5 Talking Points From Tonight’s PPV Of AEW Wrestledream

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

The beginning of a new era for AEW was marked with the organisation’s first WrestleDream pay-per-view, which honoured wrestling veteran Antonio Inoki. Tony Khan, president of AEW, has positioned the promotion for a pivotal period in its history with the prospect of additional pay-per-views and a new TV agreement on the horizon. This article examines five major talking points from WrestleDream, looking at the matches, the wise booking choices, and the possible game-changers that might determine the direction of AEW in the future.

There is a lot of excitement among fans for Swerve Strickland and Adam Page’s match at WrestleDream. With its promise of thrilling action and captivating storytelling, this match is well-positioned to be one of the evening’s highlight contests. Swerve Strickland’s booking presented some difficulties for AEW during 2023, but this match is a calculated effort to put both rivals back on the right track.

Storylines and feuds are the lifeblood of the sport of professional wrestling, and Strickland vs. Page is an example of the sort of upper midcard, non-title rivalry that AEW should employ more regularly. Such feuds are attractive because they may increase the stature and reputation of all parties involved while providing gripping stories and appealing in-ring performances.

Although Adam Page holds the distinction of having previously held the AEW World Championship, the importance of this encounter goes beyond titles. Strickland places the utmost focus on winning. His time at AEW has been filled with ups and downs, and a convincing victory over a star-calibre performer like Adam Page may be the turning moment that catapults him back into the public eye.

Additionally, it’s critical to see this dispute as a stepping stone rather than a stand-alone contest. It would be exciting to see if this rivalry continued beyond WrestleDream. It gives Swerve Strickland the chance to maintain his heel character and continue to incite resentment, while also giving Adam Page a chance for atonement in the future.

Therefore, the confrontation between Swerve Strickland and Adam Page at WrestleDream is more than just a wrestling bout; it is a turning point in both of their individual careers. It is a perfect example of the narrative at its core in professional wrestling, with the opportunity for character growth, tempo changes, and unforgettable interactions. Fans are anxiously anticipating this match, and it’s obvious that AEW understands how valuable this feud will be in changing the course of both gifted fighters’ careers.

  1. MJF Gets a Surprise Tag Team Partner

Unexpected events frequently open the door for some of the most captivating storylines and matches in the always-changing world of professional wrestling. This is the case with MJF, who has been forced into an unforeseen handicap match against The Righteous, a relatively recent addition to AEW, as a result of Adam Cole’s terrible injury. While some may regard this as a step down for the current AEW World Champion, the wrestling community is aware that MJF has the amazing talent to turn any circumstance into gold, both in terms of character development and in-ring narrative.

It’s hard to overstate how successful MJF has been as one of AEW’s top heels. He has frequently given blistering promos, created a tonne of heat, and demonstrated his skill in the ring. His propensity for crafting gripping stories and his relentless pursuit of titles have cemented his position as one of the promotion’s top stars.

Let’s now explore the best-case scenario for this handicap match. By having MJF reveal a surprise tag team partner, like the very competent Roderick Strong, AEW might add an exciting twist. Fans would definitely be surprised by this unexpected alliance, which would heighten the suspense around the competition. It’s important to note that shocks like this are typical in the wrestling business and thrill and create buzz among the crowd.

The conclusion of the game, however, is where the real storytelling genius rests. MJF could ultimately lose against The Righteous despite the unexpected acquisition of a tag team partner. This unanticipated loss would serve a number of functions:

  1. Advancing the MJF-Adam Cole Feud: MJF’s defeat would feed the continuing Cole-MJF story, even with a new partner. In AEW, their rivalry-turned-friendship has been a gripping plot with many surprises. Their relationship might become more complex as a result of this loss, which can raise doubts and difficulties within their connection.
  1. Giving up the ROH Tag Team Championship: Since Adam Cole is injured and unable to compete, the team now owns the title, which might be perceived as a burden for MJF. MJF would be relieved of this added duty if he lost the tag belts to The Righteous, freeing him up to concentrate on his AEW World Championship reign.
  1. Elevating the Righteous: AEW has a track record of championing fresh faces and groups. Even in a handicap match, The Righteous would gain instant credibility in the promotion with a win against the AEW World Champion. It would mark a big advancement for this new gang and lay the groundwork for potential plotlines and conflicts in the future.

In conclusion, although MJF’s showdown versus The Righteous initially seems like a curveball in his AEW journey, it actually gives a fantastic chance for character growth and storyline. The entrance of a surprise tag team partner and the ensuing defeat may advance a number of stories, from the interactions within the alliance between MJF and Adam Cole to the emergence of The Righteous as the main force in AEW. Fans can be confident that AEW’s dedication to compelling narrative will make this unexpected confrontation a must-watch moment in professional wrestling as they anxiously anticipate it.

  1. Ricky Starks Mops the Floor With Wheeler Yuta

The charming and gifted performer Ricky Starks, who is unquestionably one of the best in AEW, has discovered himself at a turning point in his personal growth. His presence and mic talents are apparent, but he needs a lot of work to establish his reputation in the ring. Starks has faced prominent rivals like Bryan Danielson and CM Punk on multiple occasions but has lost these high-profile contests. It is crucial for AEW to carefully plan his course for success since his standing as a serious main event contender is now in jeopardy.

