3 Talking Points From Tonight’s Episode Of AEW Collision – 07th October 2023

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

On October 7th, 2023, AEW Collision delivered another action-packed episode that had fans giddy with anticipation, igniting the world of professional wrestling. Here are three of the most important talking points from this thrilling episode, including new champions and unexpected alliances.

  1. Ricky Starks and Big Bill’s Shocking Victory:

On October 7, 2023, the evening’s first match at AEW Collision set the tone for a night full of surprises and special moments. Promos from AEW’s biggest stars energised the crowd and created a buzz in the arena. The crowd was amazed by the unexpected turn of events, though.

Big Bill and Ricky Starks, two incredibly talented people in and of themselves, teamed up to achieve a remarkable victory. One of the best tag teams in AEW, the formidable FTR, were their opponents. Starks and Big Bill, however, had other ideas.

The match’s climax was breathtaking to watch. The crowd gasped in shock as Big Bill delivered a brutal chokeslam/spear combination to his opponent. They started their reign as the new AEW World Tag Team Champions when Ricky Starks quickly seized the chance and achieved the pinfall.

This improbable victory served as a turning point for both Starks and Big Bill. It sent a clear message to the entire roster in addition to establishing them as top contenders in the fiercely competitive AEW Tag Team division. Big Bill and Ricky Starks had shown up and were ready to fight anyone who stood in their way. They firmly established themselves as the real faces of AEW Collision with their victory, paving the way for an exciting future in All Elite Wrestling.

  1. Bryan Danielson’s Technical Brilliance:

Fans of the mat-based art form were in for a real treat with their matchup between Bryan Danielson and Kyle Fletcher, which was a technical wrestling masterclass. Danielson’s technical prowess was evident in every play, as was to be expected. He demonstrated a thorough understanding of wrestling holds and counters with his ability to counter and reverse techniques.

A moment of pure genius occurred during the game’s climax. Kyle Fletcher attempted to lock in his Dragon Sleeper submission, which has historically eliminated many opponents. With his quick thinking and understanding of leverage, Bryan Danielson was able to turn the tables in an unexpected way. He caught Fletcher off guard by turning his attempted submission into a pinfall and earning the three-count to win.

However, the excitement didn’t end with the triumph. The Gates of Agony attacked, seemingly hoping to stop Danielson’s momentum, which set off the post-match chaos. Their objective was to prepare Bryan Danielson for Swerve Strickland’s upcoming match on Dynamite. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta stormed the ring, levelling the playing field and forcing The Gates of Agony into a hasty retreat. However, the situation quickly worsened.

In addition to showcasing Bryan Danielson’s unmatched in-ring prowess, this nail-biting match also served as a springboard for future feuds and plotlines in the exciting AEW universe. One of the top performers in the promotion, Danielson’s technical skill continues to fuel some of the most exciting wrestling matches.

  1. Jay White’s Provocative Challenge:

After Bullet Club Gold triumphed in their tag team match, Jay White took the spotlight and gave a promo that got people talking and got the crowd excited. White, who is well-known for his provocative and aggressive demeanour, didn’t let anyone down.

White made sure to remind the AEW community about his grand theft—MJF’s prized AEW World Championship—in a move that oozed audacity. White held the title over the audience’s heads like a gleeful villain, not forgetting that he had stolen it during a previous Dynamite episode. This recollection of his heist gave him more intrigue and solidified him as a wild card in the AEW landscape.

But when White made a hint about the nature of his upcoming confrontation with Hangman Page, it was a bombshell. He provocatively suggested that their match might be a title eliminator match, leaving the future of the AEW World Championship in doubt. This would be in place of a straightforward title defense. This information sparked passionate speculation among fans, who started imagining the potential outcomes of the rivalry between White and MJF, adding yet another level of complexity to the AEW title picture. The wrestling community is impatiently awaiting the outcome of Jay White’s provocative challenge to this gripping story.

The professional wrestling action at AEW Collision on October 7th, 2023, was incredible. The victory by Ricky Starks and Big Bill, Bryan Danielson’s technical mastery, and Jay White’s provocative challenge gave the audience plenty to talk about for days to come. Every episode of AEW promises more surprises and unforgettable moments in the professional wrestling world as it pushes the boundaries of entertainment.

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