Gunther and Lyra Valkyria Storm Into The King And Queen Of The Ring Finals

1 months ago By Jhon Woug

Fans of the WWE were happy to witness Gunther qualify for the finals of the highly acclaimed King of the Ring tournaments, while Lyra Valkyria qualified for the Queen of the Ring tournaments. The finals brought a series of heated rivalries, surprise losses, and fascinating matches within the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina, in the main wrestling event. As we keep on learning about the Road to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, it’s only deserved that we look at more exhilarating moments that unfolded in this remarkable episode of WWE Raw.

Gunther dominates Jey Uso in WWE: WWE Extreme Rules 2016 was a pivotal event in WWE history mainly because of the several stunning and shocking moments that took place during WWE’s Extreme Rules event that was held on May 22, 2016. It was a spectacular WWE event, and the main focus of this article is to explain how Gunther dominated Jey Uso during the event.

The main wrestling bout was between Gunther and Jey Uso, which really got the fans excited throughout the event. Of particular concern here, Gunther sustained an unyielding strike and technical feudalism to cement him as the winner. Notwithstanding, Jey Uso, touting himself as the ‘underdog’, did not presume but put his best forward, making the match quite exciting.

Right from the onset of the fight, Gunther instilled himself as the physically stronger of the two fighters, targeting Soho Uso’s arm—his primary weapon—with focused grabs and punches. AWESOME: The match was back on, and Uso nailed a spear and an Uso Splash as the crowd roared. As the final stretched, a sudden crash with the referee to presumably measure a count served to halt him. Taking the opportunity, Gunther engages in a new submission—a modified arm-triangle choke that made Uso submit.

This was a big chance for Gunther, and therefore, this victory was of great importance for him. Not only did it ensure that he’d be a part of the King of the Ring finals, but it also continued to stamp him as a force to be reckoned with. It was a fitting victory given his ability and determination, and heads to Riyadh in the knowledge that he has the momentum.

On the lighter side, the recently crowned Lyra Valkyria captured the imagination of wrestling fans when she defeated Iyo Sky.

The Queen of the Rings semifinal match was also equally anticipated and much more dramatic. In what many expected to be an easy match for the challenger, Lyra Valkyria went head-to-head with the established former Women’s World Champion, Iyo Sky. As one would expect from a fighter with experience like Sky and proven championship calibre, the judges had her winning overwhelmingly. But Valkyria had other plans that shifted the whole story.

The match began with Sky displaying her agility in the ring and impressive skills in extreme technicality. However, Valkyria was not intimidated and proved to be very resourceful and strategic in her rotations, as she blocked all the moves made by Sky. Something changed when Valkyria did a perfect counter and then proceeded to neatly fold ANS’ neck into a pin, thus winning against the veteran of many wars.

Building the Narrative: Storylines and Rivalries

After the semifinals, WWE Raw witnessed several other notable matches and segments that built upon existing enmities and feuds on the red brand.

Chad Gable vs. Sami Zayn

Gable had a non-title match with Sami Zayn; this matchup is quite interesting given that the two are different in many ways. The bout was a particularly sound one in terms of work rate, back-and-forth story-telling, and impressive technical skill. Gable, although annoyed at his inability to pin anything but an arm on the mat, was able to maintain enough composure to avoid revealing his feelings for most of the match. However, Otis’ interference in the equation by clotheslining Zayn to the floor provided Gable ample time to deliver his Chaos Theory finisher, subsequently placing him in a pinning position.

This match effectively demonstrated that Alpha Academy has been heating up and tension is rising there. This time Gable got annoyed that his teammates were not willing to get physical and intercede, which prompted him to engage in an argument with another character, making it seem like the faction was going to have a conflict shortly. The match also helped Gable stand out as a genuine competitor, which rose when he was able to win despite the controversy.

Bron Breakker’s Rampage

Considering Bron Breakker failed to make it to the King of the Rings tournament, he had no holds barred with Kale Dixon. In a nice statement of power, Breakker took a right and then two spears, and the referee had to stop the fight. It did not end there; Breakker continued launching a barrage at Dixon after the aforementioned match, using a steel chair to strike him on the head as he lay on the ring steps.

As the match progressed and intense rightful indignation at his rival reached a fever pitch, Breakker savagely speared Ricochet backstage during a television interview. This segment made it clear that Breakker is unpredictable and left the impression of what possible future matches could look like. These actions clearly showed that he was not a man to be trifled with and made him quite the antagonistic figure of fear on the WWE playing field.

The Storylines Building to the World Tag Team Championship

The final 5-on-5 elimination match of the night saw Absolute Dominion face The Hurt Business, where Absolute Dominion was the victor, while the World Tag Team Championship match involved Awesome Truth (R-Truth and The Miz) against Judgement Day (JD McDonagh and Finn Balor). It was a tense match, accompanied by great controversy in the course of the match. Carlito tried to interfere in Judgement Day’s favour, but Braun Strowman retained the situation and allowed R-Truth to pull off an attitude adjustment to take out McDonagh for the victory.

