Seth Rollins knew his Wrestlemania clash with Logan Paul would be huge

11 months ago By Sports Desk

Seth Rollins’ Wrestlemania 39 match with Logan Paul proved to be a defining moment for the superstar. Not only did it provide a platform to reach new audiences and enhance his profile as a WWE Superstar, but it also showcased his adaptability and versatility in working with celebrities outside the wrestling world. 

Speaking on the “Out of Character” podcast, Rollins shed light on this memorable WrestleMania moment. Ahead of his match with Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39, he  recognized the significance of the bout and its potential impact on merging the worlds of wrestling and mainstream entertainment. Understanding Logan Paul’s massive following outside of the wrestling industry, With Paul’s megaphone-like influence and popularity, Rollins embraced the spotlight and aimed to elevate his performance to showcase his talents to an entirely new fanbase.

Seth Rollins knew his match with Logan Paul would be huge

While the match didn’t take the main event spot, it was still a standout performance that garnered considerable attention and praise from fans and critics alike. Rollins admitted that before the encounter, he wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from working with Logan Paul, as they had not collaborated before the Royal Rumble. However, Rollins found Paul to be super athletic and was impressed by the chemistry they had in the ring. Looking back, Seth Rollins expressed that the match with Paul was one of his favorite WrestleMania moments.

When Seth Rollins and Logan Paul were set to step into the ring together, Rollins admitted to having uncertainties about how the match would unfold. As the WWE star reflects on that moment now, he can’t help but feel a sense of pride for what they achieved:

“Obviously, [with] Logan, I didn’t know what to expect entirely,” Rollins continued. “I had not really worked with him at all prior to [the] Royal Rumble. But [he is] super athletic, so I knew going in we were gonna be able to kind of work with that. And it turned out to be one of my favorite WrestleMania matches I’ve ever had, actually.

Reflecting on his experience, Rollins humorously admitted that Logan Paul, along with other mainstream celebrities like Bad Bunny and KSI, were the reasons he realized he was not entirely “hip” anymore. As a dedicated full-time wrestler, Rollins had not been familiar with these personalities before their involvement in WWE, showcasing the gap between wrestling culture and the mainstream entertainment scene.

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