Booker T Takes A Dig At CM Punk Following His Rumor Move To WWE: ‘What Can He Bring’

9 months ago By Sports Desk

In the world of wrestling, rumors always catch fire quickly. Recently, a big rumor is making the rounds: CM Punk might be coming back to WWE. The buzz is especially loud because people think he might return during the Survivor Series event. And guess where this event is? In Chicago, CM Punk’s home city. But not everyone is sure about this news, especially Booker T, a big name in wrestling.

On his podcast, the Hall of Fame, Booker T shared his thoughts about this rumor. He said he finds it hard to believe. Why? Because no one has given solid proof. For Booker T, just because the Survivor Series is in Chicago doesn’t mean CM Punk will return there. It’s a big maybe.

Now, let’s think for a moment. What if CM Punk does come back? Booker T has an interesting question: What can CM Punk offer to WWE now? Currently, WWE is like a shining star. It’s doing great in all areas. With everything going so well, how will CM Punk make it even better?

Here’s something important to remember: CM Punk didn’t leave WWE on good terms. In fact, he was fired. After that, he joined another wrestling group called AEW. But, he didn’t leave AEW on his terms either. He was fired again. So, Booker T wonders, if a wrestler has been let go twice, how will he be a big win for any team?

Another thing to think about is fans. Yes, CM Punk has many fans who cheer for him. But when he was with AEW, even his fans couldn’t make the show’s ratings go very high. So, Booker T thinks, if Punk’s fans couldn’t help AEW much, would they be a big help to WWE?

Next, let’s talk about wrestling skills. Every wrestler has a time when they are at their best. For some, this time lasts long. For others, not so much. Booker T feels CM Punk’s best wrestling days might be in the past. As we grow older, we change. Our energy and skills can change too. Booker T gave the example of another wrestler, Bobby Lashley. Even though Bobby is around the same age as Punk, he is still in great form. When you see Bobby, you think, “Wow, he’s amazing!” But with Punk, people might feel he isn’t as amazing as before.

Also, wrestling isn’t just about fighting in the ring. It’s about teamwork too. Everyone in WWE is like a family. They need to get along well. Now, if a wrestler had problems in the past, will he fit in well again? Booker T thinks it’s a big question. He feels that WWE should focus on young wrestlers. Young wrestlers are the future. They bring new energy and ideas. It’s like planting new trees in a garden.

There’s also a story that once CM Punk came to a WWE show uninvited. He was asked to leave. This shows there might still be some problems between Punk and WWE. In the world of wrestling, relationships are important. If there are old problems, they can be like big walls. These walls can stop people from working well together. Booker T thinks some problems are so big, they can’t be fixed.

In the end, there is no clarity on what he has ahead in the coming future. Maybe CM Punk will join the WWE or may be this kind of interview might prevent WWE not signing him again now. There are many superstars and other casters like Booker T who have a lot of questions about CM Punk. But fans are waiting for what WWE decides for this superstar.

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