5 Rookie Superstars Who Are Yet To Face John Cena

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John Cena, a famous WWE legend, recently announced that he will be available for two whole months in WWE after appearing at Money in The Bank in London in 2023. Cena initially revealed his return for WWE Superstar Spectacle in India, which just ended, and an episode of SmackDown afterward. However, WWE has now released Cena’s schedule for two consecutive months following that.

Cena’s return to the wrestling world is highly anticipated, and fans are eagerly waiting for the Leader of Cenation to have a match. Cena’s last match was against Austin Theory at WrestleMania 39, which he unfortunately lost. Nevertheless, here are five potential opponents John Cena could face now that he is back:

1. John Cena vs. Gunther for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Despite his long and successful career in WWE, John Cena has never won the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Winning this prestigious title would be a remarkable achievement for him. Gunther, the current champion, is one of the most dominant champions alongside Roman Reigns and recently broke the record for the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion. Recently, Cena’s Instagram post featuring Gunther has sparked speculation about a potential rivalry between them. Competing against Cena could elevate Gunther’s status as one of the best Intercontinental Champions in recent history.

2. John Cena vs. Grayson Waller

At Money in The Bank 2023, John Cena made his return to WWE after being away for several months. The moment Cena’s theme music hit the O2 Arena in London, the crowd erupted with excitement. During his appearance, Cena dropped hints about a possible WrestleMania event in London. Meanwhile, Grayson Waller also entered the scene and hinted at a ‘Mania event taking place in Australia.

This playful exchange between Cena and Waller escalated, leading to Waller delivering a surprise attack on Cena from behind. However, the segment concluded with Cena making a strong comeback, executing his signature move, the Attitude Adjustment (AA), on Waller.

The rivalry between Cena and Grayson Waller remains unresolved, and WWE has just announced a special segment called the “Grayson Waller Effect” with John Cena as the guest on the upcoming SmackDown episode. This could potentially pave the way for a match between the two on SmackDown or even at Fastlane.

Both Cena and Waller possess immense talent, and a showdown between them could create the classic dynamic of a hero (Cena) versus a villain (Waller), adding to the excitement of WWE fans.

3.John Cena vs. Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross is a rising star in WWE, and he has a dream – to step into the ring with one of the all-time greats, John Cena.

Kross holds immense respect for the 16-time World Champion. Despite being 36 years old, he sees Cena as an ideal future opponent. In an interview with BT Sport, Kross expressed his admiration for Cena and shared his desire to face him.

“I believe John Cena would be the perfect opponent for me in the future. While many wrestlers mention dream rivalries with The Rock or Brock Lesnar, I’ve always wished for the chance to work with John. The prospect of being in the ring with a legend of his caliber, perhaps with a packed arena, would be truly fantastic. It’s like two different wrestling eras colliding. I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from the athletes of his time,” Kross stated.

During the same interview, Kross commended Cena for his unparalleled work ethic in the wrestling business. He also revealed that having the opportunity to face Cena would be an incredible honor.

“When the timing is right, and I’ve gained more experience in the eyes of the fans, perhaps I’ll be given the chance,” Kross added.

Karrion Kross’s aspirations to face John Cena reflect his ambition to test his skills against a legendary figure and make a mark in the wrestling world.

4. John Cena vs. LA Knight

LA Knight is currently one of WWE’s most popular superstars. Although he played the role of a villain (heel) a few months ago, the change in how the crowd reacts to Knight has gradually turned him into a beloved character (babyface). Knight is currently enjoying the peak of his career.

He’s currently involved in an ongoing rivalry with The Miz, and fans don’t anticipate WWE suddenly changing their plans and pitting him against John Cena. During the Payback event, Cena served as a special guest referee in a match between The Miz and LA Knight.

The entire match, along with Cena raising Knight’s hand on the stage, dropped subtle hints about a potential future match between them.

One conceivable matchup could involve Cena and Knight teaming up against The Miz and Grayson Waller. However, partnering with Cena in a tag team might not provide the same career-boosting opportunity as a singles feud or match against him would offer Knight.

If LA Knight had remained a villain, Cena’s return might have led to a showdown between the two. Despite his popularity with the fans, defeating Cena could have been the ultimate boost for LA Knight’s career.

The prospect of a clash between John Cena and LA Knight remains a possibility, and WWE fans are eager to see how this storyline develops in the future.

5. Cody Rhodes Challenge to John Cena

While Cody Rhodes is not a newcomer to WWE, the seasoned wrestler known as “The American Nightmare” has recently expressed his desire to step into the ring with John Cena. Rhodes stated that he is eager to face Cena if the latter is willing to engage in one more epic battle.

Cody Rhodes currently enjoys significant popularity as one of the company’s top heroes (babyfaces). He is seeking to build momentum, possibly to challenge Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins for the top spot in WWE. A match against Cena would not only be a significant challenge but also a victory that could enhance Rhodes’ journey to the pinnacle of WWE.

Cena represents the pinnacle of success in professional wrestling, and Rhodes aims to conquer that pinnacle as he continues to write his own story in the wrestling world. The prospect of Cody Rhodes taking on John Cena is a dream match many fans would eagerly anticipate.

Out of these five potential opponents, who do you think John Cena will feud with? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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