AEW Likely To Be Heading For Max, Set To Expand 12 PPVs Per Year

10 months ago By Jhon Woug

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) fans are in for a treat in 2024 as the company gears up to introduce monthly pay-per-view (PPV) events, significantly expanding its wrestling schedule. This groundbreaking move comes as part of AEW’s ongoing developments and their partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery. AEW’s rise in popularity has led to increased speculation about its content being accessible on the Max streaming service. Let’s delve into this exciting development, its potential implications, and what fans can expect from AEW’s new era of monthly PPV events.

AEW’s growing schedule

AEW has been steadily increasing the frequency of its annual events, with notable additions like WrestleDream and All in London this year. However, 2024 is set to be a transformative year for AEW and its dedicated fanbase. The company is poised to make wrestling history by hosting monthly PPV events, elevating its status in the wrestling world.

Max Streaming Service Integration

Previously, there were rumours circulating about AEW’s flagship event, All In, potentially being streamed on the Max streaming service. While this idea was intriguing, the technical infrastructure required for such a move wasn’t in place at the time. However, recent reports suggest that AEW is working on integrating its content with Max, opening up new avenues for fans to access their favourite wrestling action.

AEW’s PPV Calendar Expansion

Andrew Zarian, co-host of the Mat Men Podcast, has shed light on AEW’s plans to expand its PPV calendar to a whopping 12 events per year. This ambitious step not only caters to the growing appetite of wrestling enthusiasts but also aligns with AEW’s mission to provide top-tier entertainment. As part of this expansion, AEW’s content will be available on the Max streaming service, ensuring that fans have easy access to all the electrifying action.

AEW’s Television Rights Negotiations

AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery are currently engaged in extensive negotiations to extend their television rights agreement. This development reflects Warner Bros. Discovery’s keen interest in AEW’s expansion of its PPV schedule. While the specifics of the negotiations remain undisclosed, it’s clear that both parties are dedicated to delivering exciting wrestling content to fans worldwide.

Changing the Viewing Experience

The introduction of monthly PPV events on Max could potentially revolutionise how fans consume AEW content. Subscribing to Max might offer a more cost-effective solution compared to purchasing individual PPV events, which typically cost around $50 each. This shift in the viewing experience not only benefits fans but also ensures that AEW’s electrifying matches reach a broader audience.


The wrestling world is abuzz with excitement as AEW prepares to embark on a new era of monthly PPV events. With its expanding schedule and integration with the Max streaming service, AEW aims to deliver unparalleled wrestling entertainment to its dedicated fanbase. While the specifics of this transformative move are still unfolding, one thing is certain: AEW’s commitment to pushing boundaries and captivating wrestling fans remains unwavering.

 AEW Likely To Be Heading For Max, Set To Expand 12 PPVs Per Year

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is apparently getting ready for a substantial expansion in a move that is expected to completely change the landscape of professional wrestling. Strong rumors imply that AEW is about to execute a ground-breaking contract with Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD), albeit the ink on an actual agreement has not yet dried. According to recent rumors, this collaboration might transform how fans consume AEW material as well as usher in a new era of extravagant wrestling.

The news that AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery were in-depth negotiations on the renewal of their television rights arrangement came earlier this summer thanks to Fightful Select, a dependable source for wrestling news. Fans’ excitement was piqued by that on its own, but the suggestion of something much more innovative is what really had the wrestling world buzzing. There have been rumors that WBD may be thinking about moving AEW pay-per-view events to a dedicated streaming service, either MAX or Discovery+. Additionally, WBD is said to have recommended that AEW raise its yearly pay-per-view count.

The Wrestling Observer contributor and well-known member of the wrestling world Andrew Zarian thinks that these stories may have more truth to them than first thought. Zarian confidently stated, “I feel confident to say that AEW will be on Max in 2024 and AEW will expand its PPV Schedule to 12 a year.”

