Is CM Punk Done With AEW? All You Need To Know

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

In a shocking turn of events just one day before the highly anticipated All Out event, AEW (All Elite Wrestling) made headlines by firing one of its biggest stars, CM Punk. This unexpected decision sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling world, leaving fans and insiders alike wondering about the details and implications of this stunning development. In this in-depth analysis, we will explore the circumstances surrounding CM Punk’s dismissal from AEW and what this means for both the wrestler and the promotion.

The Backstory

CM Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks, made a triumphant debut in AEW with immense fanfare and excitement. His arrival was heralded as a game-changer for the promotion, sparking renewed interest and enthusiasm among wrestling enthusiasts. However, Punk’s tenure with AEW would be short-lived, lasting only two years.

The London Altercation

Reports suggest that Punk’s firing was not solely a result of his backstage altercation with fellow wrestler Jack Perry in London during the All-In event. While this incident certainly didn’t help Punk’s standing, it wasn’t the sole reason for his departure. The altercation at All In raised eyebrows and raised concerns within the company, prompting AEW president Tony Khan to intervene.

The Final Straw

Punk’s firing came after Khan claimed that he felt physically threatened by Punk during the All-In altercation. Khan attempted to refocus Punk on the match, but unlike previous instances where communication and reasoning had prevailed, Punk’s demeanour was unyielding. Eyewitness accounts from those present at the scene supported Khan’s claim, leaving little room for reconciliation.

Legal Recommendation

Khan consulted with his legal team, and their unanimous recommendation was to terminate Punk’s contract. This revelation sheds light on the gravity of the situation and the extent to which Khan and AEW were willing to go to address the issue. It was a decision that weighed heavily on Khan, but he ultimately made the call to part ways with the high-profile star.

Khan’s Address to the Crowd

Tony Khan took the opportunity to address the live crowd in Chicago ahead of the Collision event, providing his perspective on Punk’s firing. Khan expressed genuine concern for his safety during the All In incident and revealed that other members of the AEW crew were also at risk. It was a rare moment of vulnerability from the AEW president, as he shared that he had never before felt his life was in danger at a wrestling show.

Comparisons to Heyman’s ECW Firing

Khan’s speech, while not evoking the same emotion as Paul Heyman’s legendary public firing of Sabu in ECW in 1995, was nonetheless a significant moment. Heyman’s speech remains one of the most iconic promos in wrestling history. Khan stayed true to himself in delivering his message to the Chicago crowd, a decision that drew both praise and criticism from within the wrestling community.

Delayed Reaction

In hindsight, Punk’s firing could be seen as a delayed reaction to a series of incidents that had strained his relationship with AEW. One year prior to his dismissal, Punk verbally lashed out at his colleagues during a post-show press conference following the All Out pay-per-view. This outburst led to a backstage altercation and suspensions for Punk, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks. The damage caused by these incidents was irreparable by the time Punk returned from an injury.

Business and Beyond

While Punk was undoubtedly a significant draw for AEW, his presence came with its fair share of challenges. Strong merchandise sales and fan interest in his matches and promos were offset by the backstage issues that plagued his tenure. David Zaslav, CEO and president of Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD), was reportedly informed of Punk’s firing ahead of the official announcement. Punk’s role was pivotal in securing the new Collision show on TNT, but even WBD was not surprised by his dismissal.

What’s next for CM Punk?

Despite his departure from AEW, Phil Brooks as CM Punk is far from finished in the wrestling world. Sources close to both Punk and AEW anticipate a response from the former star that has the potential to be explosive. Wrestling fans eagerly await Punk’s next move, which could take various forms.

Defending Championships

Punk could potentially defend the AEW title that he spray painted with his trademark X in other promotions, adding an intriguing element to his character. He could also embark on his own tour, centred around his persona and charisma.

WWE Return?

One of the most tantalising speculations is Punk’s possible return to WWE. His unexpected backstage visit to WWE in April fueled rumours of a comeback. With Impact Wrestling also on his radar, Punk has a multitude of options to explore. Dates in Japan, possibly with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, align well with their signature Wrestle Kingdom event in January.

A Lasting Legacy

CM Punk’s final match in AEW was against Samoa Joe at All In, an encounter that showcased his exceptional in-ring skills and mic prowess. While his departure from AEW marks the end of his tenure as All Elite, it opens the door to numerous opportunities. Despite the disappointment of this disjointed ending, Punk’s legacy in professional wrestling remains intact, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his next chapter.

In conclusion, the shocking dismissal of CM Punk from AEW is a significant turning point in both the wrestler’s career and the promotion’s trajectory. As the wrestling world awaits Punk’s next move, one thing is certain: the wrestling landscape is in for another seismic shift, and fans are on the edge of their seats, eager to see where the “Best in the World” lands next.

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