5 WWE Superstars That AEW Can Target In 2023

11 months ago By Jhon Woug

We live in a world where all businesses are run by big corporations and In the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling, the potential for WWE superstars to make the leap to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has become a topic of fervent speculation. AEW’s rise as a formidable alternative to WWE has caught the attention of both fans and talent alike. With established stars seeking fresh opportunities and creative avenues, we examine six WWE wrestlers who could potentially follow the trailblazers and make a splash in AEW:

1) Edge

With a storied career that spans decades, Edge’s return to WWE has been triumphant. However, a move to AEW could open new chapters for the Rated-R Superstar. Edge’s magnetic presence and willingness to embrace innovative storytelling align with AEW’s ethos. A potential matchup against the likes of Kenny Omega or Christian could generate enormous buzz and excitement among fans. Moreover, the possibility of teaming up with FTR could provide an engaging dynamic, considering the close relationship the tag team shares with the Rated-R Superstar.

2) Drew McIntyre

The Scootish warrior’s tenure in WWE has seen him ascend to main-event status. However, the Scottish warrior might find a fresh start in the AEW. McIntyre’s powerhouse style and larger-than-life persona could mesh well with the diverse range of talent at AEW. His clashes against Jon Moxley or Powerhouse Hobbs would undoubtedly set the stage for high-stakes battles, showcasing his strength and determination on a different platform.

3) Sheamus

A multi-time champion in WWE, Sheamus’ powerhouse style and rugged charisma could make him a valuable addition to AEW’s roster. His unique in-ring style could lead to compelling matchups against AEW’s eclectic mix of competitors. A move to AEW could also allow Sheamus to explore different facets of his character and engage in feuds that tap into his full potential, potentially revitalising his career.

4) Goldberg

A name synonymous with intensity, Goldberg’s appearances in WWE have garnered mixed reactions. A transition to AEW could provide him with fresh challenges and a chance to redefine his legacy. While Goldberg’s appearances could be reserved for special moments, his presence in AEW could add an intriguing layer to the promotion’s already diverse roster, creating captivating matchups and moments.

5) Matt Riddle

Known for his laid-back persona and impressive grappling skills, Matt Riddle could find a natural home in AEW’s competitive environment. Riddle’s agile and hard-hitting style would be a perfect fit for AEW’s fast-paced matches. A showdown between Riddle and AEW’s resident MMA expert Jake Hager could be a thrilling encounter that showcases both wrestlers’ martial arts prowess, igniting the crowd with their technical brilliance.

While the prospect of these WWE superstars making the move to AEW is exciting, it’s crucial to acknowledge that such transitions are multifaceted. Contractual commitments, personal preferences, and creative visions all factor into a wrestler’s decision. Fans are left to wonder about the future, and whether any of these potential moves will come to fruition remains a captivating topic of conversation.

As the wrestling landscape continues to shift, the possibility of WWE talents transitioning to AEW adds an extra layer of intrigue. Whether it’s established veterans seeking fresh challenges or rising stars looking to carve a niche, AEW’s emergence as a formidable alternative has provided wrestlers with new avenues to explore. As both promotions vie for supremacy, the potential for crossover and the excitement of seeing familiar faces in new contexts only add to the ever-evolving drama that defines the world of professional wrestling. Stick around, and we may have some superstars shown the exit after Crown Jewel.

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