Nathan Maness vs Mateus Mendonca H2H Stats, Record, Wins And Defeats In UFC

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

The world of mixed martial arts (MMA) is a realm where fighters from all corners of the globe showcase their skills, courage, and determination. Among the fighters who have graced the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) octagon, Nathan Maness and Mateus Mendonca have carved out their own paths to glory. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into their head-to-head (H2H) statistics, records, and their journey through the UFC.

Nathan Maness: A Glimpse into the Journey

Early Career and UFC Debut

Nathan Maness, an American mixed martial artist, was born on June 27, 1991. His journey to the UFC began in the regional MMA scene, where he made his amateur debut in 2013, amassing an impressive record before turning professional later that same year.

Outside the UFC, Maness achieved remarkable success, capturing three different weight class titles, demonstrating his versatility as a fighter. He won six of his professional fights via stoppage, with four of those victories coming in the very first round.

Ultimate Fighting Championship

Maness finally got his shot in the UFC when he was scheduled to face Ray Borg on August 1, 2020, at UFC Fight Night: Brunson vs. Shahbazyan. Nevertheless, Borg’s abrupt withdrawal from the fight on the day of the event’s weigh-in, shrouded in mystery, presented a unique opportunity for Maness. He would instead square off against Johnny Muñoz Jr. in an intense featherweight bout, ultimately emerging victorious with a unanimous decision after a closely contested battle.

Maness continued to impress in the UFC, earning a Performance of the Night bonus for his second-round submission victory over Luke Sanders on November 28, 2020, at UFC on ESPN: Blaydes vs. Lewis.

Challenges and Triumphs

Like every fighter’s journey, Maness faced his share of challenges. He was scheduled to face Tony Gravely at UFC on ESPN: Whittaker vs. Gastelum on April 17, 2021, but he was removed from the bout for undisclosed reasons.

However, the bout with Gravely was rescheduled for September 18, 2021, at UFC Fight Night: Smith vs. Spann. Maness emerged victorious in this encounter, securing a technical knockout win in the second round, which earned him the Performance of the Night award.

Maness encountered Umar Nurmagomedov at UFC on ESPN 38, which took place on June 25, 2022. In a closely contested battle, Maness lost the fight via unanimous decision, showcasing his resilience and determination against a formidable opponent.

Upcoming Bout

Looking ahead, Maness is scheduled to face Mateus Mendonca on October 7, 2023, at UFC Fight Night 229. This bout promises to be an exciting clash between two talented fighters eager to make their mark in the UFC’s flyweight division.

Mateus Mendonca: The Brazilian Sensation

Mateus Mendonca, hailing from Brazil, was born on January 17, 1999. He is a Brazilian mixed martial artist with a burgeoning career in the UFC’s flyweight division. Nicknamed “Bocao,” Mendonca has quickly gained attention for his skills inside the octagon.

Early Career and UFC Arrival

Before entering the UFC, Mendonca showcased his talents in the regional MMA circuit, accumulating an impressive record. His journey to the UFC was marked by notable victories and an evolving skill set.

Mendonca made his UFC debut and announced his arrival to the big stage when he faced Ashiek Ajim on September 27, 2022, at Dana White’s Contender Series: Season 6, Week 10. Mendonca wasted no time, securing a knockout/technical knockout victory in just 48 seconds into the first round.

UFC Challenges and Achievements

Mendonca’s UFC journey has been filled with highs and lows. He faced Javid Basharat on January 14, 2023, at UFC Fight Night: Strickland vs. Imavov. Despite the tough competition, Mendonca showcased his skills and emerged victorious via unanimous decision, solidifying his position in the UFC’s flyweight division.

Statistical Comparison

Let’s take a closer look at the statistical comparison between Nathan Maness and Mateus Mendonca in key categories that define their fighting styles and capabilities:


– Nathan Maness has a height advantage with 5’10”, whereas Mateus Mendonca stands at 5’6″.

– Maness has a slightly longer reach with 72″, while Mendonca’s reach is 71.5″.


– Nathan Maness boasts a record of 14 wins and 3 losses, showcasing his experience and consistency.

– Mateus Mendonca, although earlier in his career, holds an impressive record of 10 wins and just 1 loss, indicating his potential.

Fighting Style

– Nathan Maness is known for his wrestling background, making him a well-rounded fighter with a versatile skill set.

– Mateus Mendonca is rooted in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, displaying a strong ground game and submission expertise.

Recent Performances

– Maness faced Tagir Ulanbekov on November 5, 2022, and unfortunately lost via a guillotine choke in the first round.

– Mendonca’s last bout was against Javid Basharat on January 14, 2023, which he won via unanimous decision.

