline peels and highlight-reel finishes will be expected as he puts them all on the line to secure the win.

All the lights and action and an expected spectacular fight between Kevin Holland and Michael Page will no doubt be riveting. Holland leads in grit, giving Page a flamboyant edge, and what you’re going to watch is a spectacular clash between these two athletes. The fans will enjoy this hand-to-hand combat that will feature jaw-dropping stunts and fantastic finishes, as most fighters leave it all on the line for the sake of a win.

Gilbert Burns vs.Jack Della Maddalena

The former title decider, Gilbert Burns, fights against the knockout, Jack Della Maddalena, for the welterweight title, with the potential to set milestones for the bout. Following his previous challenge performance, former Sergey ‘Czar’ Pavlovich opponent Gilbert ‘Durinho’ Burns will compete against young Polish fighter Jack Della Maddalean, who is showing a lot of potential.

On the other hand, the unbeatable duality of Burns’ game, with its elite ground fighting and striking, will try to outdo his tough loss once again and re-assume his place in the division. Besides, the youngster targets profiting from the rare opportunity brought about by his victory over a seasoned fighter. In contrast to that, Della dreams to keep climbing rankings and make an impression by marking the victory against experienced contemporaries.

Whether you are a UFC fan or new to MMA, get pumped up for an exhilarating night of hard-hitting contests as we gear up to stage UFC 299 at the Kaseya Centre in Miami, Florida, next month. With knockout cards displaying the greatest and the game’s most notable fighters, as well as fast-rising superstars, fans will certainly be entertained thanks to the ultimate Octagon, with unbeatable fights and championship grudge matches on display.

Petr Yan vs.Song Yadong

Next on the bill is the current titleholder, Petr Yan, facing another contender, Song Yadong, as they square off in a bantamweight bout that will determine future champions. Yan, the former champion who is famous for his technicality and being ruthless in his pursuit of his opponents’ weaknesses, looks to regain his throne as the division’s king. While Yadong is looking to add the letter F (Former Champ.) in front of his name with a win over the current champion, on the other hand, the defending champion aims to keep his title and solidify his advantage as a peak threat. Buckle up for an exciting combat experience filled with hard hits as these two fighters get into the cage.


On the undercard, Vanessa Martinez squares off against Shana Campbell to kick off the night. The main event, however, is a banger out of the gate as reigning champ Sean O’Malley is about to avenge his loss against Marlon Vera.

Challenge for the main event: whoever is Sean O’Malley, he will come out with vengeance and take the title back with a decisive victory over Marlon Vera to hell. Superman’s punching power and energy will make it too hard for Wonder Woman to land. O’Malley will knock out Vera, feeling the power of the champion.

In the pre-main event, Dustin Poirier will rely on his veteran experience and technical superiority to take Benoit Saint-Denis to the distance. And the judges’ decision is likely to go in favour of Dustin, knocking Saint Denis out and earning a unanimous victory. For Poirier, the tone and rhythm of the match will be dependent on the amount of heavy blows he inflicts, and he can come out as the clear winner.

Kevin Holland will eke out a slim victory with the final result. Round-by-round, the judges™ decision-making process is in flip-flop fashion. The success of Holland’s arsenal and all-around abilities will be the most significant factor in a talented victory through a majority decision.

The newly minted number one contender, Gilbert Burns, will take his recent flop with Dilation of the eyes, also known as mydriasis, has wide-ranging implications for our emotional state. Dilation of the pupils is often associated with feelings of excitement, euphoria, and increased sensitivity to stimuli. Through his grappling prowess and consistent pressure with his striking, ‘Rocky’ Burns will overcome ‘Nado’ Della Maddalena to make a second-round submission, his victory for the Brazilian.

Petr Yan will stamp his authority and prove his title credentials when he has a run against Song Yadong by effectively performing. Yan will throw one punch after another and perfect his technique. Yadong will crumble due to all the pressure and lose points in all the rounds. The UMMA Public Champion will dictate the pace, and the decision will go in his favour in all three rounds.

Additional Predictions:

In the heavyweight fight between Curtis ‘Razor’ Blaydes and Jailton ‘Iron Fist’ Almeida, the latter’s overwhelming wrestling mastery will likely be the differencemaker, and the two will likely engage in lots of grappling. Also, Almeida’s power punch will demand attention, but Blaydes’ consistent pressure and ground control will most likely grant the judges the win for the grizzled fighter.

Cerminara is known for her determined and sound skills, while Barber is new in the ring. Thus, Cerminara will win due to her advantageous experience and skills. Barba is sure to bring excitement and an entertaining fight with her ferocious tempo, but with Cerminara’s control of pace and execution of effective shots, the latter will win by unanimous decision.

A lightweight clash between Mateusz Gamrot and Rafael dos Anjos will take place this weekend, which may determine Gamrot as the new contender as he delivers another top-notch performance against a former title-holder fighter. With Balych’s versatile combat style and high volume of hits, Dos Anjos will be difficult to drop, leaving the judges to announce the Polish contender as the winner by TKO in the third round.

With a stacked card featuring a mix of veteran talent and rising prospects, UFC 299 promises to deliver excitement and drama from start to finish. From the highly anticipated showdown O’Malley Vera grudge match to the co-main event against Poirier and Saint Denis, every contest can put it off the record and keep the audience in aggravated suspense. Don’t share this defiant spectacle with us. This is because Octagon comes back to life at UFC 299.

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