Although there hasn’t been a formal announcement about the revised broadcast arrangement, sources believe it may happen during the 2023 fall television season. The launch of MAX’s live sports streaming during this time period will be interesting and will pave the way for an exciting future for AEW fans.

AEW’s Evolution of Pay-Per-Views

The development of AEW into a potential 12 pay-per-views annually is evidence of the promotion’s commitment to provide top-notch wrestling entertainment. In 2020 and 2021, there was a quarterly rotation of pay-per-view events with titles like “Revolution,” “Double or Nothing,” “All Out,” and “Full Gear,” but today there is a more varied and jam-packed calendar.

In addition to continuing with its well-liked quarterly events in 2022, AEW also introduced a brand-new summer spectacular to the schedule, “Forbidden Door.” This action exemplified AEW’s dedication to breaking down barriers and providing wrestling fans with novel ideas.

By providing fans with two more significant events this year, AEW has made another risky step. Wrestling fans all over the world were captivated by “All In,” which was held at London’s renowned Wembley Stadium. Additionally, the forthcoming “WrestleDream” event on October 1 is noteworthy because it honors the memories of the late NJPW star Antonio Inoki, who tragically died away on the same day last year.

The promotion’s capacity to adapt, be creative, and be dedicated to giving fans a compelling and ever-evolving wrestling experience is demonstrated by AEW’s progression from quarterly events to maybe 12 pay-per-views annually. The success of AEW and the continued attraction of professional wrestling to audiences throughout the world are both reflected in this growth, which is also a credit to the former.

AEW’s Potential Future

If AEW’s reported expansion to 12 pay-per-view events per year becomes a reality, it will be a daring and exciting step forward for the wrestling organization. This prospective expansion gives up a whole new universe of possibilities for both the brilliant squad and the devoted audience.

One of the most important benefits of this expansion would be more opportunities for AEW’s huge roster to demonstrate their abilities. More pay-per-view events allow for the inclusion of more wrestlers, allowing for a greater range of storylines, feuds, and title fights. This not only benefits existing stars, but also gives budding stars a chance to emerge on a huge scale.

Furthermore, a more comprehensive pay-per-view calendar means that fans can expect a steady supply of high-quality wrestling action throughout the year. It builds expectation and excitement in the same way that major sports leagues do with their regular seasons and playoffs. AEW has a propensity for developing long-term tales, and a more regular pay-per-view schedule would allow for more complex plots and character development.

AEW has received praise for its readiness to adopt new ideas and concepts. If this expansion is successful, the promotion may continue to experiment with other themes, match kinds, and partnerships. The wrestling industry is changing, and AEW’s adaptability and inventive attitude position it as an industry leader.

Additionally, increasing pay-per-view visibility and money are two benefits of calendar expansion. By holding more events, AEW may draw in a larger audience and even land lucrative TV arrangements. The company’s capacity to invest in talent, production quality, and international development would be supported by this financial stability, which would also help the company’s growth.

Finally, AEW’s prospective growth to 12 pay-per-view shows annually demonstrates the company’s dedication to expanding the limits of professional wrestling. It ensures that wrestlers will have more chances to shine, keeps audiences interested all year long, and reinforces AEW’s status as a trailblazing force in the business. There are many reasons for wrestling fans to be thrilled about AEW’s possible future and the exciting moments it may offer.

The wrestling community is anxiously awaiting the formal announcement of this ground-breaking relationship with Warner Bros. Discovery as AEW continues to embrace novel prospects and explore new frontiers. AEW is leading the march into unexplored terrain, so if the rumors are accurate, the future of professional wrestling is going to get much more fascinating. The development of AEW as it navigates this prospective new age of 12 pay-per-views each year will definitely be closely watched by wrestling fans all around the world.

As this story continues to evolve, wrestling enthusiasts worldwide will be eagerly awaiting updates and announcements from AEW. Stay tuned to Ringside News for the latest developments in the world of AEW and professional wrestling. The future looks bright for AEW, and fans can anticipate a thrilling journey ahead as the company takes its wrestling offerings to new heights.

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