Certainly, let’s analyze the statistical aspects of Nathan Maness and Mateus Mendonça’s MMA careers, as well as how they stack up against each other.

1. Striking and Significant Strikes

Nathan Maness:

– SLpM (Significant Strikes Landed per Minute): Maness has an SLpM of 2.41, indicating his ability to land significant strikes during a fight.

– Striking Accuracy: His striking accuracy is 38%, showing his ability to connect with significant strikes.

– Striking Defense: Maness’s striking defense is 29%, meaning he absorbs a significant number of strikes from his opponents.

Mateus Mendonça:

– SLpM (Significant Strikes Landed per Minute): Mendonça’s SLpM statistics are not available, making it difficult to assess his striking output.

– Striking Accuracy: We do not have recorded striking accuracy data for Mendonça.

– Striking Defense: Mendonça’s striking defense is also unavailable, making it challenging to evaluate his ability to avoid significant strikes.

Head-to-Head in Striking:

– In the striking department, Nathan Maness has a statistical edge with his documented SLpM and striking accuracy.

– Mendonça’s lack of available striking statistics makes it challenging to assess his striking abilities.

2. Takedowns and Takedown Defense

Nathan Maness:

– TD Avg. (Average Takedowns Landed per 15 minutes): Maness does not have a documented TD Avg., making it difficult to evaluate his takedown abilities.

– TD Acc. (Takedown Accuracy): His takedown accuracy is also unavailable, preventing us from assessing his efficiency in securing takedowns.

– TD Def. (Takedown Defense): We do not have recorded takedown defense statistics for Maness.

Mateus Mendonça:

– TD Avg. (Average Takedowns Landed per 15 minutes): Mendonça has an average of 1.90 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, showcasing his ability to secure takedowns during fights.

– TD Acc. (Takedown Accuracy): His takedown accuracy is 18%, suggesting that he can successfully complete takedowns when he attempts them.

– TD Def. (Takedown Defense): Mendonça’s takedown defense is at 40%, indicating his ability to prevent opponents from taking him down.

Head-to-Head in Takedowns:

– Mendonça has a clear advantage in the takedown department with documented TD Avg. and takedown accuracy.

– Maness’s lack of available takedown statistics makes it difficult to assess his takedown skills.

3. Submission Game and Submissions Attempted

Nathan Maness:

– Sub. Avg. (Average Submissions Attempted per 15 minutes): Maness does not have a recorded Sub. Avg., making it challenging to evaluate his submission attempts.

Mateus Mendonça:

– Sub. Avg. (Average Submissions Attempted per 15 minutes): Mendonça has no recorded Sub. Avg., suggesting that his focus may lean more towards striking and takedowns.

Head-to-Head in Submission Game:

– Both Maness and Mendonça do not have documented Sub. Avg., indicating that neither fighter is prominently known for their submission attempts.

Conclusion on Stats and Matchup

Analyzing their statistics, Nathan Maness appears to have a slight statistical advantage in striking, with documented SLpM and striking accuracy. However, Mateus Mendonça has a clear edge in the takedown department, with a recorded TD Avg. and takedown accuracy.

The fight’s outcome may depend on their in-fight strategies and how effectively Maness can utilize his striking abilities while Mendonça seeks takedowns to control the fight. Additionally, both fighters’ lack of available submission statistics suggests that the ground game may not play a significant role in this matchup.

As the fight date approaches, MMA enthusiasts can anticipate an intriguing contest between Nathan Maness and Mateus Mendonça, with the potential for diverse dynamics to unfold inside the Octagon.

As of their upcoming bout on October 7, 2023, it’s crucial to analyze their head-to-head statistics to understand their strengths and weaknesses when facing each other.

– Nathan Maness and Mateus Mendonca have never faced each other before in a professional MMA bout.

– This upcoming clash between the two fighters promises to be an intriguing encounter as they bring their unique fighting styles and skills into the octagon.

Nathan Maness and Mateus Mendonca are two promising fighters in the UFC, each with their own journey, strengths, and achievements. Their upcoming bout at UFC Fight Night 229 will be a thrilling showdown, and fans can expect an intense battle in the flyweight division.

As these fighters continue to evolve and showcase their skills, the world of MMA eagerly awaits to see how their careers will unfold. Whether it’s Maness’s wrestling prowess or Mendonca’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expertise, one thing is certain: the octagon is where they aim to prove their mettle.

Stay tuned for this exciting matchup on October 7, 2023, as these warriors step into the cage, representing their countries and their dreams, including the passionate MMA community in India, where the sport continues to gain popularity.

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