Seth Rollins Talks About Becky Lynch’s Thoughts On His WWE Outfits

10 months ago By Sports Desk

Seth Rollins, a well-known figure in WWE, is getting attention for his unique fashion choices. Surprisingly, this style inspiration came from his wife, Becky Lynch. However, Becky seems to be feeling a bit envious of Seth’s wardrobe selections nowadays.

Becky Lynch’s Changing Style

During her “Big Time Becks” phase, Becky Lynch was known for her bold and unconventional outfits. But now, as she embodies her in-ring persona as “The Man,” her fashion sense has become more understated. Outside the ring, though, Becky has a wild shoe collection and enjoys dressing creatively.

Becky’s Influence on Seth’s Style

Interestingly, it was Becky Lynch who encouraged Seth Rollins to experiment with more daring clothing choices on television. This led to Seth working with the same stylist as Becky. This change has significantly improved Seth’s overall character, making him more interesting and appealing to fans. People eagerly anticipate his outfits each week. Seth continually challenges himself to come up with even more impressive looks, partly to entertain people, but also to outdo his wife’s fashion choices. Other wrestlers have also shown interest in this unique approach.

Friendly Fashion Competition

Seth Rollins recounted a recent incident where he wore a sequined tracksuit on Raw. To his surprise, Becky was upset because she had been trying to find a similar outfit for months. She couldn’t find one, but it ended up in Seth’s care package. This led Seth to admit that a friendly rivalry had developed between them. They are competing to see who can come up with the most outrageous outfit, showcasing their creative and crazy sides.


Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, a power couple both inside and outside the WWE ring, have a unique and fun competition going on with their fashion choices, adding an extra layer of excitement to their wrestling careers.

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