Former WWE Star Lana CJ Perry Makes Her Debut At AEW All-Out

10 months ago By Jhon Woug

CJ Perry (Lana) Makes AEW Debut: All Out Unleashes a New Era

In a moment that sent shockwaves through the wrestling world, CJ Perry, formerly known as Lana during her WWE tenure, made a stunning debut at AEW’s All Out pay-per-view. Perry’s arrival in AEW was not only a surprise but a game-changer, signalling the beginning of a new chapter in her wrestling journey.

A New Beginning

CJ Perry’s journey to AEW began after her release from WWE in 2021, marking the end of an eight-year run with the company. While Lana had a storied career in WWE, primarily serving as a manager for her real-life husband, Miro (formerly Rusev), her departure from the company opened the door to new opportunities.

Fans had been eagerly anticipating Perry’s next move, and All Out provided the perfect stage for her grand entrance into AEW. Her debut was shrouded in mystery, and wrestling enthusiasts worldwide were left buzzing with excitement.

The All-Out Moment

The electrifying moment took place following her husband Miro’s match against Powerhouse Hobbs. After a hard-fought battle that ended with Miro emerging victorious, a sportsmanlike handshake between the competitors ensued. However, what transpired next left fans in awe.

Out of nowhere, Powerhouse Hobbs launched a blindside attack on Miro, blindsiding him with a vicious assault. It was at this point that CJ Perry made her dramatic entrance. As she appeared on the scene, the video wall behind her displayed the words “Hot & Flexible,” adding an air of intrigue to her persona.

Perry, armed with a steel chair, fearlessly confronted Hobbs. In a shocking turn of events, Hobbs showed remarkable resilience by refusing to sell the chair, standing tall in the face of adversity. The tension escalated as Hobbs and Perry locked eyes, setting the stage for an explosive encounter.

However, before the situation could escalate further, Miro returned to the ring, wielding a chair of his own. He swiftly delivered a thunderous blow to Hobbs, which forced him to retreat. The All Out crowd erupted in cheers as Miro and Perry stood side by side, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.

Unspoken Words and Unfinished Business

What made this moment even more intriguing was the lack of verbal communication between Miro and Perry. Throughout the post-match altercation, neither competitor uttered a word. Instead, their eyes spoke volumes, conveying a complex mix of emotions.

As Miro abruptly left the ring, he muttered the cryptic words, “You’re not real,” leaving Perry standing alone in the centre of the squared circle. This enigmatic exchange left fans speculating about the nature of their relationship and what the future holds for this dynamic duo.

An Insightful Follow-Up

To shed light on this captivating encounter, Lexy Nair conducted an insightful interview with CJ Perry for AEW’s social media channels. During the interview, Perry was questioned about her interaction with Miro, providing fans with a glimpse into her mindset and intentions as she embarks on her AEW journey.

Lana’s WWE Legacy

Before her departure from WWE, Lana, under the persona of CJ Perry, had a remarkable career spanning from 2013 to 2021. She made her mark primarily as a manager for Miro (Rusev) during their time in NXT and on the WWE main roster. Lana’s presence added a layer of intrigue to Miro’s character, and their real-life relationship only intensified the emotional connection with the WWE Universe.

Following Miro’s release from WWE in April 2020, Lana transitioned to an in-ring role. She became a frequent contender in the company’s women’s tag team division, forming partnerships with various teammates. Her resilience and determination in the face of adversity were commendable, even as she encountered setbacks along the way.

However, in June 2021, Lana’s WWE journey came to a temporary halt when the company announced her release. This departure left fans wondering about her next destination and how her career would evolve outside the confines of WWE.

AEW: The Next Chapter

CJ Perry’s arrival in AEW signifies the beginning of a new chapter in her wrestling career. AEW has rapidly become a hub for top-tier talent from around the world, and Perry’s inclusion adds another layer of depth to the promotion’s already stacked roster.

As fans eagerly await her AEW debut match and further developments in her storyline with Miro, one thing is certain: CJ Perry’s journey is far from over. Her transition to AEW brings forth endless possibilities, exciting rivalries, and unforgettable moments that will undoubtedly captivate the wrestling world.

The unexpected and dramatic nature of CJ Perry’s debut at AEW’s All Out pay-per-view serves as a testament to the unpredictability and excitement that professional wrestling continues to deliver. As the wrestling landscape evolves, CJ Perry’s presence in AEW promises to be a game-changer, and fans can’t wait to witness the impact she’ll make in her new wrestling home.

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