3 Talking Points From Tonight’s Episode Of AEW Rampage – 29th September 2023

9 months ago By Sports Desk

AEW Rampage once again electrified the world of professional wrestling with its latest episode, which emanated from the 1STBANK Center in Denver, Colorado. As fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming WrestleDream event, this week’s installment of Rampage delivered a mix of thrilling matches and compelling storylines. Here are the three key talking points from the September 29, 2023, edition of AEW Rampage:

1. Daddy Ass & The Acclaimed’s Triumph in Trios Action

The night kicked off with a high-octane trios matchup that had the audience at the 1STBANK Center on their feet. The reigning AEW World Trios Champions, Daddy Ass, and The Acclaimed, squared off against the formidable trio of The Hardys and Brother Zay. From the get-go, the atmosphere was electric, with fans passionately chanting “Delete!” and “Suck it!” as Matt Hardy faced off against Daddy Ass.

The match showcased a blend of technical prowess and high-flying manoeuvres, providing fans with a thrilling start to the evening. Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb late in the match added to the drama, but The Acclaimed intervened to save the champions. Ultimately, Brother Zay fell victim to the tandem finisher of the babyfaces, resulting in Daddy Ass & The Acclaimed retaining their AEW World Trios Championship.

This opening bout set the tone for the night, emphasizing the depth and excitement that AEW’s tag team division brings to the table. The back-and-forth action and the crowd’s enthusiasm served as a testament to the thriving tag team scene within AEW.

2. Eddie Kingston’s Gritty Defense of NJPW Strong Openweight Championship

Eddie Kingston, known for his relentless style and resilience, found himself in a hard-hitting battle as he defended his NJPW Strong Openweight Championship against Rocky Romero. Kingston’s reputation as a brawler was on full display as he dared Romero to hit him harder during the contest.

The match witnessed both competitors pushing their limits, with Romero delivering an Avalanche Sliced Bread for a close two-count. However, it was Kingston’s spinning back fist finisher and the submission hold, the Stretch Plum, that ultimately secured the victory for the champion.

What made this match even more significant was the post-match display of mutual respect between Eddie Kingston and Rocky Romero. This exchange of respect hinted at the competitive camaraderie that exists within the wrestling community and set the stage for future showdowns, including Kingston’s upcoming match against ROH Pure Champion Katsuyori Shibata at WrestleDream.

3. Hikaru Shida’s Hard-Fought Victory Earns AEW Women’s World Title Shot

The main event of the evening featured a blockbuster showdown between two dynamic women’s wrestlers, Hikaru Shida and Ruby Soho. The match was a rollercoaster of emotions, with both competitors pulling out all the stops to secure a victory. The intensity of the battle was palpable as near-falls and impactful maneuvers kept fans at the edge of their seats.

One of the most memorable moments came when Ruby Soho attempted to use a can of spray paint as a weapon. However, the plan backfired, inadvertently incapacitating the referee. Despite the chaos, Shida managed to rally and unleash her Katana finisher to secure the pinfall victory.

As a result of her hard-fought win, Hikaru Shida earned the right to challenge AEW Women’s World Champion Saraya. This title match is scheduled to take place on the “Title Tuesday” episode of Dynamite, set for October 10. The confrontation between Shida and Saraya on Rampage served as a powerful teaser for what promises to be a thrilling championship clash.

The September 29, 2023, episode of AEW Rampage was a testament to the promotion’s commitment to delivering compelling wrestling content. With WrestleDream on the horizon, the excitement and anticipation within the wrestling community continue to build. As AEW continues to provide a platform for talented performers and engaging storylines, fans eagerly look forward to what the future holds for All Elite Wrestling.

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