All Winners And Losers FROM UFC Las Vegas 81

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

On October 14, 2023, at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, UFC Las Vegas 81 featured an exciting night of mixed martial arts action. This event had it all, from thrilling submission wins to breathtaking knockouts to hotly disputed decisions. The winners and losers of UFC Las Vegas 81 will be determined by analysing the results of each fight in this article.

Main Event: Sodiq Yusuff vs. Edson Barboza

Winner: Edson Barboza

Sodiq Yusuff and Edson Barboza engaged in a high-stakes featherweight matchup in the main event. Edson Barboza won by unanimous decision after five rounds in a fiercely contested fight that reached the distance. Barboza’s superior hitting ability and mastery of the cage were key to securing his victory. With this victory, he rises even higher in the rankings and establishes himself as a serious contender at featherweight.

Loser: Sodiq Yusuff

Despite his best efforts, Sodiq Yusuff was unsuccessful in the main contest. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to defeat Edson Barboza’s knowledge and diverse set of abilities. Although this defeat does not lessen Yusuff’s potential, it is a setback in his goal to crack the top 10 in the featherweight class. He must gather himself and prepare for his rematch by getting stronger.

Jennifer Maia vs. Viviane Araujo

Winner: Viviane Araujo

Viviane Araujo defeated Jennifer Maia by unanimous decision after three rounds in a tough women’s flyweight contest. The key to Araujo’s victory was her powerful and successful takedown defense. This victory shows she is prepared to take on better-rated competitors in the class.

Loser: Jennifer Maia

Viviane Araujo was a tough opponent for flyweight contender Jennifer Maia. Despite showing perseverance throughout the battle, Maia was unable to claim victory. Despite the setback, Maia is still a formidable force in the category, and she will surely try to recover when she makes another appearance.

Jonathan Martinez vs. Adrian Yanez

Winner: Jonathan Martinez

Jonathan Martinez dominated Adrian Yanez at bantamweight. At 2:26 in the second round, he knocked out his opponent with leg kicks. Martinez’s hitting precision and finishing skills gave him a remarkable win, demonstrating his promise in the category.

Loser: Adrian Yanez

Despite his reputation as a forceful attacker, Adrian Yanez was defeated by Jonathan Martinez’s lethal leg kicks. This defeat emphasises the difficult nature of the bantamweight category, and Yanez will need to hone his talents and come back stronger in future contests.

Michel Pereira Lima vs. Andre Petroski

Winner: Michel Pereira Lima

Michel Pereira Lima stunned Andre Petroski in his middleweight bout. Pereira scored a first-round knockout with a hard punch only 1:06 into the contest. This spectacular victory highlights Pereira’s knockout talents and might pave the way for future intriguing middleweight bouts.

Winner: Andre Petroski

Andre Petroski faced a difficult opponent in Michel Pereira Lima, and the fight was over in the first round. While he suffered a setback in this fight, Petroski’s promise in the middleweight class remains undeniable. He will utilise this experience to further his progress and aim for victory in future fights.

Christian Rodriguez vs. Cameron Saaiman

Winner: Christian Rodriguez

Christian Rodriguez dominated his welterweight opponent, Cameron Saaiman. Rodriguez won a unanimous decision after three rounds, highlighting his striking and grappling abilities. This victory establishes him as a viable welterweight contender.

Loser: Cameron Saaiman

Cameron Saaiman was trounced by Christian Rodriguez in their welterweight match. Saaiman’s resilience in the face of adversity is admirable, and he will surely use this experience to advance his career in the division.

Darren Elkins vs. TJ Brown

Winner: Darren Elkins

In his featherweight contest against TJ Brown, veteran fighter Darren Elkins demonstrated his grappling prowess. Elkins won the third round via submission with a rear-naked choke at 2:23. This victory highlights Elkins’ expertise and his ongoing significance in the featherweight class.

Loser: TJ Brown

TJ Brown fought a difficult opponent in Darren Elkins and eventually succumbed to a rear-naked choke. This defeat emphasises the tough nature of the featherweight category, and Brown will train hard to improve his abilities and return to the octagon stronger than before.

Tainara Lisboa vs. Ravena Oliveira

Winner: Tainara Lisboa

Tainara Lisboa defeated Ravena Oliveira in a women’s strawweight contest. After three rounds, Lisboa won by unanimous decision. This victory improves her reputation in the strawweight class and establishes her as a rising contender to watch.

Loser: Ravena Oliveira

Ravena Oliveira put up a valiant battle against Tainara Lisboa, but she came up short in the end. Despite the setback, Oliveira’s determination and battling spirit are admirable, and she plans to bounce back in her next appearance.

Terrance McKinney vs. Brendon Marotte

Winner: Terrance McKinney

Terrance McKinney makes a forceful statement in his lightweight contest against Brendon Marotte. McKinney knocked out the opponent with a knee 20 seconds into the first round. This amazing victory propels him into the spotlight of the lightweight class.

Loser: Brendon Marotte

Brendon Marotte faced a tough opponent in Terrance McKinney, and the battle was over in a matter of seconds. Despite this loss, Marotte’s promise in the lightweight class remains intact, and he will use this experience to make a successful comeback to the octagon.

Irina Alekseeva vs. Melissa Dixon

Winner: Melissa Dixon

In a women’s flyweight clash, Melissa Dixon delivered an impressive performance against Irina Alekseeva. After three rounds, Dixon secured a unanimous decision victory. Her striking and cage control played a pivotal role in her win, positioning her as a rising talent in the flyweight division.

Loser: Irina Alekseeva

Irina Alekseeva put up a spirited effort against Melissa Dixon but was unable to secure the victory. This loss does not diminish her potential, and she will continue to strive for success in the flyweight division.

Chris Gutierrez vs. Heili Alateng

Winner: Chris Gutierrez

Chris Gutierrez displayed his striking skills and octagon control in his bantamweight clash with Heili Alateng. After three rounds, Gutierrez secured a unanimous decision victory. This win underscores his capabilities in the bantamweight division and positions him as a promising contender.

Loser: Heili Alateng

Heili Alateng faced a tough opponent in Chris Gutierrez and was unable to secure the win. Alateng’s resilience and determination are notable, and he will use this experience.

to return stronger and seek success in the bantamweight division.

Ashley Yoder vs. Emily Ducote

Winner: Emily Ducote

In a women’s strawweight matchup, Emily Ducote displayed her well-rounded skills against Ashley Yoder. After three rounds, Ducote secured a unanimous decision victory. Her striking and grappling proficiency were key factors in her win, establishing her as a rising star in the strawweight division.

Loser: Ashley Yoder

Ashley Yoder put up a spirited performance against Emily Ducote but was unable to secure the victory. This loss does not diminish her potential, and she will aim to learn from this experience and make a triumphant return in the strawweight division.

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