How To Watch Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira Vs Don’Tale Mayes Live Streaming On TV?

8 months ago By Sports Desk

In the world of mixed martial arts, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of a live UFC fight. Fans eagerly anticipate each match, and one of the upcoming battles that has captured the attention of MMA enthusiasts is the rematch between Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira and Don’Tale Mayes. This much-anticipated event is scheduled for November 4, 2023, at UFC Fight Night 231. If you’re eager to watch this clash of titans from the comfort of your own home, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to watch Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira vs. Don’Tale Mayes live streaming on TV.

The Fight of the Year: Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira vs. Don’Tale Mayes

Before we delve into how to watch this epic showdown, let’s take a closer look at the fighters themselves. Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira and Don’Tale Mayes are two highly skilled athletes, and their first encounter left fans hungry for a rematch.

Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira, known for his impressive grappling skills and submission expertise, is a Brazilian fighter who has made a name for himself in the UFC. With a professional record that showcases his talent, he’s eager to prove himself once again against his opponent, Don’Tale Mayes.

Don’Tale Mayes, on the other hand, is a striking specialist. Known for his knockout power and striking precision, he is a formidable opponent in the heavyweight division. Their first fight was intense, and fans are expecting nothing less in the rematch.

With the stage set for an incredible showdown, it’s important to know how you can tune in and watch this fight unfold.

How to Watch Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira vs. Don’Tale Mayes Live Streaming on TV

Watching the Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira vs. Don’Tale Mayes fight live on TV is a breeze, and there are several options available for fans. Whether you prefer traditional cable TV or want to stream the event online, we’ve got you covered.

 1. ESPN+, The Official Streaming Partner of the UFC

ESPN+ is the go-to destination for UFC events, and this fight is no exception. Here are the steps to watch the fight on ESPN+:

Choose ESPN+: If you already have an ESPN+ subscription, you’re all set. If not, visit the ESPN+ website or download the app on your device.

Purchase the Fight: Once you’re signed in to your ESPN+ account, navigate to the UFC Fight Night 231 event and purchase the fight. This usually comes with an additional fee on top of your subscription.

Enjoy the Fight: When fight day arrives, tune in to ESPN+ and watch the fight live as it happens.

 2. Alternative Streaming Services

If you’re not an ESPN+ subscriber or prefer alternative streaming platforms, there are a few other options available:

Sling TV: Sling TV offers a variety of channel packages, including ESPN. You can subscribe to a package that includes ESPN and watch the fight on fight night.

Hulu Live: Hulu Live provides access to ESPN and a wide range of live TV channels. Check if it’s available in your area and subscribe to their service.

YouTube TV: YouTube TV is another great option that offers ESPN as part of its channel lineup. You can subscribe to their service to access the fight.

The steps to watch the fight on these platforms are generally similar:

Select the Service: Choose a streaming platform that includes ESPN in its channel lineup.

Subscription: Sign up for the service and select the appropriate package that includes ESPN.

Access the Stream: Download the app or access the website on your preferred device.

Purchase or Log In: On the fight day, navigate to the ESPN channel, find the UFC Fight Night 231 event, and either purchase it or log in with your cable provider credentials if required.

It’s essential to note that blackout restrictions might apply in certain regions, so ensure that the fight is available in your area. If you encounter any issues with geolocation restrictions, you might need to use a VPN to access the live stream.

3. Local Listings

If you prefer traditional cable TV, you can check your local listings to see if the fight will be broadcast in your area. This is an excellent option for those who prefer the simplicity of flipping through channels with their remote control.

Don’t miss the action.

As the date of the Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira vs. Don’Tale Mayes fight approaches, it’s essential to plan ahead. This rematch promises to be an explosive clash between two talented fighters, and you won’t want to miss a second of the action.

Remember to choose your preferred method for watching the fight, whether it’s through ESPN+, Sling TV, Hulu Live, YouTube TV, or traditional cable. Make sure you’ve got your subscription or payment details ready, and if you’re concerned about regional restrictions, consider using a VPN to ensure uninterrupted access.

With these options at your disposal, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the adrenaline-pumping excitement of UFC Fight Night 231, as Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira and Don’Tale Mayes face off in the octagon once again. It’s going to be a night to remember for MMA fans worldwide.

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