Ronda Rousey And Brock Lesnar Are Reportedly Set To Return To The UFC After A Possible WWE Exit

10 months ago By Jhon Woug

In the world of professional wrestling, where scripted storylines and larger-than-life personas reign supreme, Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar have stood out as two colossal figures.

Ronda’s Rocky WWE Journey

For Ronda Rousey, her transition from the octagon to the squared circle was nothing short of a seismic shift. Once the “baddest woman on the planet” in the UFC, her journey in WWE was a rollercoaster.

Rousey’s initial WWE run had moments of brilliance, but it wasn’t without its hiccups. The MMA sensation found herself locked into a smiling babyface role for too long, leading to some less-than-impressive mic work and bad matches. She was often overshadowed by other WWE superstars, from Becky Lynch to Liv Morgan.

The WWE exit and UFC rumours

It was widely reported that Rousey’s WWE run was winding down. At SummerSlam, she put over her close friend Shayna Baszler in a match that left many fans disappointed. So, what’s next for the 36-year-old Rousey? If insiders are to be believed, she might be heading back to where her combat sports journey began—the UFC.

Although Ronda Rousey hasn’t officially confirmed her return to the UFC, a close confidant spilled the beans to The Daily Mail, stating, “She just had a match at SummerSlam and is looking to wind down her time and commitments with the WWE. She is now focusing on potentially making a run to have one last fight in the UFC and compete at UFC 300 when that presents itself sometime next year.”

UFC 300: A Monumental Event

The UFC 300 is shaping up to be a landmark event for the organization. Speculation was rife that another WWE star and former UFC fighter, Brock Lesnar, might also be gearing up for a return at this extravaganza. However, UFC President Dana White was quick to quash those rumours, firmly stating, “I think Brock’s done. I don’t think he ever comes back.”

Lesnar’s MMA journey had its highs and lows, including a run for the UFC World Heavyweight Title. He retired from MMA after a loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 but returned for a fight at UFC 200 in 2016. His victory over Mark Hunt was later overturned due to a positive drug test.

Ronda Rousey’s Possible UFC Comeback

If Ronda Rousey does indeed make a comeback to the UFC, it would be a remarkable turn of events. Her initial UFC stint was marked by dominance and a reign as the women’s bantamweight champion. While her WWE tenure had its ups and downs, her transition back to the world of mixed martial arts would undoubtedly be a story worth watching.

As for Ronda Rousey, her life beyond combat sports is also taking shape. Besides her potential UFC return, she’s considering her acting career and has plans to expand her family with her husband in the future.

Dana White’s Focus on the UFC’s Future

For Dana White, the president of the UFC since 2001, his focus remains firmly on the future of the organization. As he prepares for UFC 293, scheduled for September 9, 2023, in Sydney, Australia, he has a marquee fight featuring UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya defending his title against Sean Strickland.

While surprises are par for the course in Dana White’s world, one thing is clear: when it comes to safeguarding his home and the MMA world, he knows how to use the power of social media to his advantage. The attempted break-in at his vacation home in Maine showcased the potential of social media to aid law enforcement.

As the MMA world eagerly anticipates UFC 300, White’s focus is on delivering an unforgettable event for fans. Fighters will step into the Octagon, creating new moments of greatness. The UFC’s’sontinued evolution and Dana White’s relentless commitment to the sport suggest that this milestone event will be nothing short of extraordinary.

In the realm of combat sports, where the lines between scripted drama and real-life action blur, Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar may soon grace the UFC stage once again. Whether it’s inside the squared circle or the octagon, their returns promise to be seismic moments that will captivate fans worldwide.

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