Tony Khan’s AEW Maintains Roster Focus Despite WWE Interest In Giulia

6 months ago By Jhon Woug

With the battle for Japan’s top talents and biggest stars raging as wildly as a professional in-ring brawl, this spotlight falls today on Giulia of Stardom—not just the Italian champion but also the prodigious specimen making Japanese wrestling proud. With her contract with the Japanese having just a few more months left on it, rumours have been swirling as to where Hiroyo will land next. WWE and AEW are both in play. WWE’s interest in signing her seems clear, although AEW chief Tony Khan has apparently ruled them out of the race for Giulia.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter clarifies the situation, maintaining that AEW has not yet made a serious offer to Giulia. Although she is the current NJPW Strong Women’s Champion and a former 5-Star Grand Prix winner as well as a World of Stardom champ, so far Tony Khan hasn’t even made inquiries about her representation. Giulia’s future—nothing at present but a cloud of uncertainty—will most likely be more transparent around March 2024, when her contract with Stardom expires.

Giulia’s wrestling skills and successes in Japan have earned her a following in the international grappling world, with talk of an impending move to America. But the question of whether to stay loyal to Stardom or explore new frontiers remains unanswered. According to reports, Giulia has had talks with officials of WWE, and people are now speculating that the Performance Centre will be her next home.

Interestingly, Giulia isn’t the only Japanese export creating a stir in wrestling. Kazuchika Okada, who goes by the nickname ‘Rainmaker,’ has a contract with NJPW that expires soon. Added to the intrigue is Okada’s recent willingness to field offers from promoters outside Japan. This event has now put both AEW and WWE on full alert as they jockey for position to snap up one of the most famous names in pro wrestling.

On the other side of the Pacific, “Rainmaker” Okada’s potential availability has set off a wrestling frenzy. Unlike Giulia, AEW has reportedly shown keen interest in securing Okada’s services. The “Rainmaker” himself has explored the idea of working with AEW during his prior appearances in 2023, adding a layer of anticipation to the ongoing saga.

WWE, never one to be left out of the competition, is also in the running for Okada. The company, feeling confident in its current position, sees this as a golden opportunity to add the “Rainmaker” to its already star-studded roster. The wrestling landscape could witness a seismic shift if Okada decides to make a move, and the prospect of him joining either AEW or WWE has fans buzzing with excitement.

The chess game between AEW and WWE for the signatures of Giulia and Okada showcases the evolving nature of the professional wrestling business. Both promotions are strategically positioning themselves to bolster their rosters with international talents of the highest caliber. Tony Khan’s AEW, despite reportedly ruling out a pursuit of Giulia, remains at the forefront of the talent acquisition battle, especially with Okada potentially in their sights.

As Giulia’s contract saga unfolds and Okada contemplates his future beyond NJPW, the wrestling world braces for the impact of these potential moves. The allure of seeing these talents on the grand stages of AEW or WWE adds a layer of excitement for fans who eagerly await the next chapter in the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling. Whether Giulia remains in Japan, heads to WWE, or surprises everyone by joining AEW, and whether the “Rainmaker” continues his legacy in NJPW or embarks on a new journey in the U.S., one thing is for sure: the drama in the squared circle is far from over.

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