Booker T has high praise for Ilja Dragunov after loss to Carmelo Hayes

11 months ago By Sports Desk

Ilja Dragunov recently engaged in a thrilling contest against Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Championship at the Great American Bash. The intense battle between the two competitors had the audience on their feet throughout the match.

Ultimately, after a hard-fought clash, Carmelo Hayes emerged as the victor, securing the title over the valiant Ilja Dragunov. The match garnered widespread acclaim from fans and wrestling experts alike.

Booker T had some uniquely high praise for Dragunov

Booker T, on his Hall of Fame podcast, joined the chorus of praise for Ilja Dragunov’s in-ring prowess. He lauded Dragunov’s performance and his ability to create an engaging spectacle.

Booker T acknowledged Dragunov’s role in pushing Carmelo Hayes to his limits, requiring him to deliver his best in order to retain the NXT Championship. Despite giving credit to Hayes, Booker T highlighted Dragunov’s presence and credibility in the wrestling arena.

Booker T further elaborated on Dragunov’s impact, emphasizing the anticipation and excitement that surrounds his matches. He likened Dragunov’s entrance to an exhilarating ticket that captures the attention of the audience, making them anticipate something exceptional.

Additionally, Booker T applauded Carmelo Hayes for his display in the match. He noted that Hayes was engaged in a fight that demanded his all, and he rose to the challenge admirably. Booker T expressed his expectation for Hayes to consistently showcase both high-level wrestling skills and the ability to transition into a fierce fight when necessary.

With Ilja Dragunov’s recent match now concluded, the focus shifts to future contenders who may challenge Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Championship.

Booker T declared the Dragunov versus Hayes match as the standout encounter at The Great American Bash. Lasting over 24 minutes, the match showcased the contrast between the flashy Hayes and the hard-hitting Dragunov. Although Hayes emerged as the winner, Booker T showered praise on Dragunov’s performance as a determined challenger.

He underscored Dragunov’s impact on fans, highlighting how his appearances capture their attention in a unique manner. Booker T noted that when Dragunov’s match is announced, fans anticipate something special, underscoring the excitement he brings to the wrestling scene.

As Dragunov showcased his physicality, Booker T also acknowledged Hayes’ ability to meet the challenge head-on. He commended Hayes for delivering an outstanding performance and praised his ability to seamlessly transition between technical wrestling and fierce combat.

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