Booker T compares Grayson Waller with “Miz”

11 months ago By Sports Desk

Grayson Waller has recently gained significant attention in WWE. Waller has been making waves since joining the main roster, from wrestling icons like Edge to being featured in promo segments with John Cena.

Booker T draws the comparison

During a recent episode of theHall Of Fame” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T drew a comparison between Waller and a young version of The Miz, who is renowned as one of the best talkers in wrestling history and a former two-time WWE World Champion. Booker T, a five-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, commended Waller’s abilities and star appeal.

He praised Waller’s strong mic skills and wrestling prowess, noting that he possesses the charisma to be both loved and hated by the audience – a trait reminiscent of The Miz’s early days in WWE. Grayson Waller signed with WWE last year and initially appeared on 205 Live before moving to NXT, where he engaged in a notable feud with AJ Styles.

Rivalry Kickstarted on RAW

His rivalry with Styles spilled over onto RAW, where he delivered a compelling promo on “The Phenomenal One.” Eventually, Waller made his main roster debut, but due to an injury, he had to wait several months before making his in-ring debut.

His first match on the main roster was against Edge, a losing effort, but one that received widespread praise for his performance. The media has been buzzing with reports that WWE has big plans for Waller, positioning him to become a top star in the promotion soon.

Grayson Waller’s Journey

His talent and skills have garnered immense praise from both critics and fans, and he is someone the WWE Universe is eager to see compete for major championships. Waller’s journey to the main roster began with the WWE Draft, where he was drafted to Friday Night Smackdown from NXT in April and May.

Since then, he has proved himself to be a valuable addition to the roster, fitting in seamlessly and holding his own against established superstars like Edge. Booker T expressed, “No surprise at Waller’s positioning on the main roster, as he had already believed that the Australian wrestler was mature enough to thrive in that environment.”

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, Grayson Waller’s recent rise in WWE has been nothing short of impressive. Being compared to a young version of The Miz by Booker T is a testament to Waller’s talents and potential. His strong mic skills, wrestling ability, and star appeal make him a promising prospect in professional wrestling. As WWE continues to invest in him, fans can expect to witness Waller’s ascent to becoming a top star in the promotion and possibly capturing championship gold in the future.

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