Can EDGE win a Championship before retirement?

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Edge’s Quest for Championship Glory Before Retirement

The Anticipation of Edge’s Retirement

Many WWE fans are bracing themselves for the eventual retirement of Edge, a seasoned wrestler who hinted at stepping away from the ring last year. The veteran, also known as the Rated-R Superstar, made a remarkable comeback after a nine-year hiatus due to a neck injury, aiming to exit the sport on his terms.

Edge’s Past and Second Chance

In 2011, Edge initially retired due to a neck injury, abruptly ending his in-ring career and his reign as the World Heavyweight Champion. However, he received medical clearance to return in January 2020. Before this year’s Night of Champions event, the Hall of Famer expressed his aspiration to conclude his career as the World Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately, he couldn’t secure victory in the tournament to become the inaugural titleholder.

A Potential Path to Championship Glory

Despite missing out on the previous opportunity, there might still be a chance for Edge to end his wrestling journey with a championship belt. While it’s unlikely that he will defeat Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins for their titles, there is one contender he could potentially overcome: Rey Mysterio.

Legends Collide: Edge and Rey Mysterio

Both Edge and Rey Mysterio are renowned wrestling legends and members of the Hall of Fame. They share a history as both adversaries and tag team partners. Since they both belong to the SmackDown brand, it’s likely their paths will cross again before one of them rides off into retirement.

Rey Mysterio’s Recent Triumph and Edge’s Impending Match

In a recent turn of events, Rey Mysterio secured the United States Championship on SmackDown. He stepped in for Santos Escobar in the title match after Austin Theory attacked Escobar before the bout.

Edge’s hometown of Toronto, Canada, will host the August 18, 2023, episode of SmackDown. On this special occasion, Edge is scheduled to face Sheamus in their first-ever singles match. As he celebrates his 25th anniversary with the company, speculation arises that this could potentially be his final match.

Contrary to Early Reports: Retirement Speculations Debunked

While early reports hinted at Edge’s imminent retirement, recent information suggests otherwise. According to Ringside News, Edge will not be retiring on the upcoming episode of SmackDown.

A Potential Future Title Feud

Given that Edge’s last opponent is unlikely to be The Celtic Warrior (Sheamus), it’s plausible that he might engage in a title feud with Rey Mysterio, the Master of the 619.

Heartfelt Support: Edge’s Wife’s Message

Throughout his journey, Edge has found unwavering support from his wife, a former Divas Champion herself. She recently took to Instagram to congratulate Edge on his 25 years with the Stamford-based company and expressed excitement about his upcoming SmackDown match.

Conclusion: An Emotionally Charged Retirement

Edge’s eventual retirement will undoubtedly be an emotionally charged event. Unlike his previous departure, this time he has the opportunity to conclude his in-ring career on his terms, adding a fitting final chapter to his remarkable journey.

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