Starks will get the chance to reestablish his position as the dominant force in AEW in his next match against Wheeler Yuta at WrestleDream. Yuta, a talent of inferior rank, is the ideal foe for Starks to demonstrate his dominance. It’s important to win this match decisively and emphatically, rather than only by winning.

A decisive win over Wheeler Yuta would accomplish several crucial objectives for Ricky Starks:

  1. Character redemption: Starks’ reputation has been somewhat tarnished as a result of numerous high-profile losses that he has suffered. A convincing win would act as a redemption arc, indicating that Starks is back on track and prepared to advance in the organisation.
  1. Main Event Aspirations: Starks must continuously put on dominant performances if she is to be taken seriously as a main event candidate. His potential to be the star of future AEW tournaments would be shown by a convincing victory against Yuta.
  1. Boost to Credibility: Starks’ reputation as a high performer is on the line. Regaining that credibility and establishing himself as a significant force in the eyes of the public require a victory over a lower-card opponent.
  1. Narrative Progression: A dominant victory can pave the way for upcoming narratives and rivalries in addition to the match itself. It could cause Starks to take on more difficult tasks and get involved in captivating conflicts.

In essence, Ricky Starks’ bout against Wheeler Yuta at WrestleDream is more significant than any other match on the schedule since it marks a turning point in Starks’ rise to the top of AEW. It’s an opportunity for him to show that his charismatic demeanour matches his skill in the ring. Fans are anticipating this match with great anticipation in the hopes that Starks will dominate Yuta and rekindle his route to All Elite Wrestling title glory.

  1. The Don Callis Family Pulls Off a Huge Upset

There is a lot of controversy in AEW over the Don Callis-led faction that includes Sammy Guevara, Konosuke Takeshita, and Will Ospreay. These performers don’t have any standout victories, though, which may launch them into the main event scene.

At WrestleDream, their matchup with Kota Ibushi, Kenny Omega, and Chris Jericho presents a chance for an unexpected triumph. Guevara and Takeshita would become legitimate main event contenders if they were able to defeat NJPW icon Kota Ibushi as well as Jericho and Omega, two AEW mainstays. The long-term trend of AEW’s talent pool is consistent with this strategic booking decision.

  1. Edge Debuts After the Main Event

The TNT title defence by Darby Allin versus Christian Cage in the WrestleDream main event has attracted a lot of interest from wrestling fans. Given the other high-profile matches on the schedule, it may seem odd that this match was chosen as the last contest. However, it becomes evident that this decision is not just justifiable but also strategically fascinating when you look more closely at the background and circumstances of this interaction.

Let’s examine the elements that contribute to the allure of this big event:

  1. Hometown Advantage: Darby Allin’s ties to Seattle give this game an additional dimension of personal engagement. As a prominent AEW native talent, Allin personifies the spirit of the organization. Wrestling fans have a long tradition of supporting their hometown heroes. The excitement in the arena will likely result from his popularity in Seattle, which will improve the viewing experience overall.
  1. Darby Allin’s Star Power: Over time, Darby Allin has become one of AEW’s most alluring and intriguing performers. Fans all across the world have come to love him for his distinctive personality, brave fighting style, and willingness to take chances. As the current TNT champion, Allin’s inclusion in the main event highlights his importance to AEW’s future.
  1. Christian Cage’s Relationship with Edge: This match has an intriguing dimension because of Christian Cage’s friendship with Edge, a former tag team teammate and lifelong buddy. Edge’s participation in this main event is an intriguing option given that he recently became uncontracted with WWE and that there are whispers of a potential move to AEW. It’s a fascinating puzzle as to whether Edge appears to support Cage or Allin or possibly address both competitors.
  1. The Surprising Element: Surprises and unexpected occurrences are what make WrestleDream, like every significant wrestling event, so compelling. Something big may be taking place, as suggested by the choice to make the TNT championship fight the main event. The ultimate hook to entice viewers to the show is Edge’s prospective appearance, potentially going by a different identity. It demonstrates how effective AEW is at teasing fans and building excitement for its major events.
  1. Handling Ticket Sales and PPV Purchase Rates: WrestleDream has problems with ticket sales and PPV purchase rates. In order to increase attention and viewership, AEW deliberately chooses to make a match that offers shocks and intrigues the main event. Even in a non-wrestling position, having a legend of the sport like Edge is a strong selling point that may draw both pay-per-view and live audience members in the near future.

As a result, even though the decision to place Darby Allin vs. Christian Cage for the TNT championship as the main event of WrestleDream may immediately raise questions, the situation and factors involved make it a sensible and alluring choice. The match’s importance is influenced by Allin’s hometown edge, Cage’s relationship with Edge, and the possibility of a dream match against the new blood in the AEW Tag Team lockeroom. The final minutes of WrestleDream were highly anticipated by wrestling fans who were hoping to see an unexpected surprise that might change how AEW does business going forward, and it delivered with a strong pop. We think we knew him, but Edge’s move has definitely generated buzz for the company.

The AEW WrestleDream 2023 show is expected to represent a turning point in the organisation’s history. AEW’s skill is elevated by wise booking choices like Strickland’s victory, MJF’s unexpected partner, Starks’ convincing victory, and the Don Callis family’s attempt at an upset. Edge’s probable debut adds a layer of mystery that can increase interest in the event. WrestleDream prepares the ground for interesting developments as AEW enters a new era and leaves fans anxiously expecting what’s next.

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