5 Hall Of Famers Who Might Appear At WWE Royal Rumble 2024

7 months ago By Jhon Woug

Excitement can be felt among fans of WWE who are already looking forward to Royal Rumble 2024, which will take place at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, on January 27th, 2024. The fans are guessing what the surprise entrants will be because there is only one confirmed participant, Cody Rhodes. The following are five of the Hall-of-Fame entrants that may become unforgettable during this year’s Royal Rumble.

  1. The Rock: A Hollywood Megastar’s Wrestling Return

The Rock remains a well-known WWE name that always stirs up expectations among the WWE Universe. There was much talk of it last year, with fans hoping The Rock would win his way into the 2015 Rumble to face off against his old nemesis Roman Reigns on the biggest stage of them all: Wrestlemania. Although he wasn’t at the Rumble or a part of WrestleMania 39, The Rock’s showdown on a recent episode of SmackDown created an unforgettable fan frenzy.

Still, it can be said that if the circumstances are favourable, wrestling fans could have the opportunity to witness this exciting confrontation at wrestle-mania, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary. However, The Great One may show up in the Men’s Royal Rumble and lay the groundwork for his epic comeback.

  1. Brock Lesnar

The only appearance by Brock Lesnar’s formidable “Beast Incarnate” in WWE was back at 2023 SummerSlam, facing off with Cody Rhodes. Although his name is not mentioned in the promotional poster for Royal Rumble 2024, there is still a possibility to take it by surprise through this door. WWE is well known for hiding major returns. This increases the element of surprise in their events.

Should he turn up, Lesnar’s opponents may have intense showdowns with Drew McIntire, CM Punk, or possibly the rumoured opponent for WrestleMania XL, namely Gunther. Therefore, the Royal Rumble gets more interesting knowing that Lesnar is going to return.

  1. Zack Ryder (Matt Cardona): A Return to WWE Glory?

Matt Cardona and former RAW Tag Team Champion Zack Ryder may be on the verge of a WWE comeback. This happened just in April 2020, having spent 14 years, and was dubbed “The Indie God.” Stories were circulating that he would come back for the Royal Rumble in 2023; unfortunately, this never materialized. Cardona has been giving fans some clues on social media as to what might happen at the Rumble.

Wrestling insider Bin Hamin has been eagerly awaiting that comeback of his and believes he might just be the surprise entry at the 2024 edition of the royal rumble match. The return of the former Intercontinental Champion may also be a comeback to WWE for Long Island Iced Z.

  1. Disco Inferno: Blast from the WCW Past.

A WCW/TNA/TNAeran, better known as ” Disco Inferno,” may turn up for a surprise Rumble appearance. Though mostly retired in the ring, if the right offer arrives, the lure of a WWE comeback may prove too strong to resist. The possible storyline involving previous rivalry between Cody Rhodes’ and Disco gives a fascinating twist.

The confrontation between Disco making his Rumble debut and Cody could lead to a hilarious moment that will be remembered for years to come. This could prove to be one of the best moments for fans as they get to see one of the legendary wrestlers meet the modern WWE superstar with excellent camerawork capturing the shock on Cody’s expressions, making it possibly the biggest social media clip and reminding every fan about

  1. Uncle Howdy: Carrying on the Wyatt Legacy

There has been much speculation in recent weeks over the fact that the 2024 class could include Bray Wyatt at the helm. In order to create suspense and raise expectations about Wyatt’s arrival, WWE could book Uncle Howdy as surprising contender number five in the 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble. In the month of November 2019, the last man to have wrestled was Bo Dallas, who many believe is Uncle Howdy.

They’d have welcomed Uncle Howdy back in case his fans missed his charisma. If indeed there is an intention of bringing back Bray, then this may mean that there is also a possibility for Bo Dallas to carry on Bray’s legacy and make it bigger.

These five legends can make their appearances in Royal Rumble 2024. Counting down the days until January 27th, when the surprises are not over for us, all the way towards this year’s exciting extravaganza of a match. The Royal Rumble could be the place where they come back and become the OGs again.

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