Dominik Mysterio requires more credits from WWE fans

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Dominik Mysterio The NXT North American Champion impresses WWE Legend
Diamond Dallas Page as He Applauds Dom’s Remarkable Journey

DDP Applauds Dominik Mysterio’s WWE Ascent: A Spotlight on NXT North American Champion’s Achievements

Recently, Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) made an appearance on Insights, where he heaped praise on Dominik Mysterio, the reigning NXT North American Champion. DDP commended the young wrestler’s rapid rise within WWE and his performances on both Monday and Tuesday nights on WWE TV.

A Different Path for Dominik Mysterio

DDP emphasized that Dominik Mysterio’s journey to success took a unique route. Unlike many other wrestlers who go through developmental stages, Dominik was immediately thrust into the main roster scene. DDP, a Hall of Famer himself, highlighted that despite this unconventional path, the 26-year-old Mysterio has excelled, especially considering his television debut coincided with the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Unparalleled Performance and Heel Status

DDP expressed his admiration for Dominik’s remarkable achievements, citing that he had previously recommended putting Dominik over in every match due to the immense reaction he gets from the audience. DDP compared Dominik’s situation to being thrown into the middle of a fire and commended his handling of the pressure and audience response. Furthermore, DDP suggested that Dominik Mysterio might just be the most significant heel (villainous character) on the current WWE roster.

Determination Amidst Challenges

DDP went on to share his insights into Dominik Mysterio’s work ethic. He drew parallels to his own experiences, stating that like he used to return to the Power Plant (a wrestling training center), Dominik goes back to the Performance Center to continue honing his skills when he’s not on the road.

Dominik Mysterio’s Recent Triumph

In the most recent episode of WWE NXT, Dominik Mysterio with Rhea Ripley in his corner successfully defended his NXT North American Championship against Dragon Lee with The legend Rey Mysterio in his Corner.

Rey Mysterio’s Mixed Emotions

Dominik Mysterio has had the privilege to work with several prominent stars in WWE, including his father and Hall of Famer, Rey Mysterio. Despite the differences between them, Rey Mysterio expressed his pride in his son’s accomplishments. He acknowledged that while he wishes some aspects were different, he’s immensely proud of Dominik’s achievements. However, Rey Mysterio also stated that he wouldn’t hesitate to challenge his son for the North American Title.

A Clash of Legacies

Rey Mysterio was in Dragon Lee’s corner during his title match against his son, Dominik Mysterio. Despite facing stiff competition, Dominik retained his championship with support from Rhea Ripley. After the match, Rey Mysterio and Lyra Valkyria confronted Dominik and Rhea. This confrontation hints at a possible tag team match between the two groups, setting the stage for an intriguing rivalry in the coming weeks. Wrestling fans are eagerly waiting to see how this story unfolds.

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