The Top 4 Non-Titled WWE WrestleMania Main Events

3 months ago By Jhon Woug

WrestleMania, sports entertainment’s peak event, has witnessed many iconic moments and memorable wrestling matches during the course of its history. Even in the main match place that is usually allotted for championship fights, some non-title fights have still been able to take the championship positions and get stuck in the history of WrestleMania. Hence, we will begin exploring the top five non-titled biggest matches, which to this day have remained in the memories of millions as the strangest fights by all means.

  1. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels: “Streak vs. Career” Undisputed Competition.

WrestleMania 26 witnessed one of the most touching and memorable main events, and possibly the sexiest of episodes, in the history of WWE. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker’s rivalry spared the ring and was not just about the head or the top belt; it was about longevity. Billed “The Streak vs. the Career,” the confrontation will be an encounter between Undertaker, the show’s undefeated champion, and Michaels, the career veteran.

The back and forth of the epic bout got Michaels to Undertaker’s advantage, as he could not stay down even when the streak splitter was throwing everything, including his body, at him. This uncertainty took a sharp turn when The Undertaker, dressed in salute with hints of defiance, drove Ellaichal to get up. While the rest of the wrestlers were almost overwhelmed by silent chaos, Richard Reynolds blatantly punched Undertaker and mockingly told him to finish the job. There, Undertaker performed a scary jumping Tombstone Piledriver, which put the end to Michael’s career to the great astonishment of the audience, adding another win to his unparalleled 18-0 streak.

  1. The Rock vs. John Cena: There was no room for any mistake; therefore, the whole thing, in a nutshell, was just a one-in-a-lifetime showdown.

With a mixture of reasons, WrestleMania 28 has the right to be called a historic event, but no one can deny the fact that it played host to a grudge match between two of the biggest WWE icons, The Rock and John Cena. As the climax of many years of probing and preparation, such a development is in fact an “Once in a Lifetime” encounter.

The electricity of the crowd complements the annihilating rivalry between The Rock and Cena, which indulges in the passion of the match at the stadium.

For over thirty minutes straight, these two champions bit nails and let loose everything just to make sure that the other one ends the match unbeaten. It was The Rock, however, who came out on top and closed the match in a dramatic manner, meeting its promises in terms of huge hype.

  1. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kevin Owens: The Rattler Returns to Repair the Wrong.

Hardship was not a point of importance for the people who moved far away from home to unknown places when they thought that they could not face it. The events that transpired on the show, which originally invited The KO and for which he finally agreed to compete, later turned out to be a no-notice main event match highly talked about by the WWE Universe.

History was to be made tonight as Stone Cold, after more than eighteen years, let the wild in him roar in the ring. And people audibly delighted in this with the fire of their rising noise. Even Owen’s most valiant effort doomed Austin as Austin’s chair shot to fruition fully, and thus, Austin had the cause to celebrate his return to WrestleMania with diamond braces. The celebration was unbeatable that night, including virtually bottomless beers and great music, as we remember one of the greatest icons of all time in WWE.

  1. The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles: A Film Directed in a Tribal Nowness in the Dirty Graveyard

Rather than having fans present at the event, WrestleMania 36 surpassed expectations by putting forth a very original and imaginative main event: this year’s Boneyard Match between The Undertaker and AJ Styles. In a contrasting setting common to poetry, the match displayed not only great athleticism but also a fantastic story told and supernatural elements that made fans enchanted.

There was a battle between The Undertaker and Styles in a ring, but that battle went beyond the bounds of that ring. Their clash involved going among tombstones with ominous lighting present. In the end, it was The Phenom to overcome the Styles wrestle that was in Kayfabe and later validated as WrestleMania history.

The clash, in fact, stood for more than the mere quest for victory but rather for legacy and the passing of the torch from one generation to the next. It was a severe match between The Undertaker and Reigns; however, Reigns was declared the winner at the end of the match. The win represented the fire coming up of a new The Undertaker and also established Reigns’s place at the peak of the WWE pyramid.

Although the title matches are usually the main attraction of the evening during a WrestleMania event, it’s what transpires in the non-titled main events that tends to be the most memorable to its viewers. In addition to emotional farewells and memorable showdowns that only take place once in a lifetime, others have earned themselves this endearing spot in wrestling history among fans both local and worldwide.

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