Rey Mysterio reacts to his United States Championship win on SmackDown; “I was so Angry”

11 months ago By Sports Desk

Rey Mysterio, the renowned WWE superstar, shared his thoughts on reclaiming the US title and highlighted the importance of the LWO group.

Unexpected Turn of Events in Smackdown’s US Title Match

In the recent episode of Smackdown in Calgary, a surprising twist occurred in the US Title match. Austin Theory was set to defend his title against Santos Escobar. However, due to a previous injury concern involving Rey Mysterio, WWE took precautions and called off the match. Rey Mysterio, who sustained a head injury during a match with Escobar, had recovered, and the cancellation was not a major issue.

Theory’s Targeted Attack on Escobar

In a backstage interview, Austin Theory, aiming to make his mark, launched an attack on Santos Escobar. Theory focused on Escobar’s left knee, using an equipment case lid to strike it. Later, when Escobar made his entrance for the match, Theory continued his assault by attacking the same knee.

Unforeseen Challenge for Theory

When it became clear that Escobar couldn’t compete due to his injury, WWE Official Adam Pearce mandated that Theory still had to defend his title. Surprisingly, Rey Mysterio, the leader of the LWO (Latino World Order) group that Escobar belonged to, stepped up to face Theory.

Mysterio’s Dominant Performance and Victory

As the match began, Rey Mysterio showcased a relentless offensive strategy that left Theory unable to counter. Mysterio executed a 619 kick followed by a top rope splash, securing the pinfall victory. With this triumph, Rey Mysterio ended Theory’s 258-day championship reign and became the new United States Champion. Mysterio celebrated his win with fellow LWO members Escobar, Cruz Del Toro, and Joaquin Wilde.

A Shout-out to the LWO

Rey Mysterio, during an interview on the Smackdown Lowdown show, emphasized the significance of his US Title win to the LWO group. He stated, “Today was a roller coaster ride… This is our title. This is the LWO’s title.”

Potential Rift in the LWO?

Fans have speculated that Santos Escobar’s feelings of jealousy over Rey Mysterio’s victory may lead to tensions within the LWO group. As Smackdown unfolds, viewers will discover the future of this dynamic alliance.

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