R-Truth Drops His New Single Track ‘Better Play’: Watch

9 months ago By Sports Desk

R-Truth, the former WWE Superstar known for his charisma, has stepped out of the wrestling ring and into the music scene with his latest single, “Better Play.” The track, accompanied by a vibrant music video, was released on the renowned World Star Hip Hop YouTube Channel, giving fans a taste of R-Truth’s musical prowess.

R-Truth’s Absence from WWE

R-Truth’s musical venture comes at a time when he has been notably absent from WWE. The veteran wrestler, boasting an impressive 54-time reign as the 24/7 Champion, suffered an unfortunate injury during an episode of NXT that aired on January 11, 2023. This injury has kept him sidelined and away from the wrestling ring for an extended period.

In the world of WWE, where R-Truth has entertained fans with his comic timings, energetic performances, and memorable championship wins, his absence has been felt by the WWE Universe. However, it’s clear that R-Truth’s talents extend far beyond the world of professional wrestling.

“Better Play”: R-Truth’s Musical Journey

“Better Play” is the latest addition to R-Truth’s musical portfolio. While he is best known for his wrestling career, he has intermittently explored his passion for music, offering fans a glimpse of his creativity and versatility.

The music video for “Better Play” is a lively and visually engaging production that perfectly complements the upbeat and catchy track. In it, R-Truth showcases his musical talent and unmistakable charisma, proving that he can captivate audiences with both his wrestling skills and his musical abilities. The “Better Play”, R-Truth’s musical video has garnered 45 K plus views which was released 2 days ago. 

How to watch R-Truth Better Play’ on YouTube?

To watch R-Truth’s music video for “Better Play” on YouTube, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your web browser and go to the YouTube website,
  • In the YouTube search bar at the top of the page, type “R-Truth Better Play” and press Enter or click on the search bar to search.
  • The search results will display various videos related to “Better Play” by R-Truth. Look for the official music video, which is likely to have Ron Killings aka WWE Superstar “R-Truth” – Better Play (Official Music Video) title.
  • Click on the video thumbnail or title to open and play the video.
  • Enjoy watching R-Truth’s “Better Play” music video on YouTube.

Road Dogg’s Influence on R-Truth’s Career

R-Truth’s journey in the wrestling world has been anything but ordinary. Before achieving fame in WWE, he was a part of developmental wrestling and faced moments of self-doubt and discouragement. However, a chance encounter with WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg played a life-changing role in reshaping his career trajectory.

R-Truth fondly recalls the moment when Road Dogg, impressed by his rapping skills and presence, offered him the opportunity to be his tag team partner. Road Dogg’s belief in R-Truth’s potential as a WWE Superstar and his encouragement played a crucial role in R-Truth’s decision to persevere in the wrestling world.

While R-Truth continues to recover from his injury and awaits his return to the WWE ring, he remains a multi-talented entertainer. “Better Play” not only showcases his musical talents but also serves as a reminder of his unwavering dedication to entertaining fans, whether in the wrestling ring or on the music stage.

As fans eagerly anticipate R-Truth’s return to WWE, they can enjoy his latest musical offering, “Better Play,” and appreciate the breadth of his creativity and talent as an entertainer.

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