Jon Jones Picks Mike Perry As ‘The Best African Fighter’ Over Izzy and Du Plessis

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

In the dynamic world of combat sports, where rivalries and opinions reign supreme, Jon Jones, the UFC heavyweight champion, recently threw a curveball. During an interview on the ‘Overdogs’ podcast, Jones was faced with a provocative question: “Who is the best African fighter: Izzy, Du Plessis, or Mike Perry?”

In his characteristically candid style, Jones didn’t mince words. With a hearty laugh, he declared, “The real man himself, Mike Perry! This statement sent shockwaves through the MMA community, sparking debates and discussions.

However, context is key here. Israel Adesanya, the current UFC middleweight champion, and Dricus Du Plessis, a rising star in the same division, have been engaged in a heated dispute over the legitimacy of their African heritage. This feud escalated when Adesanya confronted Du Plessis after his victory at UFC 290, leading to a public exchange of heated words.

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Adesanya’s comments during this encounter drew widespread criticism, as fans and pundits deemed them inappropriate. Consequently, Jon Jones’ surprising choice of Mike Perry as the ‘Best African Fighter’ stirred the pot even further.

The Mike Perry Controversy

Mike Perry, known as ‘Platinum,’ has been no stranger to controversy during his MMA career. In a bid to assert his right to use a highly offensive racial slur, Perry claimed that a DNA test had revealed he is “two percent African. This assertion didn’t sit well with many, and Perry faced backlash for his comments.

However, his controversial stance found some support when he tested this theory against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. This unique conflict resolution method seemed to grant Perry a pass, at least in the eyes of his opponent.

But it’s worth noting that not everyone in the MMA world agreed with Perry’s perspective. The debate over his comments lingered, and Jon Jones’ recent declaration only added fuel to the fire.

Jones’ Unconventional Choice

Jon Jones, often hailed as one of the greatest fighters in UFC history, is known for his fearless and unfiltered approach, both in and out of the octagon. His rivalry with Israel Adesanya had captivated fans for some time, with both fighters engaging in verbal sparring. However, the fight never materialised due to the significant difference in their weight classes.

Now, it appears that Jones and Adesanya have buried the hatchet and are on friendly terms. Yet Jones’ unexpected choice of Mike Perry as his favourite African fighter has raised eyebrows and ignited intense online discussions.

The Fallout

In the wake of Jones’ declaration, the internet exploded with reactions. Fans, fighters, and pundits all had their say, with some expressing support for Perry and others questioning the validity of Jones’ statement. The choice of Perry, who claims a mere two percent African heritage, over two fighters embroiled in a bitter dispute about their African lineage, has created a stir.

It’s important to note that Perry has moved on from the UFC and now competes in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC). During his BKFC tenure, Perry has amassed an impressive record of three wins and no losses, with victories over Julian Lane, Michael Paige, and Luke Rockhold.

As for Jon Jones, he’s currently preparing for a high-stakes title defense. He’ll face former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic at UFC 295, scheduled for November 11th at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Jones secured the heavyweight title earlier this year by defeating Ciryl Gane at UFC 285.

Miocic, on the other hand, is coming off a knockout loss to Francis Ngannou in March 2021 at UFC 260.

The Verdict

Jon Jones’ choice of Mike Perry as the ‘Best African Fighter’ has sent shockwaves through the MMA community. Whether it’s a genuine endorsement or a playful jab at his fellow fighters, one thing is certain: Jones knows how to make headlines.

As the MMA world awaits Jones’ upcoming bout with Stipe Miocic, the debate over the ‘Best African Fighter’ is likely to persist, adding another layer of intrigue to the sport’s already colourful landscape. Regardless of one’s opinion on Jones’ choice, it’s undeniable that the sport of mixed martial arts never lacks drama, both inside and outside the octagon.

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