UFC 296 Scraps Out Ian Machado Garry vs. Vicente Luque All Eyes On Colby Covington: Can He Finally Beat Leon Edwards At UFC 296

7 months ago By Jhon Woug

There have been twists in the UFC 296 match of Ian Machado Garry versus Vicente Luque, which would prove exciting in a plot. However, for obvious reasons, this fight has been cancelled.

When UFC’s CEO, Dana White, announced that a previously circulating rumour published by Chael was in fact true, the bombshell exploded instantaneously. It is possible that the tough Vicente Luque cannot face upstart 26-year-old Irish prospect Ian Machado Garry in the upcoming bout. In addition, they will not agree, and Ian Garry’s recent withdrawal was due to a common cold called pneumonia as an excuse for a fight.

The narrative started twisting since Garry was absent from UFC 296 Media Day. To begin with, there were rumours of the fighter missing, particularly after a hint of him having concerns pertaining to danger in his family just before the fight.

Yet the case was not of pneumonia, as it was rather something that the doctors would not presuppose.

To this end, Dana had to go to Twitter to confirm this and inform them that he discovered that the flu proved to be a bigger medical disaster than anticipated. Fans have to wait for the face-to-face meet of these two welterweights.

However, until now, Ian Machado Garry’s journey to this crucial part of his career has been extremely eventful and full of scandal. This has come out more than once. He admitted to The Independent that Edwards had thrown him out of his gym before he was crowned the present UFC welterweight champ in the world. It was attributed to the uncertainties and doubts that Edwards alleged he suffered, according to Garry. The champion swiftly denied the allegations, while the gym did so as fast as possible.

With all the drama happening in his gym, everyone was focused on Garry’s fight against Vicente Luque at UFC 296. However, fate had other plans. The flu turned into pneumonia, which forced the undefeated Irishman out of the fight, and he has been recovering since then.

Surprisingly, Garry’s health worsened and prevented him from attending media day, and not for the reason it had been assumed earlier. This does not only deny the fans an exciting match but also disrupts the plan for the UFC 296 fight card.

It’s worth noting that after the case of Garry vs. Luque, the question mark of Luque’s main card replaces fight. So far, the UFC has not yet revealed which bout will be elevated to the role of replacing the sudden missing link. Since that welterweight match is removed, the event will proceed with a card consisting of 13 bouts.

This unexpected health problem puts an end, for the time being, to Ian Machado Garry’s rise in the UFC. His return to Octagon will be put on hold until he is fully recovered, with all subsequent bookings taking second place. Sadly, fans looking forward to watching Garry in opposition to Luque must wait until next year since he could be back.

MMA journalists shed more light on Garry’s health by revealing that a UFC doctor said the pneumonia made him unable to compete. Indeed, Garry said that with regards to these circumstances, he was disappointed and stressed out that it all boiled down to him getting beaten up. This is despite the fact that Garry sounds as if he has not fully recovered, but one can still sense his desire and determination to return to action.

Luque posted a story on his Instagram where he expressed regret over Garry’s problems. The former teammate of Garry, Luque, said that he was prepared for the fight and that the process was quite easy. Apart from the fighters, it also affects the fans as well as the entire MMA community.

After scrapping the welterweight clash off the UFC 296 main card, everyone is turning their focus towards the other bouts. The lights shine brighter at the main event, where Leon Edwards’ UFC welterweight title defence is put on the line against interim champion Colby Covington. In another action of interest in welterweight competition, the Shavkat Rakhmonov versus Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson showdown will take place.

The unexpected twist towards the cancellation of the Ian Machado-Garry fight Unpredictable factor: Vicente Luque to UFC 296. The fight enthusiasts have been forced by destiny to remember that all this is part and parcel of the volatile fighting business and wait in anticipation for the fresh battle card.

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