5 WWE Superstars Who Also Worked As A General Manager In WWE

8 months ago By Jhon Woug

The world of professional wrestling is no stranger to storylines that evolve, surprise, and keep fans on the edge of their seats. Within the WWE, some superstars have taken on various roles in addition to their in-ring careers. One such role that has been filled by several WWE superstars is that of general manager. General Managers play a crucial role in shaping storylines, making matches, and keeping the WWE Universe engaged.

In this article, we’ll explore five WWE superstars who not only showcased their in-ring skills but also took on the challenging role of a general manager within the WWE. These superstars left an indelible mark both inside and outside the ring, proving their versatility and adaptability within the world of sports entertainment.

  1. Kurt Angle

Within the squared circle, the name Kurt Angle conjures images of perfection. He stands as one of the most legendary individuals in the history of the sport thanks to his extraordinary journey from an amateur wrestling background to a storied WWE career. Angle, however, provided much more to WWE than just amazing in-ring displays. He accepted a new position in 2004 as SmackDown’s general manager.

Angle’s term as WWE General Manager left a lasting imprint on the company’s history. He brought the same unflinching dedication and charm that made him a recognised superstar to the part. His distinct charisma, stern rule enforcement, and knack for funny escapades earned him a loyal following. Kurt Angle was more than simply a symbol of authority; he was an essential component of the SmackDown brand’s identity.

Angle’s role in developing captivating tales was one of the most notable features of his tenure as general manager. His rivalry with Eddie Guerrero was legendary, resulting in incidents that are still remembered today. Angle’s extraordinary ability to shift from a top-tier superstar to a respectable general manager cemented his legendary position in WWE. Kurt Angle’s career is truly extraordinary because his effect stretched beyond the ring and into the very heart of WWE storytelling.

  1. Mick Foley

Mick Foley, also known as Cactus Jack, Mankind, and Dude Love, is well-known for his ring sacrifices and fiery feuds. Foley’s WWE career, however, includes a time as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw. His arrival as general manager in 2000 brought a new vitality to the programme.

Memorable highlights during Foley’s term as general manager were his hilarious confrontations with Mr. Socko and Commissioner William Regal. Despite his lighthearted demeanour, Foley played an important role in key storylines and contributed to Raw’s success.

  1. Theodore Long

For many years, Theodore Long, sometimes known as Teddy Long, was a prominent figure in WWE. While Long was not a classic in-ring superstar, he had a significant effect as a manager, referee, and, finally, general manager.

Long was the general manager of SmackDown many times. His charming attitude, penchant for tag team matches, and slogan “Holla, Holla, Holla” became associated with his character. As a general manager, he introduced depth and variety to WWE programming.

  1. Vickie Guerrero

After her husband, Eddie Guerrero, passed away, Vickie Guerrero, his widow, entered the WWE limelight. Guerrero’s character developed during the course of her on-screen debut until she was promoted to General Manager of SmackDown in 2008.

Guerrero became one of the most well-known general managers in WWE history because of her image as a severe, frequently strident authority figure. She became renowned for saying “Excuse me!” in the WWE Universe, which was known to draw boos and jeers. Guerrero may not have been a conventional superstar, but her influence on WWE as General Manager left a lasting impression.

  1. John Laurinaitis

John Laurinaitis, widely known as “Big Johnny,” had a unique professional path inside WWE. Laurinaitis began as a wrestler before moving on to different behind-the-scenes positions, including head of talent relations and vice president of talent operations. His most significant on-screen job, however, was as the general manager of Raw and SmackDown.

Laurinaitis’s motto as General Manager was “People Power.” He rose to prominence as an on-screen authority figure, frequently featuring in high-profile plots. His work in this job demonstrated his versatility within the wrestling profession as well as his ability to interact with the crowd.

Several Superstars have served as both general managers and in-ring combatants in the WWE. In their individual roles as general managers, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Theodore Long, Vickie Guerrero, and John Laurinaitis each had their own distinct charm and contributions. By effectively juggling two difficult roles in the realm of professional wrestling, these Superstars demonstrated their adaptability and left a lasting impression on the WWE Universe. Their experiences serve as proof of the WWE Superstars’ diversity and their ongoing influence on sports entertainment.

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