This was another boost to the championship of Awesome Truth and also gave an increasingly intense twist to the rivalry with Judgement Day. Strowman’s participation raised the possibility of current and future partnerships and animosities, adding superstars to the excitement of the tag teams.

Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan’s Confrontation

Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan had an option for the King and Queen of the Rings event that eventually led to the clash. Lynch, the ever-loved sarcasm of him, Billy glad-stoned Morgan to fight then and there. Being more calculative and less hasty than the Ingalls, Morgan waited for their official match.

This segment was a masterclass in how to build suspense and tension. Based on the sales promos, specifically Lynch’s aggressive promo and Morgan’s calm and collected response, fans were given the impression that the match was going to be physical in Riyadh. It also brought out the levels in the women’s division, with two of its top talents going head-to-head and giving a physicality that reflected their animosity.

Women’s Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contender Match

In the super elimination match, Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark win the chance and can fight for women tag team titles at Wrestlemania Backlash. That wrestling bout had several duos, such as Ivy Nile and Maxxine Dupri, defeating Katana Chance, Kayden Karter, and Dakota Kai, together with Kairi Sane. In a thrilling contest, Baszler and Stark emerged victorious as Baszler pinned Dupri, thus securing the team’s prime position amongst contenders.

This match brought an extra dimension of intensity to the women’s tag team division by showcasing the teams that aspired to the titles. Baszber and Stark’s win placed them right in the future contendership of the champion belts, thus making the future match rivalry exciting.

Backstage Drama and Interviews

The episodes of WWE Raw also contained backstage scenes, which gave depth to current feuds and some progress in character growth. Ludwig Kaiser also cut a promo on Sheamus, Daredevil, challenged him to a fight, and asked whether he still had it in him. This segment was carried out in a way that offered the hint of a clash between the two in the future.

This interview by Drew McIntyre exposed his developing tactics and moved on by stating that he had convinced Damian Priest to give him a future title shot. Regarding McIntyre’s comments about Priest extending himself too much with Judgement Day’s drama, the rivalry added tension between them about becoming a potential challenger to clash for the championship.

The Road to Riyadh: Looking Forward to the Finals

Loyal WWE enthusiasts await the conclusion of the King and Queen of the Rings battle royale, which will not be dull for the kingdom of Riyadh. Two choices are offered to a player: Gunther, cocky and angry, and Lyra Valkyria, optimistic and determined; both are equally attractive.

Gunther’s Path to the Finals

Gunther has been dominating his fellow competitors and showing a lot of technicality in his performances leading up to the finals. The pinfall victory over Jey Uso and the subsequent ruthless post-match beatdown sent a clear message that Owens is a force to be reckoned with on the SmackDown roster. Now that he is heading to Riyadh, it is expected that he will maintain this tradition and aim to be crowned King of the Rings.

It will be interesting to see how two superstars of such different styles as Gunther and Gunther will perform against each other, although the potential opponents from SmackDown are quite dangerous. There are no flaws in Gunther; strict adherence to the principles of wrestling allows him to significantly outsmart his opponent in the ring. Jaw has been defined as a passionate fan that wants to hear the best from Guns and see the quintessential superstar congeal in WWE.

Lyra Valkyria’s Unlikely Rise

Whether it was her unblemished victory over Charlotte or the way she dominated Liv Morgan, Valkyria has been nothing short of mythical in this year’s tournament. The decision to sing against Iyo Sky paved the way for one of the biggest moments of her career, as it provided her with an experience that prepared her for the highest levels of pressure. For the final battle, Valkyria will aim to demonstrate that she is more than a one-time fluke and can beat any opponent that comes her way.

Valkyria could be described as a company that has undergone a lot of trials and has had to endure or overcome a lot of obstacles in its quest for success. She will have to employ all of these qualities, possibly for the first time, with her finals’ rival possibly more experienced than she is. The encouragement of the WWE Universe and the opportunities to share the feeling with the fans will define her future successes as she performs with the purpose of becoming the first four-time winner of the prestigious belt.

A Night to Remember

The last-night episode of WWE Raw was filled with entertaining moments and served the purpose of paving the way for the finals of King and Queen of the Ring, which are set to take place in Riyadh. The main event of the night saw two beautiful women, Gunther and Lyra Valkyria, climb to the top as worthy winners of the fancied title bouts. Just as the winds of anticipation blow for the WWE fans, so do the waits and expectations for the event.

The further along the Riyadh route, the more champagne shades it seems to contain—and rather record—unexpectedly exciting situations. Be it Gunther’s hunger to assert his authority over his rivals or the fairy tale-like rise of Valkyria into prominence, the King and Queen of the Rings finalists should surely be a reality. As the WWE Universe gears up for this epic showdown, one thing is certain: the road to Riyadh is filled with impromptu celebrations, restless fans, and the prospect of crowning wrestling champions.

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