Happy Birthday: 5 Greatest Moments In ‘The Great Khali’s WWE Career

10 months ago By Sports Desk

As the clock ticks to celebrate another year in the life of a wrestling legend, fans and critics alike look back to celebrate some monumental moments in WWE history. The Great Khali, a name synonymous with overwhelming strength and domination in the ring, turns 51 yesterday. Born Dalip Singh Rana on 27 August 1972 in the quaint Dhirana village of Himachal Pradesh, the professional wrestling giant made an unforgettable mark in WWE. Let’s walk down memory lane and relive the top 5 moments of Khali’s illustrious WWE career.

1. A Grand Debut

Nothing said ‘monstrous entry’ quite like Khali’s debut. SmackDown post-WrestleMania 22 was abuzz with the match between The Undertaker and Mark Henry when Khali, accompanied by Daivari, left the audience in shock. His confrontation with The Undertaker, and how effortlessly he laid out the wrestling legend, was nothing short of astounding. The debut positioned Khali not just as a newcomer but as an unmatched force to be reckoned with.

2. A Gripping Encounter: Khali vs. Rey Mysterio

The September 7 edition of WWE SmackDown 2007 remains etched in memories of the horror that unfolded after Mysterio’s triumph over Chavo Guerrero. Khali’s surprise post-match appearance and his deadly vice grip on Mysterio sent chills down everyone’s spine. The sight of Mysterio bleeding from the mouth only solidified Khali’s reputation as a lethal champion. Even Batista’s intervention couldn’t deter Khali, adding more depth to their riveting feud.

3. Triple-Threat Dominance: Great American Bash 2007

While a Triple-Threat Match involves strategizing against two competitors, Khali’s defense of his WWE World Heavyweight Championship was iconic. Facing stalwarts Batista and Kane, Khali proved why he held the title. The match’s climax, involving a ‘Punjabi Plunge’, is still remembered as one of the most emphatic victories in WWE, with Khali standing tall against two of the industry’s top stars.

4. The Unexpected Return: WWE Battleground 2017

Just when Randy Orton believed he had the Punjabi Prison match under control, the giant shadow of The Great Khali eclipsed his victory. His surprise return to aid Jinder Mahal not only shocked fans but also changed the course of the match entirely. Khali’s sudden appearance not only showcased his loyalty but reminded everyone of his capability to change the game in mere seconds.

5. Crowning Glory: Khali Becomes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

July 2007 marked a turning point in Khali’s career. With Edge’s unexpected vacation, WWE announced a 20-man Battle Royal to crown the new champion. The odds seemed stacked against Khali, with heavyweights like Batista, Kane, MVP, and Mark Henry vying for the title. But destiny had other plans. The final moments of the match, where Khali eliminated both Kane and Batista, were not just a win but a historical moment for India. Khali wasn’t just a champion; he was India’s pride.

As we celebrate The Great Khali’s 51st birthday, these moments are a testament to the legacy he’s left behind. His journey from Dhirana village to the pinnacle of WWE serves as an inspiration to many. Here’s to The Great Khali, a true legend in the wrestling world. Happy Birthday, champ!

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