UFC Las Vegas 80: All Preliminary Match Card, Schedule, Live Streaming Time And More

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is set to put on a fantastic night of mixed martial arts action at UFC Vegas 80: “Dawson vs. Green.” This fight, which is scheduled for October 7, 2023, at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, will include fighters in the lightweight division and beyond. In the main event, two excellent boxers, Grant Dawson and Bobby Green, will compete for a position in the highly competitive 155-pound title bout. In our comprehensive preview, we’ll look at the fight card, break down key matchups, and assess the significance of each bout.

Grant Dawson vs. Bobby Green

Fans of mixed martial arts (MMA) can expect a high-stakes clash in the lightweight class at the forthcoming UFC Vegas 80 event, which will be in the limelight. With Grant Dawson and Bobby Green facing off in the main event, two strong boxers will clash. With a chance at winning the lightweight title, each of these sportsmen has their sights set on the goal. They hope to demonstrate in this contest of will and ability that they have what it takes to reach the top of their category.

Grant Dawson

Grant Dawson, whose name is becoming more well-known and respected in the MMA community, has a great resume and an unyielding desire to go up the ranks. Dawson has a history that includes a remarkable performance on Dana White’s “Contender Series,” and he has been working to become better all the time.

For Dawson, this main event is more than just another fight; it’s a chance to prove that he belongs among the top lightweight contenders in the ultra-competitive class. A victory over an experienced veteran like Bobby Green would mark an important turning point in his career and demonstrate that he is not only here to stay but also that he is of championship calibre.

Dawson is a versatile and dangerous opponent for anyone in the division due to the effective combination of grappling and striking talents in his fighting style. Fans won’t want to miss the main event thanks to his unrelenting pursuit of victory and his versatility in different battle situations.

Bobby Green

Bobby Green, a competitor with a solid reputation for his striking ability and a tonne of ring experience, is on the other side of the Octagon. Green’s MMA career has been characterised by multiple fights against some of the top competitors in the category, and he has never backed down from a challenge.

This main event gives Green the chance to show everyone that he’s still a serious contender in the lightweight class. Green’s seasoned skill set and ring IQ remain as sharp as ever, even though the focus may have changed to emerging stars and newbies.

In addition to slowing Grant Dawson’s rapid climb, a win over him would put Green back in the running for the championship. Green has the weapons to leave a lasting impression thanks to his demonstrated capacity to keep bouts standing and trade strikes with the best in the division.

These two competitors’ struggle is more than simply a chance to win; it’s a conflict between generations, fighting philosophies, and dreams. Bobby Green’s seasoned wisdom and impressive skill will clash with Grant Dawson’s youth and drive for achievement. Undoubtedly, the result of this main event will have a significant effect on the state of the lightweight class.

Fans may choose from a wide variety of fights on the main card of UFC Vegas 80, each having its own specific plot and ramifications for the competitors involved. Let’s examine some of these high-stakes contests in more detail:

  1. Abdul Razak Alhassan vs. Joe Pyfer (Middleweight): Pyfer, who is keen to establish himself in the middleweight class, takes on Alhassan, who is known for his knockout power. This may be a contender for Fight of the Night because both combatants have something to prove.
  1. Joaquin Buckley vs. Alex Morono (welterweight): Known for his highlight-reel knockouts, Buckley will take on the tough Morono in an attempt to advance in the welterweight class. This clash should be exciting.
  1. Drew Dober vs. Ricky Glenn (lightweight): Both well-rounded lightweights looking to move up the rankings are Dober and Glenn. Their matchup promises to be brilliantly technical and might change the face of the division.
  1. Ion Cutelaba vs. Philipe Lins (Light Heavyweight): In a loaded division, Cutelaba and Lins square off in a battle of two strong light heavyweights. This bout might not last the distance because of the knockout power on both sides.
  1. Alexander Hernandez vs. Bill Algeo (featherweight): Both Algeo and Hernandez seek to establish their superiority over other featherweight competitors. Any of the contestants might enter the championship race with a victory in this one.

Preliminary Excitement: Emerging Talent and Established Names

Although the main event frequently gets centre stage, UFC Vegas 80’s preliminary programme is nothing short of entertaining. It’s a mash-up of seasoned warriors seeking to uphold their reputation and up-and-coming talent ready to make their mark. These exhibition matches not only provide spectators with a preview of what the sport will become, but they also guarantee exciting showdowns.

Diana Belbita vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz, Strawweight Showdown

Diana Belbita and Karolina Kowalkiewicz enter the Octagon in the women’s strawweight class. Kowalkiewicz, a well-known figure in the UFC, has sparred in the ring with some of the top competitors in the division. Any opponent would find it difficult to defeat her due to her background and diverse set of talents. Belbita, on the other hand, typifies the fresh talent that is ready to advance. The depth of the division is demonstrated by this match between a seasoned veteran and a motivated newbie.

Nate Maness vs. Mateus Mendonca: Flyweight Fireworks

Mateus Mendonca and Nate Maness will be engaged in flyweight combat. Flyweight fights are renowned for their breakneck speed and technical skill, and this one looks to follow suit. Mendonca wants to establish himself in the UFC, but Maness brings a plethora of experience to the Octagon. It’s a game where seasoned players and rising stars square off, encapsulating the excitement of the division.

These opening matches serve as a reminder that, in the world of mixed martial arts, any match, no matter where it appears on the card, has the potential to be exciting, dramatic, and surprising. The preliminary schedule for UFC Vegas 80 is a miniature representation of the sport itself, where the paths of up-and-coming competitors cross those of seasoned veterans to produce an exhilarating atmosphere for spectators to enjoy.

Grant Dawson and Bobby Green’s main event at UFC Vegas 80, “Dawson vs. Green,” is expected to be a spectacular night of mixed martial arts combat. Fans can anticipate fierce clashes, highlight-reel moments, and possible title implications as the fighters attempt to establish their worth in their respective categories. Mark October 7, 2023, on your calendars and get ready for an evening of heart-pounding battles at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas.

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